COVID-19 Response

Information Regarding the Response to COVID-19

Facility Services staffing model balances our need to support college operations and the concerns for the health and well-being of our staff in these uncertain times of the serious public health situation with COVID-19.    We are increasing our physical presence on campus now to prepare for the many changes required on campus to allow the Bates community to return to campus while addressing public health concerns.  Please see more information on actions being taken by Facility Services on campus to reduce the risks of transmission of the COVID-19 virus. 

We currently have nearly full coverage in all functional areas, to include Custodians, Grounds, and Trades to meet operational needs, with emphasis on implementing CDC and state guidelines to prepare the campus for a broader return of students, faculty, and staff. Our Capital Projects group is continuing to work remotely when possible, and has a daily presence on campus.  We are integral to campus planning efforts for signage, space occupancy and de-densification, all the while keeping our key construction projects on track, including continued construction of the Bonney Science Center, Chapel renovations, Veterans Recognition, and other capital projects.

Our Administrative and Work Control staff have a daily presence in the Facility Services office to provide support as needed.  Some work control functions are effective remotely, and we are processing work requests normally and encourage customers to please use our online submission tool, available here or to email us at as the preferred work request options. Please call in for emergencies or if computer connectivity is not readily available at 207-786-6449. 

We also have our regular on-call functions available for after-hours emergencies only, by calling Campus Safety at 786-6254.

We ask our customers to please continue to use the work request system for necessary work on campus and to consider waiting to submit lower priority work requests (“nice to have”, but not essential), as we will necessarily focus on higher priority work to support essential college operations, including work that will help reduce the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus in our teaching and workspaces.

Information Regarding Vendors and Contractors working on Campus

Vendors and contractors working on campus are required to adhere to either their own company policies regarding COVID-19 or Bates College policy, whichever is stricter. A Copy of the policy is available below.