Andrew H. Wulff

Visiting Associate Professor of Earth and Climate Sciences


Earth and Climate Sciences

Carnegie Science Hall, Room 222


Andrew Wulff has a background that includes time with the Maryland Geological Survey, gold exploration and most recently as faculty at Western Kentucky University. Research interests include volcanic stratigraphy, precious metal deposits, odd minerals in cave environments, and geoscience education. He enjoys both the lab and outdoors aspects of geology, and his field research has included work in Chile, Java, the Pacific Northwest, and Kentucky. He enjoyed a career in opera and acting and rock and roll, and founded and was the coach of a high school girls lacrosse team. He will be teaching courses on the Geology of Maine (EACS 107), Plate Tectonics and Tectonic Hazards (EACS 104), an upper level course in Petrology or High Temperature Geochemistry, and a short term on the Geology of the Mojave Desert.