First Year Advising: Transfer Credit for AP, IB, A-level Courses

Bates offers credit to students for work done in accredited advanced courses in high school under the Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and A-Level programs.    Different departments and programs treat transfer credits differently.  Some, for example, use transfer credit for placement purposes.  Others will give students course credit in the major.  Students should review the general information that the Register provides and the equivalency chart (Chapter 6 in this handbook) about each type of transfer credit.

If a student has requested their Advanced Placement scores be sent to Bates at the time they took the exam, they will arrive and be posted appropriately automatically in early July prior to registration. If a student has not requested their scores be sent to Bates they should contact The College Board to do so.

Students who have IB or A-Level transcripts should have an original copy of the examination scores sent to the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible.

If a student has taken a course(s) at an accredited college or university, they may complete a Transfer Credit Application form (1 per course) to apply to transfer their credit to Bates following the usual transfer credit procedure.