Programs for First Year Seminar Instructors at Bates


Resources for First-Year Seminar Instructors

August FYS Instructor Workshop

May 2020 FYS Instructor Workshop

Writing at Bates

Mathematics & Statistics Workshop

Handbook for First Year Advisors



First-Year Seminars are widely recognized as a high-impact pedagogical practice in higher education.  Professors who teach an FYS play an important role in the process of engaging entering students in the life of the college and the intellectual and social expectations Bates sets for students.  FYS instructors serve as their students’ academic advisor until they have declared a major (no later than the end of Winter Semester of a student’s second year).  Finally, an FYS serves as a students introduction to writing at the college level.  We offer support for First-Year Seminar instructors through two workshops offered by the Faculty Commons for Learning and Teaching.  The May Workshop focuses on best pedagogical practices for teaching writing across the curriculum to first-year students.  The August workshop focuses on best practices for advising students before they declare their majors.  In addition,  Writing at Bates and the Mathematics and Statistics Workshop offer a range of programs, resources and peer tutors trained to support students in their writing and speaking assignments.