Summer Advising – The Registration Process and Schedule

Registration Schedule

  1. July 10 – 14: Summer Academic Advising period: Faculty members available by phone and email for entering First-Years to consult about questions regarding Registration
  2. July 17 – 21: Summer Registration period for First-Year students – Faculty members are also available for advising sessions during the Registration period.
  3. Mid-August: First-Year students receive their “first draft” schedule for the Fall semester.
    1. While some first-years will have four (of four) courses listed there, some may have just three, or in very rare cases, only two. That’s completely normal. You’ll have a lot of opportunities to add courses once you are on-campus.
    2. Note, if you like your “draft” schedule, you may keep it.  If you don’t, you can make changes (drop and add courses) when you get to campus.
  4. August 29: Students meet with their First-Year Advisor –
    1. Time is specifically allotted for you to consult with your First-Year Advisor about your schedule.
    2. Note, throughout Orientation, you will also meet with many Bates students who will happily give you their opinion on classes and professors.  Apply as much salt as you think appropriate and when in doubt, shoot your First-Year Advisor an email.
  5. September 6: Classes begin and the “Registration Adjustment” (often referred to as “Add/Drop”) period opens.
    1. Students may add and/or drop courses in their schedule.
  6. September 19: The “Add Period” closes.
    1. You may drop a course up to October 27, but you may not add courses after September 19.


Technical Issues

  • If transfer student’s registration is blocked, call the Registrar.
  • If the student needs the professor’s permission to register for the course (an override) for whatever reason, ask the students to politely email the professor and include in the email 1) their full name, 2) a brief description of why they need permission and 3) their student ID number (you may need to indicate that this is their 9-digit number used to access the Garnet Gateway – it’s early days!) Remind the student that even if the professor grants the “override,” that is permission to register for the course, the student must go into the Garnet Gateway again to register for the course.
  • Incoming students can register for 4 courses only during the summer; they may add-on in the fall; six courses needs Academic Standing Committee approval
  • There is no petitioning in summer registration for incoming students
  • For courses being offered, ask students to check the Garnet Gateway not the college catalog.


Referrals for non-Academic Advising Questions

  • If transfer student’s registration is blocked, call the registrar.
  • Please feel free to redirect general first-year questions to Carrie Murphey, Assistant Dean of First-Year Programs –,, or 207-755-5979.
  • Refer housing and roommate questions to the Office of Residence Life and Health Education office at or 207-786-6215.
  • Questions about financial aid and payment of tuition refer students to the Office of Student Financial Services at 207-786-6096 and
  • If students are having trouble with health form, tell them they don’t have to accept or decline until October 1; ask them to call the Health Center at 207-786-6199 or – Doris Ducharme is working summer hours and will return calls and emails.. International students must enroll in health coverage; International students call James Reese at 207-786-6219 or
  • “How do I get my pin number?” Contact the Help Desk 207-786-8222.
  • The Orientation website is: