Major Requirements

The major requirements include eight core courses, four elective courses, and a one- or two-semester thesis.

Core Courses. One of the following:
GEO 103. Earth Surface Environments and Environmental Change/Lab.
GEO 104. Plate Tectonics and Tectonic Hazards/Lab.
GEO 107. Katahdin to Acadia: Field Geology in Maine/Lab.
GEO 109. Global Change/Lab.

All of the following:
GEO 210. Sedimentary Processes and Environments/Lab.
GEO 223. Rock-Forming Minerals and Mineral Assemblages/Lab.
GEO 230. Earth Structure and Dynamics/Lab.
GEO 240. Environmental Geochemistry/Lab.

Two 300-level geology courses.

One geology Short Term course.

Elective Courses. Students must take two courses from List A and two courses from List B.

List A:
ES/GE 217. Mapping and GIS/Lab.
ES/GE 226. Hydrogeology.
GEO 360. Independent Study.
GEO 458. Senior Thesis (taken in addition to GEO 457, creating a yearlong thesis).
A second Short Term geology course.
A third 300-level geology course
One or two 200- or 300-level courses may be transferred from an off-campus study program with prior approval of the department.

List B:
BI/GE 112. Oceanography.
BI/GE 113. Marine Science.
BIO 190. Organismal Biology/Lab.
BIO 244. Biostatistics.
BIO 270. Ecology and Evolution/Lab.
CHEM 107A. Atomic and Molecular Structure/Lab.
CHEM 108A. Chemical Reactivity/Lab.
ENVR 203. Scientific Approaches to Environmental Issues.
ENVR 240. Water and Watersheds.
ENVR 310. Soils/Lab.
FYS 274. Physics in the Twentieth Century/Lab.
GE/PH 111. Polar Environment, Climate, Ecosystems.
MATH 105. Calculus I.
MATH 106. Calculus II.
PHYS 107. Classical Physics/Lab.
PHYS 108. Modern Physics/Lab.

The department normally accepts only two non-Bates courses toward the major. These two courses are counted as electives under list A in the major requirements.

Senior Thesis. Students may choose to complete a one-semester thesis (GEO 457) or a two-semester thesis (GEO 457 and 458). The two-semester option is normally reserved for honors candidates, those students who plan to pursue a career in the geological or environmental sciences, and/or those planning to attend graduate school in geological or environmental sciences.

B.S. Degree for Geology Majors. Students planning careers in the geological or environmental sciences are encouraged to complete a two-semester thesis (GEO 457 and 458), and to complete the Bachelor of Science degree requirements, available in the Academic Program section of the catalog.

Pass/Fail Grading Option. Pass/fail grading may not be elected for any course used to fulfill the major requirements.