Catherine A. Whiting

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics


Physics and Astronomy

Carnegie Science Hall, Room 333


Ph.D. in Physics, University of Iowa, Iowa City

M.S. in Astronomy, University of Iowa, Iowa City

B.S. in Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, University of Iowa, Iowa City

My research as an undergraduate and early graduate student focused on radio and optical astronomy.  Following a General Relativity course I took in graduate school, I shifted my research interests to theoretical physics and string theory in particular.  I spent three years in South Africa as a postdoctoral fellow before coming to Bates as a Visiting Assistant Professor.  

The Bates Gravity & Geometry Group (GGG), consisting of Biruk Chafamo, Xiaole Jiang, and Yehe Yan worked over the summer 2019 on a modified theory of gravity to explain dark energy and inflationary cosmology from fundamental theoretical principles.

At Bates, I enjoy teaching the introductory physics courses and labs (PHYS 107 & 108), Newtonian Mechanics (PHYS 211) as well as a new 300 level course, General Relativity (ATPH 336).  

Rarely will you see me alone on campus, as my dog Roxie loves coming to class, going for walks, and chasing the squirrels on campus.