Maximo Upgrade Communication

What is the same for customers:  You will still submit your service requests electronically from the Facility Services website, by email at or by calling the work request line at (207) 786-6449 (x6449), especially for emergencies.  The best and preferred way to submit service requests is online directly, unless it is an emergency situation.

 What is different for customers:  When you click on the link to submit a service request you will see a sign-in screen to use your standard Bates credentials.  You will be signed into the Maximo application, rather than the external web form of the past.  There will be a slight delay the first time you sign in for the application to load.  From there you will see a menu-driven approach with categories of problems you are likely to report.  It is intuitive to pick a location and type of problem, and there is room for text entry to describe the issue in more detail.  There is also the ability to attach photos, documents, spreadsheets, or pdfs if desired. The application is designed to be dynamic and responsive, scaling itself down for use on a tablet or smartphone without any loss of performance and minimal left-right scrolling.  We will have brief tutorials on our website on how to submit a service request and navigate the application.

 Once you submit your service request, there will be customer communications automatically relayed back to you on its status.  They include when the service request is received and when it is approved and becomes a work order, with the expected priority and schedule.  You can also check on the status of active and archived service requests through the same customer portal where requests are submitted and comment on them to provide additional information or request status updates.  Work order priorities will now be assigned based on the type of work requested, reconciled with the customer priority input.  You will be notified when the work is in process and when it is complete.  A notification also occurs if there is a delay due to a status change like waiting on materials or waiting for either weather or availability of the space to perform work. 

Capital project requests will now be submitted through this same electronic service request process instead of the form that is currently posted on our website. Once submitted, they will be reviewed and assigned to a project manager.    

 What is different behind the scenes:  All of our technicians have been issued iPads and all work orders will be processed and assigned electronically, eliminating the previous paper-based process.  We have our own mobile application (MaxApps) so that technicians will be able to see their worklist, manage it efficiently, pull up drawings and information directly on their iPads, and enter their labor time and any work log notes to each work order right on the spot.  They will be able to better communicate follow-up needs and status directly in the mobile application.  They will verify assets in the field and document conditions more easily and consistently as they perform their important work on campus.

 Organizationally this approach will make our data collection more consistent and reliable, accurately roll up labor hours and costs for work, and better indicate repair patterns to inform decision making and investment.  This change will enable us to better populate and track large assets and equipment on campus, and will enable our preventive maintenance programs, more proactively maintaining our buildings’ systems and equipment on campus.  This change will push us forward in our perpetual goal of delivering better customer service and communication to our customers – the Bates Community.