Norton Field Guide Videocasts

The Norton Field Guide to Writing Coursepack: An Overview

The Norton Field Guide to Writing comes with electronic access, for both you and your students, to a large library of materials (quizzes, tutorials, handouts, and other resources) that supplement the text and support the teaching of writing. This video provides a brief overview of where to find the Coursepack, and what’s available within it.


Importing Materials from the Norton Coursepack to your course’s Lyceum page

Most of the materials in the Coursepack are designed for you to pass along directly to your students, allowing you to put high-quality writing resources in front of your students without having to spend time designing them. This video provides instruction on incorporating materials from the Coursepack into your course, where they can be made available to your students either as mandatory course materials or as supplemental resources.


Integrating Coursepack Quizzes with your Lyceum Page

One of the most powerful sets of tools in the Coursepack are the quizzes, which cover more than 100 topics ranging from academic honesty to paragraphing, to grammar and sentence-level mechanics. This video covers how to import these quizzes to your course page and integrate them with your Lyceum grade book so that they can be assigned for credit.