Digital Course (re)Design Grants

Faculty members interested in revising a course to deploy digital and/or computational pedagogy, will be interested in the Digital Course Design/Redesign initiative.  The Dean of Faculty’s website offers a number of examples of the kinds of projects a DCD/R grant will support.    The funds may be used in a number of ways:

  • A stipend, to be used in the summer or as part of a sabbatical leave, to facilitate course development/redesign.
  • Travel to an approved computer coding or digital technology short course that will facilitate course development/redesign.
  • On a more exceptional basis, releasing and/or replacing a course so as to free-up faculty time during the academic year to design/redesign a course.
Note – this program is different from and in addition to the STIP (Short Term Innovative Pedagogy and Course (re)Design) program.  The level of support for faculty from the staff members of Ladd Library, Academic and Curricular Computing, the Imaging Center, and other relevant campus offices, however, will be as thorough and robust as the Short Term innovators have enjoyed.


Kathy Low is the contact person for the program.  Please take a look at the DCD/R information page on the DOF website.  The application form for a DCD/R grant is located on the DOF webpage for teaching and scholarship grants.