Dennis R. Browne

Associate Professor of Russian



Roger Williams Hall, Room 227

European Studies

Roger Williams Hall, Room 227


Dennis Browne teaches Russian language, film and culture courses, and seminars on Europe and the Balkans.  Content in his courses often reflects his interest in popular culture, particularly popular music, sports, and media such as television, film and user-generated content sites on the Internet.  Professor Browne is a committed advocate of study abroad experiences, and has organized and directed Short Term and Fall Semester Abroad programs to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnodar, and Lake Baikal in Russia, and to Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, and Serbia in the Balkans.  As part of the 2010 Bates Fall Semester Abroad in Vienna, he organized the October trip to Beograd, Višegrad, and Sarajevo, where group activities included a visit to the Court of Justice of Bosnia-Hercegovina, a lecture at the Center for Islamic Studies in Sarajevo, and a meeting with Serbian students at the University of Eastern Sarajevo in Pale.  In the 2011-2012 academic year, in addition to Russian language courses, he is teaching a film course on Emir Kusturica, a new short term course on everyday life in Nazi Germany and Stalinist USSR, and a First Year Seminar on the Idea of Europe.   With Karen Palin of the Bates Biology Department, he will again direct a Fall Semester Abroad program to St. Petersburg, Russia in 2013.

Professor Browne has published articles and reviews on language teaching, Russian rock music, and is co-author of a book on translation and stylistics.  Since coming to Bates, he has participated in several professional development seminars including IREX and NEA summer seminars in Russia, and a CIEE seminar in Croatia.  He is currently writing about controversial filmmaker Emir Kusturica.