Best Practices for Faculty Committees

1. Use a google doc to develop an agenda for meetings.  The chair should propose agenda items, but all members of the committee should be able to add items.  The final agenda should be set about a week before the meeting.  Depending on the frequency of the committee meetings, committee members may decide to lengthen or shorten the usual period for posting the agenda.  If an unusual situation or emergency arises, the chair may amend the agenda closer to the time of the meeting.

2. Use a meeting template for your minutes  – e.g. a section to record who is in attendance; a section for continued discussions from prior meetings; a section for decisions that will be made at the meeting; a section that notes items to be discussed at future meetings.  Design sections that capture your current practice in meetings.

3. The chair should assign proposed discussion time limits for each agenda item.

4. Members of the committee should volunteer to take minutes or one member should agree to serve as the secretary/notetaker for the semester.  At each meeting, the secretary/notetaker should briefly summarize the discussion in each section of the agenda, any decisions made at the meeting, and the work each committee member has agreed to do before the next meeting.

5. The secretary/notetaker should post the meeting agenda and minutes on the Committee’s webpage within two business days of the meeting.


If you use the Committee Minutes form, your minutes will automatically be loaded and published.