Short Term Course (re)Design – 2018-19

Description of the Program


The Short Term Innovative Pedagogy and Course (re)Design program, often abbreviated as STIP, is a program funded by the President’s Catalyst Fund.  Our goal is to allow faculty to reimagine a course they have been teaching for years, or design a new course, in light of changes in the scholarship or in the pedagogy of the discipline.  Faculty members select a small team of students with whom they’ll work with throughout Short Term to do the research and organizational work necessary to create a brand new or a brand new version of a course they will offer in the next academic year.  Faculty participants receive a funded course release to participate in the program.  Students receive Short Term credit for the course.


Call for Proposals for the 2019 Short Term Innovative Pedagogy and Course Redesign Program


STIP Guidelines 2018-19


Previous Participants


Sample Proposals