Academics, Calendar, and Tuition

All new and returning students must complete the Fall Attendance Questionnaire by July 9, 2020.


The 2020–21 academic year will feature fall and winter semesters that each comprise two 7.5-week modules. Students will typically take two classes at a time — each meeting for more hours each week than a traditional semester format — for a total of four courses over the semester.

For returning students, the Registrar’s Office is working to preserve the course registrations you made in the spring to every extent possible.

In some cases, students will need to change previous course selections, and we assure you that faculty and staff are ready to support you in making these changes. The Registrar’s Office will communicate with all returning students in July about course enrollments for the fall semester and changes that may need to be made.

Academic Calendar 2020–21 

With public health, the student and faculty experience, and sustaining the college’s mission at the forefront of decision-making related to the academic calendar, Bates has adjusted its academic calendar in 2020–21 in order to offer the fall and winter semesters in the 2+2 format. 

The 2+2 semester plan will be in effect regardless of whether Bates conducts in-person or remote learning in 2020–21.

For the 2020–21 academic year, the fall and winter semesters will each comprise two 7.5-week modules, providing a full semester’s worth of content in an intensified form. Students will typically take two classes at a time, for a total of four courses over the semester.

The benefits and features of the 2+2 calendar include:

  • Reducing classroom person-to-person contact. 
  • Reducing foot traffic in academic buildings.
  • Amplifying physical distancing. 
  • Adding time between classes and more time for meals.
  • Reducing breaks when off-campus travel would likely occur.
  • Moving to all-remote learning after Thanksgiving through final examinations.


Seating in the library will be reduced to maintain physical distancing. Students will make appointments to receive services from the academic support units within the building. Specific questions regarding Information & Library Services can be sent to the Help Desk.

Off-Campus Study

The Center for Global Education (CGE) continues to support and work with students wishing to study off campus for the fall 2020 semester. Partner institutions offer the best guidance on the feasibility of welcoming students for the semester.

Some of Bates’ international partners have already suspended their fall programs. When this happens, students are welcome, if possible, to switch to another program to which they have applied and been accepted. Otherwise students should be in touch with the CGE to withdraw from the fall 2020 off-campus study semester. 

For students enrolled in off-campus programs for this fall, CGE has these recommendations: 

  • Students enrolled in off-campus study programs for fall 2020 should contact institutions and programs to discuss their health and safety management as it relates to the current pandemic. 
  • In the case of students whose off-campus program has been moved to remote-only, meaning no possibility of traveling to your program location, we suggest you withdraw from the program and enroll in Bates courses for the fall. 

In the meantime, fall 2020 students may withdraw from off-campus study by emailing and speaking with Assistant Director David Das ( or Associate Dean Darren Gallant ( 

Students will then be directed to the appropriate housing process and given information on registering for fall semester courses. Bates allows applications for fall housing until July 31, 2020. 


If you have questions about Off-Campus Study, email

Tuition and Fees

Recognizing that student residency status will be variable in 2020–21, the college will adjust the room and board portion of the single fee for students who elect remote study.

  • As in prior years, students will be charged in July for one half of the annual single fee of $36,765, due on Aug. 1. 
  • Students who elect remote study for the fall will receive a room and board adjustment of $7,353. Students who elect remote study for the winter semester will receive a room and board adjustment of $7,721. Please note that if you receive Bates financial aid, and your cost of attendance changes as the result of a decision to study remotely, your financial aid award will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Students who have received prior permission from the Office of Residence Life and Health Education to live off campus for the fall will receive an off-campus housing rebate of $2,300. Off-campus students who also elect to be off the board plan will receive an additional $2,300 rebate.
  • All adjustments for the fall, including applicable adjustments of financial aid awards, will be reflected on the August bill issued to students and authorized individuals.

For specific tuition information, please visit Student Financial Services page about Fees and Due dates, or email