Short Term Innovative Pedagogy CFP

Short Term (re)Design courses provide an opportunity for faculty and small groups of students (3-5) to work together on the rethinking and redesigning of courses of their choosing for multiple reasons and for designing brand new courses.  This counts as a normal part of your teaching load for the year.  Participants in previous years have included Amy Douglass, Stephanie Kelley-Romano, Bev Johnson, Nate Tefft Dennis Browne, Mara Tieken, Laurie O’Higgins, Travis Gould, Heidi Taylor, Matt Coté, Dan Sanford,  Jason Castro, Michael Murray, Alex Dauge-Roth, Myron Beasley, Geneva Laurita, Rebecca Herzig and Kirk Read.  You can use a Short Term (re)Design to:

• Design the syllabus for a new course that will serve the evolving curricular needs of your department or program;

• Retool difficult, required courses in your discipline to be more relevant and less onerous for the full range of students in your class;

• Use students to reach out across the college to bring different departments, programs or disciplines into your course—and in turn, help enhance your colleagues’ content and interdisciplinarity;

• Combining several levels of smaller classes into a single class;

• Creating or rethinking a course you’ve taken or always wanted to teach and exploring ways to involve community partners;

• Designing discrete modules or units in your course that are of value to a range of courses or pedagogical needs across the college.

These examples are illustrative of past success but should by no means limit your imagination!  There are numerous opportunities that might be suggested in the arts, in digital technologies or other avenues that the breathless pace of the year inhibits you from developing.

This counts for your teaching credit and is also credit-bearing for your hearty band of co-designer students as well.  Many departments and programs include these courses for majors, minors and GECs.  For those departments or programs where this appears to pose an untenable sacrifice of required offerings, I encourage you to consult with the Dean of Faculty’s office to find ways to make this feasible.

The relatively small course enrollments in the (re)Design courses are offset by the other wildly successful initiative which was the Practitioner Taught Courses that will be launched again this year under the direction of Purposeful Work support staff in collaboration with our office.

So please consider this opportunity seriously.  I would be happy to work with you on proposals that we would like to have in hand by November 15, 2019. I’d be happy to consult with about your proposal and share successful proposals from prior years to get you started.  Faculty who need to have a decision before grids are due should submit their proposals by October 21, 2019.

Glowing reports of this endeavor abound, and I would be happy to put you in touch with the pioneers from last Short Term if you were unable to make the event that showcased their work.  An inspiring story from the Bates website can be found here.