Mentoring for Visiting Faculty at Bates

Visiting faculty make significant contributions to the life of the college.  Many advise senior theses and their work as teachers supports departments and programs whose members are on sabbatical.  We value this contribution highly and offer mentors and programs for visitors.  Visiting faculty participate in New Faculty Orientation and are welcome (but not required) to attend the New Faculty Development Seminar.  Visitors are similarly invited to participate in all programming the Faculty Commons for Learning and Teaching offers.  We encourage visitors to apply for the various grant programs (see, the Resources For Faculty page) Bates offers to support faculty as teachers and scholars.  Finally, we are happy to observe classes and provide feedback as well as arrange mock job talks and interviews to help prepare for the job market.  Contact Kirk Read, Director of New Faculty Development, or Margaret Imber,  Associate Dean of the Faculty,  with any questions or requests.