Faculty Development Programs at Bates

We provide a range of faculty development opportunities at Bates.  Some are organized by cohort, and some by topic.  Additionally, we offer courses (multiple sessions devoted to the study of a topic or skill), workshops, brown bag lunches and we support faculty writing groups and faculty learning communities on scholarly topics or pedagogical practices in which members of the faculty have expressed an interest.


Programs for New Faculty at Bates

Resources for New Faculty at Bates

Tenure Track

New Faculty

We’re committed to providing our new faculty colleagues with a comprehensive and enjoyable introduction to the campus and culture of the college. Our hope is that new members of the faculty develop strong relationships with each other and with the offices and people who will support them as they grow as pedagogues and scholars and as they undertake the work of the college.

Programs for Junior Faculty at Bates 


We provide programs and workshops designed to provide information about the review process to members of the faculty.

Programs for First Year Seminar  Instructors at Bates  

We provide two in-depth workshops on pedagogy and advising to first year seminar instructors each year.

Programs for Chairs of Academic Departments & Programs at Bates

We provide workshops for new chairs and an annual retreat for department and program chairs.  Additionally, the chairs meet monthly with members of the Academic Affairs Council and the Dean of Faculty’s Office to discuss the needs of and support for academic units in the college.

Programs for Emeritx Faculty

Retired faculty at Bates may apply for funds to support their research and create faculty learning communities.  Emeritix often teach an occasional course or First Year Seminar and may mentor and design programming for younger faculty.


In addition to the programs described above, the Faculty Commons for Learning and Teaching coordinates professional development programming for members of the faculty in conjunction with offices on campus that support faculty as teachers and scholars (e.g., Ladd Library, Curricular & Research Computing, Writing at Bates, the Math and Statistics Workshop, etc.).  We send out a weekly letter to inform faculty of development programs, job talks, and performances on campus that may be of interest to faculty.