On Campus Storage Areas

There is no storage available on campus during the summer.  Students and families may contract with Dorm Room Movers for a full service pick up, storage, and drop off in the fall.

Storage during the school year is allowed only in the following buildings:

Chase House 3rd Floor – Storage Room off rear stairs
Frye House 2nd Floor – Storage Room off rear stairs
Frye St Union 3rd Floor – Storage Room
Hopkins House Rzasa Basement Storage Room
John Bertram Hall Ground Floor – Storage Room across from Laundry and guest bath
Moody House Rzasa – Basement Storage Room
Nash House 2nd Floor – Storage Room
Page Hall 1st Floor – Storage Room
Parker Hall Ground Floor Storage
Rand Hall Ground Floor – G14 Storage
Rzasa House Basement Storage
Smith Hall Exterior Storage Door adjacent to the rear, north stairwell
Webb House Storage Room off Kitchen
Wentworth Adams 1st Floor – storage Rooms off Laundry and across from 112
280 College St and
10 Frye St
Basement Center Building (in cages only – items left outside cages in either building will be disposed of) Locks are provided by students, (please do not forget to bring the key back to campus with you).  Please note: locks on empty cages are not fair to other students who may wish to have equal use of these storage spaces -Also note, storage areas are:  “first come first serve,” when these cages are filled, you must utilize another storage area in another building on campus or utilize off campus storage.  Cages are not to be used during the school year for “extra storage space,” they should remain unlocked until the end of the school year when your items are placed into the storage cages.  Do not leave items outside of filled, locked cages, even if boxed/tagged, as these items will be disposed of.

Storage is on a “first come, first served” basis.  Availability is limited. Storage areas are kept locked.  Custodial staff may open while on duty, after hours, you will need to contact Campus Safety at Ext. 786-6254 to unlock for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  No other areas/spaces anywhere on campus are available to students for storage of their belongings, now or in the future.  See off campus storage areas listed if you wish to store items off campus.