Mentoring for Tenure Track Faculty at Bates

Year 1: New Faculty Development Years 2 – 3: Junior Faculty Development Years 4 – 6: Preparing the Tenure File

Mentoring for tenure track faculty begins with New Faculty Orientation in late August and continues throughout the year at monthly meetings of the New Faculty Seminar. In their second and third years at Bates, members of the faculty have the option of working with a tenured colleague in a structured program of monthly meetings to consider their development as scholars and artists, pedagogues and stakeholders who share in the work of the college. Mentors will not be evaluators of the members of the faculty whom they advise and will receive training so they can offer timely advice and recommendations about the resources available at Bates and elsewhere, as second and third-year faculty members pursue their professional development. As faculty members begin the process of preparing their tenure file, they will be supported by members of the faculty who recently completed their work on the Tenure and Promotion Committee.