Lee H. Abrahamsen

Associate Professor of Biology


Medical Studies

161 Wood Street, Room 222




Ph.D., Virology and Immunology, The Medical College of Pennsylvania

Professor Abrahamsen’s research centers around the human herpesviruses and their interactions with their host cells. Her work has included studies of the effects of environmental chemicals on virus replication in vitro, changes in host cell lipid synthesis caused by infection with different herpesviruses and the effects of endogenous growth factors on cytomegalovirus virus replication and possible correlations between these factors and the development of atherosclerosis in vivo.

For the past several years, Lee has been interested in science education at all levels. Her students participate in service-learning projects at local schools, and have worked with teachers to develop science curricula for middle and high school students. She has also helped to develop a Biotechnology course at Edward Little High School.