First Year Advising – Credit for AP, IB and A-Levels

Bates offers credit to students for work done in accredited advanced courses in high school.  Students who wish to transfer credit should apply to the Registrar’s Office.  Different departments and programs treat transfer credits differently.  Some, for example, use transfer credit for placement purposes.  Others will give students course credit in the major.  Students should review the information that the Register provides about each type of transfer credit.

If a student has received a good grade on a transfer credit course but does not see the course on their transcript, they should consult with the Registrar’s Office.  Students should note, however, that it is not uncommon for the agencies who offer transfer credit to be a bit slow with the paperwork.  Accordingly, advise students to keep an eye on their academic transcripts during the first semester.  They should contact the Registrar if the credit has not appeared on their transcript by the end of the first semester.