Travis J. Gould

Associate Professor of Physics


Physics and Astronomy

Carnegie Science Hall, Room 334


Ph.D. and M.S. in Physics, University of Maine, Orono  

B.S. in Physics, Minor in Mathematics, University of Maine, Orono

My research interests are at the interface between optical physics, nanotechnology, and biophysics. More specifically, I am interested in fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy, diffraction-unlimited microscopy (nanoscopy), adaptive optics, and their application to biological systems.

Fluorescence techniques are invaluable for investigating biological questions. Their non-invasive nature and live-cell compatibility provide an attractive counterpoint to electron microscopy. Unfortunately, the spatial resolution of conventional fluorescence microscopy is limited by diffraction to ~250 nm. The length scales relevant to many biological processes are on the order of tens of nanometers, an order of magnitude smaller than the resolution limit. Therefore, developing novel fluorescence microscopy techniques for biological imaging at the nanometer scale is an exciting field that is growing rapidly.