Fall ’19 FCLT Programming Grid


Type/Target Audience





Workshop Series

(yrs 1-3 but all welcome)

Pedagogy Nuts & Bolts
1. Teaching Students How to Learn Monday, September 16 @ noon in Commons 201 here

Jane Costlow, Bridget Fullerton, April Hill

2. Better Lectures Monday, September 30 @ noon in Commons 211 here

Jen Koviach-Côté,  Joe Hall, Charles Nero

3. Better Class Discussions Monday, October 14 @ noon in Commons 201 here

Eden Osucha, Jacqueline Lyons, Stephanie Wade


(everyone) Create/Revise a Syllabus for Winter ’20 1. Overview Thursday, October 31 @ noon in Commons 221 here
2. Initial Design Phase Thursday, November 14 @ noon in Pettengill G10 here
3. Intermediate Design Phase Thursday, December 5 @ noon in Commons 201 here
4. Final Design Phase Thursday, December 12 @ noon in Commons 201 here

Working Lunches

(yrs 3-5, but all welcome)

Preparing the Tenure File Friday, September 20 @ Noon in Commons 221 here

Todd Kahan, Emily Kane, Paqui Lopez

(everyone) The STIP Experience Thursday, October 3 @ noon in Commons 222 here

Myron Beasley, Jon Cavallero, Geneva Laurita

(everyone) The Technos Fellowship Friday, November 1 @ noon in Commons 221 here

Nancy Koven, Kirk Read, Michael Reidy

(everyone) Finding a Wider Audience for your Work Thursday, November 21 @ noon in Commons 221 here

Mike Rocque, Mara Tieken, Rebecca Fraser-Thill, Dave Ernst, Madge Hall

HHMI Fostering Equity & Inclusion

(NSM faculty but all are welcome)

Assessment Wednesday, September 18 @ noon in Commons 131 here

Kika Stump

Wednesday, October 23 @ noon in  Commons 131 here