Resources for First Year Seminar Instructors

The Bates First-Year Seminar

The First-Year Seminar program at Bates is designed to accomplish a number of important goals in students’ transition to college. Primary among them are:

  • to introduce first year students to college-level writing, and to the skills and competencies they will need to acquire to become critical thinkers and articulate communicators;
  • to provide an advising cohort for first year students whereby you, their First-Year Seminar instructor, serve as their academic advisor until they officially declare a major;
  • to create a community of support that introduces the first year student to the network of offices, advisors, mentors, organizations, and activities that can help to sustain them not only through this important transition, but for their entire career at the college.
The Writing-Attentive Curriculum at Bates College

The writing-attentive curriculum at Bates College is designed to provide students with a solid footing in using writing as a means for communication, scholarship, intellectual discovery and civic action. The First Year Seminar is a W1 course, which serves an integral role in helping first year students transition to college-level writing. Read more about Bates’ W1-W2-W3 vertical curriculum here.

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Teaching the FYS
Lyceum Page for FYS Instructors Writing@Bates Resources for FYS Instructors
Six Aims for Student Learning in the FYS (pilot draft, 2019)  Instructor Checklist for Inclusive Teaching
Community Engaged Learning in Your FYS Universal Design for Instruction
Academic Resources Support Syllabus Queries
Common Read Materials
The 2019 Common Watch: Dolores (a documentary about the life and work of Dolores Huerta, Bates’ 2019 Commencement Speaker)
Bates Students (PWSAs) Respond to Dolores
2019 Common Read Suggested Activities
Advising Your First Year Seminar Students
First Year Advising Timeline First Year Advising Best Practices for Course Registration
May 17 FYS Workshop Opening Talk w/ PowerPoint slides

Student-Centered Instruction in the FYS: An Inclusive Practice


Accessible Education Workshop (August, slides and handouts)

FYS Orientation Meeting Room Assignments

FYS ’17 Advisor’s Manual

FYS ’17 Advising Worksheet

2016 and previous

Learning Goals for Students in W1/FYS (2013)