Dumergue, Franck (Teaching Assistant)

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Franck Dumergue is from a village near Clermont-Ferrand, Michelin man’s hometown. He already was the French Teaching Assistant last year, and will be back in September for the year 2019-20. He has studied education in France to become an English teacher there. He passed his master’s degree after a one-year practicum as teacher and is fully equipped to help anyone with their studies in French at any level. Franck is not new to this position of language assistant since he has already been a French TA in Scotland a few years ago. He is passionate about culture and the arts, more particularly theatre, having been an actor for 8 years now in the same non-professional troupe. He is open-minded, cheerful, available and helpful, always up for a little chat and questions after class, or ready to create events and projects  for and with students from the department and even anyone just interested in the francophone culture to make French livelier and concrete! He also has a passion for literature and when time permits he likes writing too. He looks forward to meeting you in his office on the fourth floor of Roger Williams or on campus at any point to be part of your journey within French and Francophone cultures!