Committees and Service

Most new faculty members are not assigned to standing committees during their first year at Bates. Occasionally, a faculty member or administrator will ask you to serve on an ad hoc committee. While you can say yes, you are not obliged to. Ask your chair, Kathy or Margaret if you have any questions.

Bates has four types of committees: appointed and elected standing committees, ad hoc committees and search committees. Brand new faculty aren’t usually asked to stand for election to a committee simply because most of the faculty won’t know you yet. The elected committees are listed in Article V, section 1-2, on p. 1.27-1.29 of the Faculty Handbook (2013-14). The standing committees are listed in Article V, section 3, on p. 1.29-1.31. At the end of the first year, you’ll receive an email from the Committee on Faculty Governance asking you to name any committees that you would like to join. If you answer the email, they try to accommodate your interests. If you don’t, you’ll find out in August the names of the committees to which you’ve been assigned.

Ad hoc committees tend to be initiated by administrators. Additionally, after your first year, you may be asked to serve on search committees as an “outside” committee member or on the search committee of your own department or program. Outside committee members provide departmental and program searches with a college wide perspective on their efforts.

The Committee on Faculty Governance is presently engaged in a multi-year effort to reform and revise the committee structure. Anticipate changes in the number and names of a whole wide range of committees.

Faculty and administrators at Bates have a penchant for acronyms which can be confusing when you first start teaching at the college. We’ve created a cheat-sheet of the most commonly used acronyms to help you navigate the system.