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Geneviève Robert

Associate Professor of Earth and Climate Sciences


Earth and Climate Sciences

Carnegie Science Hall, Room 222


Ph.D. Geology 2014, University of Missouri – Columbia

M.Sc. Geological Sciences 2008, University of British Columbia

B.Sc. Honours Earth and Planetary Sciences 2005, McGill University

I study geo-materials of the solid silicate Earth, specifically glass, melts, magmas, and igneous rocks. I investigate magmatic and volcanic processes, with a focus on the study of magma flow. I primarily use experimental work to quantify the fundamental transport (viscosity) and thermodynamic (heat capacity, density) properties necessary to build viscosity models and to model and understand igneous geologic processes at all scales.

Courses: FYS 441, FYS 477, EACS 104, EACS 223, EACS 304, EACS 326, EACS 383, GEOs10, GEOs23