First Year Advising – Best Practices for Course Registration

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This page is meant to help members of the Bates faculty who serve as instructors and advisors in First-Year Registration.  Your mileage may vary.



  1.  The Ideal First Year Schedule
  2. General Education Requirements
  3. Credit for AP, IB and A-Level Courses
  4. Bates Placement Tests
  5. Physical Education Requirement


Mary Meserve and colleagues in the registrar’s office are on duty.  Phone number 207-755-5949, email Blake Reilly in Student Affairs is available at 207-755-5979 or via email at For issues logging in, ask them to call the Help Desk at 207-786-8222 or email (including screenshots is incredibly helpful.) If calling, let them know they may need to leave a message – in their message, they should include their name, contact information, and a clear description of the question they have.  

The website for First-Year Student Orientation is: