Learning Communities and Salons


In an effort to develop programming that meets faculty needs and fits within scheduling constraints, we at the Faculty Commons would like to offer you a chance to propose reading groups and learning communities which we will support with funding for book purchases, refreshments, and support for non-member experts to help frame the discussion. Members of the groups will not be stipended, but we will pay up to $50 (fifty) dollars a head to support a final dinner for the members of the group.  (Note, you’ll be reimbursed after the dinner, and after you’ve filled out a brief assessment form on line).  We’re also happy to offer advice and recommendations if you have a topic area but haven’t identified a book that will serve your interests.  We have funds to expand the program to six groups this semester.


We are using the highly successful model of the Teaching Triangle program, which has brought interested faculty together and allowed them to determine their own group logistics, rather than have the Faculty Commons set a date and time that might not work for everyone.  We hope that faculty members who wish to form a reading group or investigate a topic that pertains to teaching or research will take advantage of this opportunity.  Finally, if some members of the faculty would like to create a Salon, with gatherings open to faculty and staff, that are loosely organized around various topics, we are happy to provide refreshments and help with advertising, but realistically, can’t afford to take all the salonniers and salonnières to Fuel.


The CFP requires you to identify the members of your group, the book that you will read or topic you will investigate and at least three dates in the Fall Semester that members will commit to attending.  We also ask that you agree to fill out brief assessment surveys at the end of the semester to help us continue to adjust and improve our programming.  Groups will be asked to participate in faculty programming (e.g., offer a brown bag lunch) on the topic you’ve pursued in the Winter semester. We will ask all participants to provide some feedback on their experience as well.  


You can fill out the proposal form here.  We are particularly interested in supporting topics and books that are concerned with questions of inclusion and diversity, pedagogy, and faculty development.  If there are more proposals than funds to support the pilot, we’ll give preference to proposals that focus on issues of diversity and inclusion and/or relate to pedagogical issues.
We’ve prepared a sample proposal for your review and would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Submission deadline is September 28 at 5:00 pm.