First Year Advising – General Education

  1. As a practical matter, there are few choices a student can make for their first-semester schedule that will inhibit their ability to complete their General Education Requirements.  Entering students, nevertheless, frequently have questions.
  2. The faculty is in the process of making some limited revisions to the Gen Ed requirements. These revisions will probably make it easier for students to fulfill their requirements and shouldn’t influence the choices the students make for their Fall ’17 schedule.
  3. The academic requirements are described in detail on the college’s website
  4. The short version is
    1. a Major
    2. two General Education Concentrations (one of which can be fulfilled by a minor or second major)
    3. three Writing Intensive courses (W1, W2, W3 [thesis or capstone])
    4. SLQ – a science course, a lab course and a course in quantitative reasoning.
    5. In addition, Bates has a two course PE requirement: (Department of Physical Education description).  The requirement is fulfilled by
      1. participation in a varsity team (some club sports also fulfill the requirement; check with the Phys Ed department)
      2. taking an activity course offered by Phys Ed.  Registration for these courses is managed by the Phys Ed department after the semester begins.
  5. Students will often ask if the should try to complete all their Gen Ed requirements in their first year.  The answer is no.  First, they can’t (e.g., W1, W2).  Second, students should spend their first year exploring the curriculum.  Finally, most students will fulfill their Gen Ed requirements in the ordinary course of things.