Summer Advising – Best Practices

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This page is meant to help members of the Bates faculty who serve as advisors for First-Year Registration.

Based on previous summers, we anticipate between 150 and 200 contacts with entering First-Year students who will have questions about their fall semester schedule. On occasion, a parent may call because the student is not able to make the phone call. Typically students will have very broad (“I don’t know what to take”) or very specific (“I have an AP 5 in nuclear physics – what science course should I take?”). I have found it helpful in the past to review a checklist of advising points with students regardless of what prompts the call. This guide will offer suggestions on frequent topics of specific inquiry and then review the checklist.


  1.  The Ideal First Year Schedule
  2. General Education Requirements
  3. Credit for AP, IB and A-Level Courses
  4. Bates Placement Tests
  5. The Quantitative Scientific Reasoning test
  6. Physical Education Requirement
  7. FAQs on Science courses and programs
  8. FAQs on Language courses and programs
  9. The Registration Process and Schedule (and technical issues)
  10. Checklist


*Late Additions (most recent courses added to the fall grid)


Mary Meserve and colleagues in the registrar’s office are on duty.  Phone number 207-755-5949, email Carrie Murphey is available at 207-755-5979 or via email at For issues logging in, ask them to call the Help Desk at 207-786-8222 or email (including screenshots is incredibly helpful.) If calling, let them know they may need to leave a message – in their message, they should include their name, contact information, and a clear description of the question they have.  

The website for First-Year Student Orientation is: