Courses you can take this semester – Winter 2019 and Short Term

Courses you can take this semester


GEO103 Earth Surface Environments and Environmental Change/Lab
Atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, lithosphere
GEO114 Water in Maine
GEPH111 Polar Environment, Climate, and Ecosystems
Environmental change focused on polar regions
BIGE113 Marine Science

GEO223 Mineralogy/Lab (CHEM107 + 100-level GEO)
GEO240 Environmental Geochemistry/Lab (100-level GEO)
GEPH220 Climate Change and Modeling (MATH 106 + 100-level GEO)


Short Term courses you can take this year

GEOs20 Lost Beaches of Maine, Alice Doughty
GEOs23 Melts, Glasses, and Magmas, Genevieve Robert
Both are open to first years!