Alexandra Efstathiades

Alexandra Efstathiades
Alexandra Efstathiades

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I am Alexandra Efstathiades and I am the German Teaching Assistant this year.
I am from Vienna, the capital city of Austria.
I graduated in Cultural- and Social Anthropology at the University of Vienna in 2013 and in Teacher Education at the University College of Teacher Education Vienna in 2017. I am currently working on my Master in Socioeconomics at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna. I have worked as an elementary school teacher and professor at the University College of Teacher Education in Vienna. My focus was on foreign language teaching in English and German, as well as art and social learning.

I love traveling, languages and learning from each others cultures, celebrating our similarities and differences. I am excited about sharing the various sides of Austrian culture with you and learning about yours.

If you’d like to practice your German or experience more Austrian culture in a fun and informal setting come by our regular German tables or activities, which are open to all levels.

I am happy to support you with any difficulties or thoughts you may have concerning grammar, tasks, vocabulary or otherwise German-related.

Bis bald und liebe Grüße,