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All members of the faculty, tenure track and visiting, begin the year with a two-day workshop in August.  Our goal at the orientation is to introduce new faculty to the people and offices at Bates that will support their development as teachers, scholars and participants in the shared work of the college.  We hope to orient you to the place – campus and community, and the ethos of the college.  We also hope that participants in the orientation will find friends and form a cohort that will support them as they begin their time at Bates.  Once the academic year begins tenure track faculty will participate in the New Faculty Seminar, a monthly meeting that will guide you through the various systems and challenges new faculty must master.  While required for tenure track faculty, the New Faculty Seminar is optional for visitors.  You are cordially welcome to join us and we look forward to your participation, but we recognize the time demands on visitors may prevent attendance.  Bates is a member of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity and its resources are available to all members of the Bates faculty.  Finally, this year the centers for faculty development at Colby, Bates and Bowdoin colleges are collaborating on a CBB conference devoted to pedagogy at the college level.  We warmly encourage all new faculty to attend.