Preparing the Tenure File

Resources for Members of the Faculty Preparing a File for Review by the Committee on Personnel


Guidelines for Teaching Evaluation Letters

Calendar of Personnel Actions

Selecting Faculty Evaluators: A Guide to 2013-14 legislation




As you begin to think about pre-tenure leaves and the preparation of their tenure files in your fourth year on the tenure track, we provide a range of resouces for members of the faculty.  Each semester, faculty members in the fourth and fifth year are several lunches with panels of faculty members who have recently completed a term of service on the Committee on Personnel or who have recently been tenured.  Additionally, the Dean of Faculty will meet individually with each rising candidate for tenure.  Members of the Dean of Faculty’s office are also available to provide advice and guidance.  Department and Program chairs are an important source of support and information for tenure candidates, as are the Faculty Examiners who review files before their submission to the Committee on Personnel.