Parents Honor Roll

Bates is deeply grateful to parent donors, whose gifts touch every student at Bates today. The Parents Honor Roll recognizes Bates parents who made gifts to the college from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.

  1. Garnet Circle - 5 or more consecutive years of giving
  2. Mount David Society-level gifts Learn more
  3. Both of the above
  1. Anonymous (56)
  2. Andrea Abbott P'19
  3. Justina G. Achahue P'16
  4. Asche Ackerman and Susan V. Ackerman P'19
  5. Colin C. Adams P'17
  6. Fletcher W. Adams '59, P'99
  7. John C. Adams '61 and Suzanne Kimball Adams '61, P'89
  8. Nancy Farrell Adams '45, P'83
  9. David A. Adler and Jill S. Adler P'00
  10. Ludo P. Adons and Barbara S. Adons P'17
  11. Lee D. Ahlborn and Simone L. Ahlborn P'19
  12. Kim Joseph Ahlholm '78 and Frederick W. Ahlholm P'18
  13. Susan Bourgault Akie '75 and Robert E. Akie P'08
  14. James D. Albert and Bette Ann Albert P'13
  15. Sam J. Alberts and Rachel F. Alberts P'20
  16. Oleg Alekseev Sr. and Victoria Alekseev P'07
  17. Craig R. Allan '55, HC'54, P'83
  18. Douglas Allen and Rosemary D. Allen P'98
  19. Esther Strout Allen '40, P'59, P'65 (d)
  20. John C. Allen and Analisa M. Allen P'20
  21. Robert Y. Allen '60 and Jane Braman Allen '60, P'84
  22. Scott V. Alley and Marjorie G. Alley P'16
  23. Cecilio A. Almonte and Yoanny Nunez P'19
  24. Michael Alp and Sarah Alp P'18
  25. Alan L. Alper and Debra J. Alper P'12
  26. Chris D. Alper-Leroux and Cecile T. Alper-Leroux P'20
  27. Alexander Altschuller and Patricia D. Altschuller P'02
  28. Bruce T. Amsbary and Elizabeth G. Amsbary P'05
  29. Nicholas Anaclerio and Elizabeth D. Anaclerio P'13
  30. Peter S. Andersen '67 and Judith Harvell Andersen '67, P'00
  31. Harold W. Anderson III and Cola G. Parker P'19
  32. Jonathan T. Anderson and Mary F. Hanover P'17
  33. Kevin T. Anderson and Perrior S. Anderson P'18
  34. Mary M. Anderson P'20
  35. Phillip J. Anderson and Tran B. Anderson P'20
  36. Samuel J. Andonian Jr. and Jennifer L. Andonian P'17
  37. Cindy Holmes Andrews '74 and Tom Whyte P'09, P'12
  38. Philip S. Anson and Meredith M. Anson P'04, P'06, P'12
  39. Richard H. Antell and Susan S. Antell P'11
  40. Nicholas D. Antonuccio and Mary E. Antonuccio P'17
  41. Rutilio Anzora and Maria J. Anzora P'20
  42. Cynthia Hignite Archibald '67 and Gary B. Archibald P'94
  43. Thomas M. Armstrong and Elizabeth D. Armstrong P'18
  44. William J. Armstrong and Nancy J. Armstrong P'15
  45. Nathan E. Arnell and Heidi H. Hellring P'13
  46. Richard Arnell and Paula Y. Arnell P'94
  47. Rajendra Arora and Maya Arora P'16
  48. Barbara Griffin Arsnow '77 and Edward J. Arsnow P'08, P'10, P'14
  49. T. Neale Attenborough and Louisa D. Attenborough P'15, P'21
  50. John C. Atwater and Diana L. Nelson P'20
  51. William B. Auer and Maureen E. Auer P'15
  52. Dennis Auerbach and Julie Kaplan P'16
  53. David R. Ault '57 and Norine Ault P'85
  54. Peter L. Ault '52, P'82
  55. Fermin A. Aupi and Sandra J. Nute-Aupi P'12
  56. Gerard P. Aurigemma and Nancy E. Bennet P'08
  57. Eric Austin and Amy Austin P'19
  58. Ann E. Austin-Beck '76 and John P. Beck P'11
  59. Donna C. Avery '82, P'12
  60. Kathleen Shorey Avery '74 and David E. Avery P'02
  61. Anthony G. Avila P'20
  62. Philip Ayers and Sandra L. Ayers P'04
  63. Robert J. Ayotte and Linda S. Ayotte P'09
  64. Rushton A. Backer and Lisa H. Backer P'18
  65. Terrance L. Bagley and Leigh A. Bagley P'10
  66. Clive Baillie and Dawn Baillie P'19
  67. Clifford W. Baker Jr. '64 and Patricia Dehle Baker '64, P'91
  68. Douglas D. Baker and Dorothy I. Baker P'06
  69. Emerson W. Baker '80 and Margaret Dunn Baker '81, P'16
  70. Gary L. Baker and Sarah M. Evert P'16
  71. Lucile Davis Baker '43, P'70, GP'10
  72. Marcia Rosenfeld Baker '56 and Wilmer M. Baker P'79
  73. Jon Bakken and Harriet Bakken P'20
  74. Manjit S. Bakshi and Kaajal Bakshi P'18
  75. Scott H. Balcomb '75 and Abigail Sanborn '75, P'14
  76. Allen E. Bale P'19
  77. Carol Brown Ballantyne '66 and Duncan S. Ballantyne P'97
  78. Nina Vassalotti Bandoni '81 and Robert A. Bandoni P'13, P'16
  79. Shannon M. Banks '85 and Laura K. Gagnon '88, P'14
  80. Balram M. Baral and Priti B. Baral P'19
  81. Michael Baranchuck and Nancy E. Etheredge P'20
  82. David Barber and Nancy D. Barber P'90
  83. Patricia W. Barber P'93
  84. Susan E. Barkan P'15
  85. Gregory M. Barnagian and Gaiane K. Barnagian P'15
  86. Jacquelyn Baron P'19
  87. John A. Barr and Marion R. Hylan Barr P'19
  88. Andrew Barrengos and Katherine Barrengos P'19
  89. Dan P. Barrett '74 and Betsy Bracken Barrett '73, P'05
  90. Olive Emerson Barrett '53 and Walter E. Barrett Jr. P'81
  91. Susan Forest Barrett '85 and James T. Barrett P'20
  92. David E. Barry and Kelly K. Barry P'17
  93. David J. Barry and Anne D. Barry P'15
  94. Joseph M. Barsky III '71 and Frances C. Barsky P'03
  95. Michael J. Bass and Donna M. Bass P'18, P'21
  96. Ruth Haskins Bass '55, P'85, P'92, GP'18, GP'21
  97. Donald P. Bassell and Sharon G. Bassell P'16
  98. Paul M. Basuk and Leza N. Gallo P'19
  99. Roger Bates '60, P'89
  100. Rosemarie Schaefer Bates '63, P'88
  101. George F. Baumgarten and Barbara J. Baumgarten P'16
  102. Raymond E. Baxter and Lisa S. Baxter P'09
  103. Murray M. Beach and Patricia J. Palocz P'20
  104. Lois M. Beardwood P'91
  105. Thomas D. Beaton and Ruth F. Beaton P'10, P'12, P'16, P'20
  106. David G. Becker and Denise M. Vannucci P'19
  107. Bonnie A. Beckett P'04
  108. George T. Beebe '65 and Karin D. Beebe P'04
  109. Heather R. Beebe '85 and Luc Jarry P'20
  110. Bruce A. Beers and Ruth Ann H. Beers P'98
  111. Friedrich J. Behringer '81 and Juliann K. Martel '81, P'18
  112. Pradeep T. Bekal and Pratima P. Bekal P'17
  113. Andrew S. Beland and Susan E. Beland P'19
  114. John M. Bell and Janice M. Bell P'20
  115. David Belletete and Nancy N. Belletete P'18
  116. Glenn D. Bellitto and Kyle A. Moran P'20
  117. Katherine White Belmont '63, P'85
  118. Henry H. Benedict and Heidi E. Humphrey P'09
  119. Kathleen M. Benedict P'18
  120. David R. Beneman '80 and Christine Tegeler Beneman '80, P'10
  121. Steven P. Benenson and Jennifer K. Benenson P'12
  122. Joanna C. Benintende P'82 (d)
  123. Kristin Speaker Bennett '73, P'00
  124. Paul D. Bennett '73, P'00
  125. Sarah J. Benson '61 and Stephen C. Nichols P'00
  126. Scott R. Benson and Lori B. Zimmerman P'15
  127. Andrew M. Berdon and Randi B. Berdon P'19, P'21
  128. Robert C. Berenbroick and Kathleen Berenbroick P'96
  129. John S. Beres and Diane Lewis P'15, P'18
  130. Christopher Berg and Wendy Berg P'20
  131. J. Michael Bergen and C. Abbie Kiley P'20
  132. Paul R. Berger and Janice L. Lower P'19
  133. Derek Berghuis and Jessica C. Chutter P'18
  134. Barry B. Berkowitz and Phyllis S. Berkowitz P'95
  135. Warren J. Berkowitz and Nancy Berkowitz P'06
  136. Penelope Buttler Berliner '69 and Jay M. Berliner P'99
  137. Kathy Berman P'08
  138. William Bernhard and Lise Bernhard P'13
  139. Magnus T. Bernhardsson and Margaret A. McComish P'20
  140. Alison R. Bernstein P'09 (d)
  141. Gary E. Bernstein and Rina D. Bernstein P'20
  142. John A. Berry and Carol A. Jeffers P'10
  143. Paul M. Bette and Maureen Munson-Bette P'07
  144. Kevin W. Betz and Holly H. Betz P'19
  145. Michael E. Bielonko and Patricia O. Bielonko P'05
  146. Joseph L. Bierwirth Jr. and Cheryl L. Bierwirth P'20
  147. Brian Bilchik and Karen Shmukler P'18
  148. Charles J. Billington and Susan A. Berry P'09
  149. John J. Bilotta and Eileen M. O'Connor P'14
  150. Gordon K. Binkhorst and Karen E. Binkhorst P'20
  151. Christopher S. Binns and Galit L. Binns P'20
  152. Ann M. Birnbaum and Larry M. Clifton P'05
  153. Charles B. Bishop and Margaret F. Bishop P'18
  154. Christopher B. Bjork and Etsuko Bjork P'20
  155. Christopher J. Black and Deirdre W. Black P'20
  156. Moira MacKenzie Blake '56, P'82
  157. Michael L. Blakslee and Katherine S. Blakslee P'20
  158. Donald B. Blanchon and Sarah E. Ducich P'20
  159. Mark J. Blau and Robin L. Blau P'18
  160. Cheryl A. Bliss P'09
  161. Gerald A. Blitstein and Randye L. Kaplan P'12, P'18
  162. Marian S. Blum P'80
  163. Randall W. Bodner and Elizabeth E. Bodner P'20
  164. William P. Bodwitch and Patricia E. Golden P'11
  165. Peter J. Bolduc and Marcia L. Bolduc P'04
  166. Trista L. Bonds P'20
  167. Thomas S. Boniface and Elisabeth H. Young P'12
  168. Douglas Bonnell and Leslie Bonnell P'20
  169. Michael W. Bonney '80 and Alison Grott Bonney '80, P'09, P'12, P'15
  170. Weston L. Bonney '50 and Elaine G. Bonney P'80, P'81, GP'09, GP'12, GP'15
  171. David O. Boone '62 and Carol Huntington Boone '63, P'87
  172. Nathaniel A. Boone '52 and Harriet Howell Boone '52, P'82
  173. Edwin G. Booth and Elizabeth R. Booth P'13
  174. Bruce S. Borden and Regina E. Borden P'18
  175. Paul D. Bosco and Diane C. Bosco P'16
  176. George N. Bouris '76 and Candace Stark Bouris '76, P'03, P'05
  177. Kathy Marsilius Bourque '79, P'13, P'16
  178. Franklyn P. Bousquet and Katherine W. Bousquet P'09
  179. Robert B. Bowden '67 and Carrolle S. Bowden P'95
  180. Bryan T. Bowen and Kay F. Bowen P'19
  181. Stephen P. Bowen and Sallyann Bowen P'20
  182. Charles P. Bowes and Helen R. Bowes P'96
  183. Stephen K. Boyer and Jane E. Frommer P'05, P'10
  184. Douglas S. Boyle '79 and Tiernan M. Shea P'16
  185. Ann Rich Boynton '53 and Wilbur E. Boynton P'82
  186. Robert A. Bozich and Jean A. Bozich P'93
  187. Charles H. Bracken Jr. '76 and Melinda Chace Bracken '76, P'05
  188. Arthur B. Bradbury '49 and Charlotte H. Bradbury P'70, P'96
  189. Paul W. Brandow and Ann B. Brandow P'03
  190. Gregory J. Brennan and Eileen C. Brennan P'20
  191. William P. Brennan and Polly D. Smith P'14
  192. Elizabeth A. Brent and Morris R. DuChemin P'19
  193. David R. Breschi and Carrie H. Breschi P'18
  194. John Briedis and Irene S. Briedis P'03
  195. Richard D. Briggs and Margaret B. Briggs P'15
  196. Erwin Brilliant '55 and Barbara L. Brilliant P'82
  197. Heinz Brinkhaus and Cynthia Brinkhaus P'20
  198. John B. Bronstein P'09
  199. Steven L. Brookman and Michelle J. Brookman P'21
  200. Cynthia N. Brooks P'19
  201. Peter C. Brooks and Nancy T. Brooks P'16, P'19
  202. Barry J. Brown '70 and Susan I. Brown P'08
  203. Christopher F. Brown and Elizabeth W. Brown P'19
  204. Irving Brown III and Nancy D. Brown P'93
  205. Judson B. Brown and Sandra R. Brown P'03
  206. Manuel E. Brown P'69
  207. Mary C. Brown P'87
  208. Milton J. Brown and Elna R. Drava P'17
  209. Neilson Brown P'09
  210. Thomas A. Brown and Judy A. Brown P'19
  211. W. Scott Brown '61, P'87
  212. Wesley H. Brown and Lucinda S. Brown P'04
  213. Winfield S. Brown IV '89 and Wendy C. Brown P'21
  214. David G. Browning and Sandra L. Browning P'15
  215. Peter J. Brudny and Nita Brudny P'20
  216. Jonathan D. Brunk and Marlene K. Brunk P'13
  217. Steven J. Bryer and Lisa H. Bryer P'16
  218. Joan G. Buchanan P'89, P'93
  219. Bradley R. Buchbinder and Andrea G. Buchbinder P'13
  220. Richard A. Buckler and Dale G. Buckler P'08
  221. Joseph S. Buckley Jr. '72 and Dawne desRosiers Buckley '74, P'07
  222. Charlotte Ann H. Bucknam HC'53, P'87
  223. Albert J. Budney Jr. and Karen V. Budney P'99
  224. Eric P. Buetow and Kathleen Madden P'14
  225. Arthur N. Bull '88 and Lisa Riley Bull '87, P'19
  226. Kevin R. Bull and Christina S. Bull P'19
  227. Thomas S. Bullock and Sarah A. Bullock P'20
  228. Andrew L. Bundy and Karen V. Hansen P'17
  229. James Buonfiglio and Andrea Buonfiglio P'18, P'19
  230. Tracy Burgess P'18
  231. Roger D. Burgis and Michele R. Burgis P'11, P'14
  232. Steven M. Burke '81 and Kathleen Tucker Burke '81, P'13, P'14
  233. James S. Burkhardt and Madeline E. Burkhardt P'04
  234. Elizabeth P. Burns P'12
  235. Henry J. Burns Jr. and Jennifer H. Burns P'17, P'19
  236. Joan B. Burns P'12
  237. Ann E. Bushmiller '79 and Albert Cacozza Jr. P'17
  238. Elizabeth Shaw Bushmiller '54, P'79, GP'17
  239. Peter W. Butler and Jessica L. Butler P'04
  240. Robert E. Butler '63 and Judith Mosman Butler '63, P'88
  241. Thane Stimac Butt '69 and Peter J. Butt P'00
  242. Kimberley Lawrence Byrd '82 and Christopher M. Byrd P'17
  243. James J. Byrnes and Terry R. Byrnes P'05
  244. John R. Caban and Debbie H. Caban P'07
  245. Daniel J. Cahill and Cheryl A. Cahill P'06
  246. William J. Cahill Jr. and Laurie A. Cahill P'18
  247. David B. Caldwell and Kristina K. Caldwell P'15
  248. James M. Caldwell and Susan J. Caldwell P'19
  249. David M. Call and Marian B. Call P'93
  250. Trey H. Callaway and Nancy A. Callaway P'20
  251. Cabot J. Cameron and Angelia G. Cameron P'19, P'21
  252. Wallace E. Camp P'77
  253. David W. Campbell '86 and Barbara L. Campbell P'21
  254. Maureen Campbell P'19
  255. John F. Campion and Andrea Waxman P'16
  256. David W. Canavan and Lori B. Canavan P'17
  257. Jerome Canning and Christina P. Canning P'20
  258. A. Martin F. Cannon and Nancy M. Cannon P'15, P'19
  259. John M. Cappetta and Nancy Jo K. Cappetta P'16
  260. Stephen J. Carew and Lisa B. Carew P'17
  261. William C. Carey '82 and Scarlett Halsted Carey '82, P'13, P'14, P'19
  262. Kenneth R. Cargill P'16
  263. Sally Larson Carignan '62, HC'61, P'95
  264. Carl C. Carlson and Alison J. Carlson P'20
  265. Eric A. Carlson P'15
  266. John R. Carlson and Shirley L. Carlson P'98
  267. John O. Carpenter and Jo Anne B. Carpenter P'02
  268. Kristian R. Carr '82 and Jo D. Saffeir '85, P'20
  269. Ismael E. Carreras '90 and Andrea L. Snow '90, P'19
  270. William A. Carroll and Maryjo Carroll P'20
  271. Bobb Carson and Joan E. Carson P'91
  272. Glenn H. Carson '54 and Lois Johnson Carson '54, P'81, P'85, GP'18
  273. Daniel W. Carter and Julie A. Carter P'14
  274. James R. Carter Jr. and Wendy E. Carter P'20
  275. James M. Carty and Marsha F. Carty P'17
  276. Anthony J. Casieri and Julianne A. Casieri P'17
  277. Mary Jasper Cate '63, P'95, P'00
  278. Joseph P. Cates-Carney and Anastasia M. Cates-Carney P'16
  279. Roland B. Catignani '76 and Judith H. Catignani P'07
  280. Stephen K. Cavender and Myrna J. Cavender P'02
  281. Patrick D. Centanni and Ellen E. Centanni P'17
  282. Robert Cesar and Katarina Cesarova P'16
  283. Joseph L. Chabot and Beverly Ann B. Chabot P'86
  284. John C. Chamberlain and Nancy A. Chamberlain P'01
  285. Robert M. Chamberlin P'16
  286. Kirk Chandler and Maureen J. Chandler P'08
  287. Peter L. Chandler and Elizabeth B. Chandler P'09
  288. William D. Chapman and Elizabeth A. Chapman P'18
  289. Cynthia S. Chappelka P'86
  290. Jeffrey F. Charest and Mary E. Charest P'20
  291. Tongyan Chen and Jiali Wang P'19
  292. Wai C. Cheng and Yim Har Tang P'16
  293. Ernst E. Chenoweth and Virginia J. Chenoweth P'17
  294. Wendell K. Ching P'18
  295. W. Reed Chisholm II and Veronica W. Chisholm P'13, P'17
  296. Satya M. Chittidi and Veera P. Chittidi P'17
  297. Frank W. Chlastawa and Judith Chlastawa P'20
  298. Michael J. Chow and Pearl D. Chua-Eoan P'17
  299. Anthony Christofi Jr. and Cheryl L. Christofi P'20
  300. J. Michael Chu '80 and Elizabeth Kalperis Chu '80, P'12
  301. Kenneth Chua and Rebecca Lee P'18
  302. Grant T. Chyz and Laurie L. Chyz P'14
  303. Richard S. Ciummei and Janet M. Ciummei P'12
  304. Andrew E. Clark and Elaine Metlin P'20
  305. Charles R. Clark '72 and Deborah Benson Clark '72, P'03, P'06
  306. Daniel B. Clark and Deborah Clark P'12
  307. John C. Clark and Elizabeth B. Clark P'20
  308. Newton A. Clark Jr. '65 and Patricia Lord Clark '67, P'95
  309. Taylor F. Clark and Marilyn R. Clark P'13, P'19
  310. Todd D. Clark and Karen H. Clark P'20
  311. Calvin L. Clarke and Rose-Marie Curtin-Clarke P'19
  312. Gerald Clarke and Rosemarie Clarke P'91
  313. Andrew R. Clarkson Sr. and Colleen B. Clarkson P'18
  314. Diane MacGillivray Clay '68 and Joel Packer P'93
  315. Ronald Clayton '53 and Dorothy Pierce Morris '52, P'79, P'81
  316. Donald J. Cleary and Ellen B. Cleary P'03
  317. John V. Cleary III '80 and Sheila P. Cleary P'12, P'18
  318. Robert E. Cleaves IV and Jane E. Batzell P'16
  319. Ben T. Clements and Cindy F. Cuba Clements P'18
  320. Larry J. Clements and Jill R. Clements P'04
  321. Jeffrey S. Clermont P'20
  322. Leonard G. Clough '40 and Betty Keirstead P'67
  323. Rene L. Cloutier and Claire H. Cloutier P'04
  324. Warren M. Clunie and Jane E. Clunie P'17
  325. Thornton S. Cody Jr. '71 and Ruth F. Cody P'04
  326. William P. Coghlan and Edythe G. Rogers P'02
  327. Arnold Cohen and Marilyn J. LeGendre P'04
  328. Lawrence B. Cohen and Barbara Cohen P'98
  329. Lisa M. Cohen and Gary M. Stapleton P'18
  330. Kevin Coker P'19
  331. George W. Cole and Patricia S. Cole P'07
  332. Michael D. Collester and Lynn S. Collester P'19
  333. Jennifer B. Collet P'11, P'13
  334. John J. Collins and Judith G. Collins P'14
  335. Michael G. Collins and Mary C. Collins P'19
  336. Pablo Collins and Paula J. Collins P'11
  337. Timothy F. Collins III and Mary S. Collins P'92, P'01
  338. George F. Colony and Ann B. Colony P'12, P'17
  339. Timothy H. Commers and Kelli B. Commers P'20
  340. Carol Y. Conard P'14
  341. Kevin W. Concannon and M. Eileen Concannon P'92
  342. Stephen C. Concannon '92 and Laura Concannon P'21
  343. Michael A. Concordia and Elizabeth B. Concordia P'18
  344. Richard H. Condon '56 and Colleen R. Condon P'85
  345. Andrew M. Connolly and Julie A. Connolly P'17
  346. Arthur G. Connolly III and Kathleen B. Connolly P'18
  347. Sean C. Connor and Anne W. Connor P'08
  348. Jill Considine P'07
  349. Pamela Walch Constantine '77 and David B. Constantine P'08
  350. Charles W. Cook and Diane S. Cook P'88
  351. David J. Cooney and Megan G. Cooney P'20
  352. Jeanmarie Hester Cooper '85 and Colin H. Cooper P'19
  353. Shane E. Coppola and Michelle S. Coppola P'17
  354. Charles P. Corcoran and Elizabeth W. Corcoran P'12
  355. Matt Corley and Linda Helper-Corley P'19
  356. Bruce H. Corliss and Teresa L. Corliss P'05
  357. Armand Cosquer and Dolores O. Cosquer P'97
  358. Joyce Stinson Cote '61 and Gayland F. Cote P'89
  359. David C. Cottingham and Rebecca J. Cottingham P'18
  360. Albert J. Cotugno and Debra S. Levine P'09
  361. Carl E. Cowan '61 and Mary Morton Cowan '61, P'91
  362. Geoffrey R. Cox and Heather J. Cox P'00
  363. Andrew T. Coyne and Mary E. Coyne P'19
  364. Paul P. Cragnoline and Linda B. Cragnoline P'10
  365. Robert E. Cramer '79 and Molly R. Cramer P'13, P'14
  366. Darrell W. Crate '89 and Amy Crate P'21
  367. Conor J. Creedon and Anne Creedon P'15
  368. Elizabeth Buker Creighton '63 and Richard W. Creighton P'87
  369. Robert Crim and Cheryl J. Crim P'19
  370. Paul M. Crimmins and Idele L. Crimmins P'19
  371. Mervell Cronin and Anne B. Cronin P'87
  372. Timothy A. Cronin and Maura E. Heffernan P'18
  373. William J. Cronon LD'13, P'13
  374. James A. Crossin III and Stephanie L. Paine Crossin P'20
  375. Maria Ferraro Crotty '80 and Thomas L. Crotty P'11, P'13
  376. Gary L. Crow-Willard and Dorothy C. Crow-Willard P'10
  377. Jacqueline L. Crowley P'19
  378. William F. Crowley '85 and Elizabeth B. Crowley P'20
  379. Lee J. Cuba and Patricia M. Ewick P'16
  380. David B. Cubeta and Barbara K. Cubeta P'12
  381. Samuel M. Cuddeback III and Meg K. Storey P'15
  382. Marrianne J. Culbertson P'89
  383. Charles R. Cullen P'13
  384. Dennis F. Cullen and Roberta M. Cullen P'98
  385. Paul T. Culton and Janet Marilyn A. Culton P'84
  386. James B. Cuno and Sarah Stewart P'03
  387. Richard E. Curran Jr. and Margaret C. Curran P'11, P'13
  388. James L. Currie Jr. and Amy D. Currie P'19
  389. Linda Martin Currie '69 and Allan D. Currie P'03
  390. Michael R. Currie P'06
  391. Todd F. Currie and Elisa V. Currie P'19
  392. Patrick M. Curry '85 and Christine F. Curry P'14
  393. Peter M. Curry and Mary G. Curry P'85
  394. Paul D. Curtis and Celia M. Curtis P'18
  395. John T. Curtiss '63 and Sue Jones Curtiss '63, P'94
  396. Wojciech W. Cwik and Iwona Cwik P'20
  397. Thomas P. D'Arcy '83 and Joan K. DiGiovanni-D'Arcy P'18
  398. James L. Dahlberg and Deirdre E. Donahue P'18
  399. Paul B. Daigle and Daniela Brod P'20
  400. Luke F. Daley '83 and Alice Lueders Daley '83, P'13
  401. Stephen J. Daley and Lois F. Daley P'19
  402. Paul F. Dalrymple and Penny P. Dalrymple P'00
  403. Gretchen Hess Daly '68 and John Daly P'94
  404. Peter J. Daly and Maureen K. Daly P'18
  405. Richard J. Daly and Priscilla J. Daly P'95, P'05
  406. Aristotle J. Damianos and Francine P. Damianos P'19
  407. Dorothy Parry Damon '52 and Harry C. Damon P'83
  408. Edward N. Damon and Claudia C. Damon P'01
  409. Peter R. Danahy and Pamela C. Danahy P'00
  410. Douglas M. Daniell '80 and Susan M. Daniell P'21
  411. Sarah H. Daniels '77 and Mark G. Kruger P'14
  412. Andrea Fasciano Dardis '89 and Christopher S. Dardis P'20
  413. Joyce Dewey Darling '64 and Alan R. Darling
  414. Peter C. Daus-Haberle and Regina M. Daus-Haberle P'17
  415. Gerald M. Davis '59 and Sandra V. Davis P'88, P'92
  416. Mark R. Davis and Mary Sue Kranstover P'18
  417. Thomas B. Day '62 and Linda Eichhorn Day '64, P'88, P'93
  418. Mark L. De Bruyn and Marianne F. De Bruyn P'18
  419. Ross I. Deacon '59 and Pauline M. Guenette P'89
  420. Susan T. Deakins P'19
  421. Edward I. Decter and Cheryl N. Doherty P'20
  422. Robert A. Dee and Maryann Y. Dee P'19
  423. Deborah A. DeFelice and Mary F. Notaris P'17
  424. Jack DeGange Jr. '59 and Jane Lysaght DeGange '59, P'88, P'91
  425. Christopher E. Delpeche and Helene E. Delpeche P'17
  426. Dennis P. Demers and Mychele Demers P'18
  427. Paul J. Demmitt and Joyce M. Demmitt P'09
  428. Dana K. DeNault and Constance H. DeNault P'85
  429. Peter A. DeNoia and Maura S. DeNoia P'18
  430. Steven DePaul and Elisabeth R. Rendeiro P'17
  431. Mark G. Depew and Brenda K. Depew P'12, P'14, P'16, P'18
  432. Phillip F. DeSantis and Patricia A. DeSantis P'20
  433. Claude Desjardins and Jane C. Desjardins P'88
  434. Brett W. Detels and Blakeslee H. Detels P'20
  435. Santo A. Dettore Jr. P'12
  436. Brian M. Dewdney and Cynthia E. Howe P'11, P'19
  437. James H. DeWitt and Lynne G. DeWitt P'13
  438. Robert P. Deysher and Anne M. Deysher P'00, P'02
  439. Scott L. Diamond and Jessica S. Diamond P'19
  440. Bert T. Dice-Goldberg P'11
  441. Robert L. Dick and Susan B. Dick P'18
  442. Julio J. DiGiando '70, P'04
  443. William R. Dill '51, HC'87, LL.D.'87 and Jean McLeod Dill '51, P'77
  444. William P. Dillon '58 and Cynthia P. Dillon P'86
  445. William R. Dilts and Cynthia L. Dilts P'12
  446. George T. Dilworth and Sarah H. Clark P'10
  447. Richard G. Dimock and Patricia L. Dimock P'00
  448. John Dina and Lois M. Stanley P'17
  449. Robert E. Dinucci and Gretchen P. Dinucci P'17
  450. Raffaele P. DiPillo and Deborah M. DiPillo P'20
  451. Leonard A. DiPinto Jr. and Kathleen T. DiPinto P'20
  452. Christopher Dirstine and Maribeth Horan P'16
  453. Gerard V. DiRuggiero and Patricia H. DiRuggiero P'18
  454. Eric S. Dobbin and Laura M. Dobbin P'16, P'18
  455. Steven T. Dobieski '87 and Susan Carrier Dobieski '87, P'17
  456. Kendall D. Doble III '79 and Elizabeth Mankey Doble '79, P'09
  457. Edward M. Doherty and Lauren B. Doherty P'07
  458. Paul B. Dohn and Heather D. Boek P'20
  459. William K. Dole and Vivian P. Dole P'17
  460. David T. Donahue and Kathleen Donahue P'99
  461. Jason P. Donahue and Jennifer L. Chace P'18
  462. Katherine M. Donahue P'14
  463. Nancy B. Donaldson P'15
  464. David A. Donohue and Pamela Donohue P'93
  465. William H. Doonan and Julie P. Johnson P'16
  466. Kenneth K. Doroski and Dawn A. Fastiggi P'10
  467. Terrance P. Dougherty and Lydia A. Dougherty P'09
  468. Frederick A. Douglas '52 and Marlene Ulmer Douglas '53, P'78
  469. John E. Douglas and Katherine C. Douglas P'19
  470. Erocia L. Dowdy P'09, P'18
  471. Edward M. Dowey and Joanna P. Dowey P'13, P'15
  472. Stephen J. Dowling and Catherine C. Dowling P'05
  473. John F. Downey III and Susan E. Downey P'17
  474. Frederick W. Downing '40, P'65, P'68
  475. Andrew P. Doyle '86 and Julie Gleason Doyle '86, P'12, P'14, P'17
  476. Michael I. Doyle and Terrill A. Rupp P'18
  477. Robert J. Doyle and Tara M. Doyle P'17
  478. William J. Doyle and Nancy W. Doyle P'20
  479. Glenn Drake and Denise Drake P'19
  480. James W. Drummond and Jean S. Drummond P'95
  481. Robert W. Drury and Jane G. Drury P'96
  482. Bruce Ducker and Jaren J. Ducker P'91
  483. Michael C. Dulchin and Katherine T. Schulten P'19
  484. Elizabeth Dunham P'20
  485. Hugh A. Dunlap Jr. and Mary V. Dunlap P'94
  486. Robert V. Dunn '56 and Catherine Dunn P'86
  487. Timothy P. Dunn and Patricia C. Dunn P'12
  488. John L. DuPre and Colleen L. DuPre P'08
  489. Heraclio Duran and Petra Duran P'14
  490. James C. Durand and Cheryl L. Durand P'19
  491. Timothy J. Durkin and Mary E. Durkin P'11, P'12, P'15
  492. William G. Duserick III and Barbara Duserick P'18
  493. Thomas G. Dy and Lynda S. Dy P'18
  494. Genevieve Wallace Earle '48, P'77
  495. Lisa B. Eberhart P'12, P'15
  496. Brian A. Edney and Beryl N. Edney P'94
  497. Diana Blomquist Edwards '62 and David B. Edwards P'91
  498. Gary N. Edwards and Jeanne J. Edwards P'98
  499. Bronwen Edwards-Denney and Albert Caliendo P'20
  500. John W. Egan and Michelle G. Bosse P'18
  501. Evelyn C. Ehrenfried P'89
  502. Randall S. Eisenberg and Pamela M. Eisenberg P'20
  503. Richard G. Elfman and Bonnie M. Elfman P'20
  504. Dean Ellerton '85 and Holly Harwood Ellerton '85, P'15
  505. Frederick P. Elliott and Elizabeth K. Elliott P'08
  506. Henry C. Ellis '70 and Judith S. Ellis P'93
  507. Lee P. Emerson and Robin L. Martin-Emerson P'12
  508. Karen Baumer Emmi '79 and Marc A. Emmi P'10
  509. Drew R. Engles and Laura L. Engles P'20
  510. William H. Enos and Margaret S. Enos P'07
  511. Bruce A. Epstein and Rebecca W. Epstein P'13
  512. Mark D. Epstein and Annette L. Rickolt P'20
  513. Andrea G. Erard P'20
  514. James R. Erwin II and Eileen R. Erwin P'18
  515. Thomas J. Esposito and Margaret M. Esposito P'19
  516. Joleen A. Estabrook P'05
  517. Gary Eustache P'20
  518. Kenneth L. Evans '73 and Deborah A. Evans P'10
  519. Richard L. Evans '62 and Catherine B. Evans P'00
  520. Jeremiah M. Evarts and Kara C. Evarts P'20
  521. William W. Evenson and Sandra Lynn J. Evenson P'88
  522. Mary Foster Everett '59, P'87
  523. William D. Ewing Jr. and Cheryl E. Ewing P'18
  524. Elizabeth Kinney Faella '51 and Antonio W. Faella P'74
  525. Randall J. Fagundo P'20
  526. Stephen V. Falcone and Priscilla B. Falcone P'15
  527. Eric N. Fancy and MaryAnn Bergeron P'12
  528. Michael E. Farhm '89 and Julie Englund Farhm '91, P'20
  529. John W. Farr IV '63 and Elvis Brown O. Farr P'91
  530. Michael P. Farrell and Eleanor C. Farrell P'20
  531. Christopher J. Fasciano '87 and Rebecca Stevens Fasciano '88, P'18, P'20
  532. Sara Ault Fasciano '62, P'87, P'89, P'91, GP'18, GP'20
  533. Douglas T. Faurer P'10
  534. John F. Faust and Catherine Faust P'19
  535. John W. Fay P'17
  536. Jeffrey T. Fayerman '73, P'02
  537. D. G. Felch and Karen L. Felch P'05
  538. Rod E. Feldman and Sharon P. Feldman P'17, P'19
  539. John K. Felix and Heddi V. Siebel P'11
  540. Athanasios Felonis and Sarah A. Robinson P'17
  541. Martin D. Ferenczi and Elizabeth H. Ferenczi P'11
  542. Richard T. Ferguson-Hull and Heather C. Ferguson-Hull P'17
  543. Robert D. Ferrari and Patricia Eileen T. Ferrari P'98
  544. Nancy Ingersoll Fiddler '78 and Claude S. Fiddler P'17
  545. Fannie H. Fiddmont P'91
  546. Robert E. Fierman and Barbara L. Fierman P'99, P'02
  547. Joseph S. Figueiredo and Linda N. Stewart P'15
  548. Carleton K. Finch '45, P'70
  549. James L. Fine '65 and Marcia Lee R. Fine P'93, P'97
  550. Christian W. Finley and Lana B. Finley P'20
  551. Timothy J. Finn '82 and Patricia Chandler Finn '83, P'09
  552. Richard S. Fischer and Jane B. Fischer P'91
  553. Christian C. Fisher '82 and Michele McKeown Fisher '83, P'14
  554. Loren L. Fisher and Elinor L. Fisher P'06, P'09
  555. Robert L. Fisher and Barbara J. Kourajian P'14
  556. Westby G. Fisher and Diane G. Fisher P'17
  557. Frederic P. Fitts and Susan B. Sluyter P'20
  558. Kevin G. Fitzgerald and Elizabeth A. Fitzgerald P'20
  559. Robert E. Fitzgerald and Sharyn L. Fitzgerald P'12
  560. Larry Fitzpatrick and Cathy Fitzpatrick P'05
  561. Joseph C. Flaherty Jr. and Eva M. Flaherty P'17
  562. Laurie Gamble Flanagan '76 and Mark D. Flanagan P'20
  563. Cristol Schwarz Fleming '56 and Jonathan W. Fleming P'83
  564. Carlo M. Florentino and Margaret B. Caldwell P'18
  565. Roger L. Flynn and Tonya S. Flynn P'15
  566. George P. Fogg III and Jane T. Fogg P'85
  567. Frederick R. Folz Sr. and Catherine B. Folz P'18
  568. Gail B. Fons '83, P'15
  569. John Forbes and Elizabeth Forbes P'06
  570. Joseph A. Forcillo and Catherine K. Forcillo P'18
  571. Daniel F. Ford and Renee D. Ford P'20
  572. Judith A. Ford P'17
  573. Stephen C. Ford and Patricia Pahucki P'08
  574. James H. Fordyce P'19
  575. Doni L. Fordyce-Urfirer and Michael Urfirer P'19
  576. Gary P. Forester and Lynne A. Forester P'07, P'12
  577. Brian R. Foster and Amy L. Foster P'18
  578. John A. Foster and Cheryl J. Bunker P'18
  579. Fred K. Foulkes and Graceann G. Foulkes P'17
  580. Randy J. Fournier and Juliana J. Fournier P'18
  581. Brendan M. Fox Jr. and Ellen R. Fox P'17
  582. Christian F. Fox '81 and Julie Macdonald Fox '81, P'11
  583. Dennis Fox and Jeanette Fox P'19
  584. William J. Frake IV and Robin J. Frake P'19
  585. Claude P. Franco and Valerie A. Franco P'17
  586. Christopher J. Franks '84 and Amy Materson Franks '84, P'18
  587. Jay J. Franks '55 and Nancy A. Franks P'84, P'96, GP'18
  588. William J. Frazier P'93
  589. Brian G. Frederick and Barbara B. Frederick P'19
  590. Eric S. Freedland and Susan E. Freedland P'15, P'18
  591. John D. Freedman P'18
  592. Scott M. Freedman and Linda S. Freedman P'15
  593. Scott D. Freeman '85 and Kristine Falvey Freeman '86, P'16, P'18, P'21
  594. Roberts W. French and Jennifer French P'85, P'86
  595. Alan Freyd and Linda Freyd P'19
  596. Arthur J. Friedman and Deborah L. Friedman P'19
  597. Lawrence B. Friedman and Michele L. Hertz P'11
  598. Robert I. Friedman and Charlotte G. Friedman P'09, P'13
  599. Stuart I. Friedman and Gail L. Friedman P'02
  600. Thomas A. Friend Jr. and Barbara E. Friend P'20
  601. Jack A. Frost and Brenda L. Frost P'20
  602. Peter M. Fry and Gretchen M. Hummon P'19
  603. Victor M. Frye and Gretchen L. Zekiel P'16
  604. Colin M. Fuller '69 and Robin K. Fuller P'00, P'18
  605. James E. Fuller and Juliette D. Fuller P'20
  606. Stephen M. Fuller '82 and Deborah Loux Fuller '82, P'13
  607. Susan Stucke Funk '78 and James B. Funk III P'07, P'11
  608. Frederic R. Furuya and Ellen M. Furuya P'17
  609. Daniel S. Fusco and Rosalie M. Fusco P'15, P'19
  610. Nancy W. Gaden and Lisa A. Jacobs P'19
  611. Barbara Galloupe Gagnon '50, P'88, GP'14
  612. Thomas Gaillard and Margaret Gaillard P'19
  613. Arthur G. Gaines Jr. and Jennifer S. Gaines P'03
  614. Terri L. Gaines P'16
  615. Sarah R. Galpern P'86
  616. Virginia Hastings Gamble '50, P'76, GP'20
  617. En-Hao Gao and Li-Ping Zhang P'17
  618. Jon C. Garcia and Julie A. Garcia P'20
  619. Carlos R. Garcia-Bou and Catherine Garcia-Bou P'13, P'20
  620. Bertrand Garcia-Moreno and Amanda P. Malcolm P'20
  621. Alexander Gardner and Linda S. Gardner P'20
  622. John T. Garone and Mary D. Garone P'17
  623. Scott D. Garson and Ann M. Garson P'17
  624. Stephen Garvin '61 and Jane Mildred F. Garvin P'89
  625. Joseph M. Gattuso and Maria Gattuso P'13
  626. Constance Limmer Gawarkiewicz '81 and Glen G. Gawarkiewicz P'13
  627. Mallory T. Gazecki P'16
  628. Lawrence A. Geller and Gillian H. Geller P'09
  629. Hubert J. Gellert and Janet B. Gellert P'87, P'92, GP'20
  630. Mary Lever Genetti '44, P'75, P'78
  631. Carmen L. Gentile and Beth-Ann F. Gentile P'93
  632. John P. Gerry and Laura H. Schoenbaum P'20
  633. Katherine L. Giasson P'09
  634. Walter K. Giles and Laura M. Giles P'18
  635. John D. Gillespie '80 and Andrea V. Borden P'13, P'18
  636. Stephen W. Gillett and Nina C. Crocker P'19
  637. Daniel R. Gilmore and Debra R. Gilmore P'17
  638. Brian M. Gingras and Nancy A. Gingras P'13
  639. William D. Ginn '47, P'82
  640. Anthony Giordano and Susanna N. Giordano P'19
  641. Robert E. Glasgow and Tiffany S. Glasgow P'19, P'21
  642. Marc G. Glass '88 and Wendy G. Glass P'20
  643. Jan Face Glassman '71 and Alan S. Glassman P'00
  644. Joshua Glenn and Susan Roe P'20
  645. Barry Glickman and Lori Glickman P'19
  646. Andrew H. Glover and Lucie V. Glover P'20
  647. Kenneth Gobbo and Linda S. Drake Gobbo P'13
  648. Stephen F. Godomsky and Carole M. Godomsky P'91, P'95
  649. Michael E. Goen and Bettie Jean Goen P'00
  650. Laurens W. Goff P'91
  651. Roland N. Goff and Jennifer C. Boal P'18
  652. Charles Goldberg P'13, P'16
  653. David C. Goldberg and Robin E. Silverman P'12
  654. David S. Goldberg and Janet H. Goldberg P'19, P'21
  655. John Goldberg and Julia Faber P'18
  656. Dennis J. Golden and Jennifer M. Golden P'20
  657. Robert B. Golden P'19
  658. Bruce H. Goldfarb and Ellen M. McCabe P'20
  659. Marc J. Goldfarb and Holiday L. Goldfarb P'14
  660. Joel Goldin and Ellen R. Goldin P'95
  661. Robert Goldin and Karen Goldin P'12
  662. Richard M. Goldman '76 and Linda S. Hermans '76, P'16
  663. Philip W. Goldsmith and Carol Goldsmith P'87
  664. James A. Goldstein and Nancy L. Goldstein P'09, P'11
  665. Neal M. Gomberg and Andrea L. Smith P'11
  666. Gregory M. Gomez and Kimberley A. Spencer P'19
  667. Maria L. Gonzalez P'18
  668. Ricardo L. Gonzalez III and Ana Gonzalez P'20
  669. Susan Otto Goodell '88 and Jeffrey P. Goodell P'19
  670. Robert M. Goodman and Diane C. Goodman P'15
  671. Zerline Goodman P'20
  672. Christopher J. Gorayeb '80 and Joan J. Gorayeb P'20
  673. David A. Gordon and Erica Horwitz P'10
  674. Marilyn E. Gorman P'87
  675. Raymond M. Gosselin and Elizabeth M. Gosselin P'20
  676. Dr. Jourdan R. Gottlieb P'17
  677. Alan W. Gourley and Sarah Brown P'10
  678. Joseph Gracia Jr. and Beverly G. Gracia P'01, P'04
  679. David S. Graham '60, P'89
  680. Mark S. Graham P'13
  681. Steven R. Grandgeorge and Julie L. Grandgeorge P'12
  682. Mercedes G. Grandin P'03
  683. Charles L. Granquist and Maria F. Granquist P'00, P'07
  684. Warren C. Graumann and Rollanda G. Graumann P'89, P'92
  685. David A. Graves P'17
  686. Mary Lewis Graves '55, HC'52, P'89
  687. Thomas J. Gravina and Nancy B. Gravina P'17
  688. Welles A. Gray III and Cameron S. Blake P'18
  689. Alan M. Green '75 and Linda Akoury Green '78, P'11, P'14
  690. Paul A. Greenberg and Alison D. Greenberg P'12
  691. Robert Greenberg '54 and Patricia Tobey Greenberg '57, P'80
  692. Georganne Greene and Andrea C. Kandel P'18
  693. Leslie M. Greene P'12
  694. Robert A. Greene Jr. '51 and Ellen E. Greene P'88
  695. John M. Greenhalgh and Kathleen C. Greenhalgh P'20
  696. Elizbeth P. Griffin P'15
  697. Paul C. Griffin and Elizabeth T. Griffin P'09
  698. Edgar L. Griffith and Diane P. Griffith P'92
  699. Thomas Griffith and Marion R. Griffith P'01
  700. Andrew Grigorenko and Mary Grigorenko P'10
  701. Paul A. Grillo '77 and Mary H. Grillo P'14
  702. Bruce F. Grindal and Linette A. Grindal P'06
  703. Abderraouf Grissa and Karen D. Slattery P'08
  704. James B. Grossman and Joy D. Grossman P'15
  705. Richard A. Grover and Terri M. Grover P'10
  706. Charles M. Guilford and Susan S. Guilford P'10
  707. Alicia Tierney Guinee '80 and Lawrence M. Guinee P'15, P'19
  708. Gary C. Guinta and Francesca D. Guinta P'13
  709. Richard L. Gulino and Rebecca Gulino P'20
  710. John W. Gulliver and Jean K. Gulliver P'10
  711. Hans T. Gundersen '88 and Lisa M. Mainella P'20
  712. Marybeth Gunsior P'19
  713. Michael J. Gutch and Anne P. Gutch P'19
  714. Elwin A. Guthrie Jr. '59 and Eileen McGowan Guthrie '59, P'81
  715. Frank T. Gutmann P'91
  716. Richard S. Gwydir and Jodi S. Gwydir P'20
  717. Sheldon R. Haber and Patricia P. Haber P'18
  718. William L. Hadden III and Sarah Hadden P'19
  719. Philip M. Hahn and Judith R. Hahn P'97
  720. Barbara Wright Hale P'07
  721. Judson D. Hale Jr. '82 and Cynthia S. Hale P'14
  722. Barbara Abbott Hall '41, P'73 (d)
  723. Dwight A. Hall and Carla Natalucci-Hall P'20
  724. Richard L. Hall HC'41, P'73
  725. T. J. Hallan Jr. and Dorothea J. Hallan P'04
  726. Thomas C. Halliday III '54 and Brenda L. Halliday P'84
  727. Mark J. Halloran and Mary F. Halloran P'08
  728. Angus B. Hallowell and Christiane B. Hallowell P'20
  729. C. Donald Hamilton '54, P'86 and Ginnie LaFauci Toner '53, P'83, P'86
  730. David D. Hamilton and Pamela L. Hamilton P'06
  731. Edward J. Hamilton and Maja Smith P'20
  732. George W. Hamilton '51 and Marcia Penniman Hamilton '50, P'76, GP'07
  733. Stephen A. Hammer and Virginia W. Knox P'19
  734. Oswyn K. Hammond '50, P'74, P'80, P'82, P'88
  735. Dirk M. Hampson and Charlotte C. Hampson P'15, P'18
  736. William B. Hancock and Winifred A. Davies-Hancock P'10
  737. Richard L. Hanley '71 and Elizabeth M. Hanley P'93
  738. Michael F. Hanlon and Maria L. Hanlon P'14
  739. Paul W. Hanneman and Audrey N. Hanneman P'19
  740. Edward C. Hansen and Geraldine S. Grant-Hansen P'92
  741. Peter Hardison and Kathy A. Hardison P'13
  742. Samuel G. Hardy III '81 and Margaret Downey Hardy '80, P'08
  743. Robert T. Hargraves and Deanna F. Hargraves P'20
  744. C. H. Harker Jr. and Jane C. Harker P'19
  745. Bernhard Harling and Christiane Fischer P'17
  746. Cynthia E. Harlow '70, P'08
  747. Wayne J. Harran and Janet F. Harran P'13
  748. John W. Harrer P'16
  749. Burton M. Harris '59 and Shirley D. Harris P'89, GP'16, GP'20
  750. Jonathan M. Harris and Lowry E. Hemphill P'11
  751. Karen A. Harris '74 and Robert L. Gips P'07
  752. Seth Harris and Julie S. Harris P'05
  753. Daniel W. Harrison and Lisa P. Harrison P'17
  754. Caldwell Harrop and Susan E. Spock P'12
  755. Sheryl McGowan Harrow '75 and Edwin E. Harrow P'06
  756. Sara Hart P'18
  757. Ann M. Hartman P'15, P'20
  758. James J. Hartnett IV and Anne M. Hartnett P'18, P'20
  759. James E. Hartrich '75 and Barbara L. Hartrich P'09
  760. Deborah A. Hartshorn P'19
  761. Dwight W. Harvie '54 and Naoko Harvie P'83, P'00
  762. Brent D. Harwood '81 and Sally R. Harwood P'10, P'14, P'20
  763. Elizabeth Dyer Haskell '49, P'73
  764. Elizabeth Hastings '78 and Michael J. Orlando P'17
  765. Jeffrey P. Hastings and Kathryn E. Hastings P'11, P'19
  766. Andrea J. Hatch P'87
  767. Carol Hauk P'02
  768. Nancy B. Hauschild P'07
  769. Eric R. Havian and Jean A. Jarvis P'19
  770. Thomas D. Hayden '66 and Patricia A. Mahon P'04, P'07
  771. Virginia Day Hayden '42, P'66, GP'04, GP'07 (d)
  772. Ara Hayrapetyan and Marina Sargsyan P'19
  773. Dennis P. Hays and Eileen T. Hays P'90
  774. Michael D. Hays and Ann K. Matthews P'17
  775. John G. Hazard and Jan Hazard P'00
  776. Bennet L. Heart and Anne M. Leiby P'18
  777. Robert G. Hedlund III P'17
  778. Robert E. Hefferman '55 and Marlene Haskell Hefferman '55, P'80
  779. Timothy E. Heffernan and Judith M. Heffernan P'18
  780. John J. Hefti and Anne C. Regenstein P'19
  781. W. Jeffrey Helm '76 and Cynthia M. Helm P'12
  782. Timothy R. Helms and Kathryn E. Helms P'20
  783. Karl E. Hemberger and Dorothy S. Wang P'09
  784. Seth M. Hemming and Dorothy M. Hemming P'15
  785. Mark R. Hempton and Lorie A. Dunne P'11
  786. Richard L. Henneman and Janet L. Fath P'16
  787. Edwin H. Henrie and Leslie H. Wilcott-Henrie P'13, P'15
  788. Nathaniel Henshaw and Michelle Henshaw P'18
  789. Joseph E. Herbst P'16
  790. John F. Herlihy Jr. and Sarah A. Herlihy P'19
  791. Leonardo R. Hernandez and Leyla T. Hernandez P'20
  792. Rene Hernandez and Marisela Checker P'19
  793. Barry P. Hertz and Mary Ann E. Hertz P'09
  794. David H. Hild and Alyce F. Hild P'84, P'95, GP'15
  795. David N. Hild '84 and Susan Miller Hild '84, P'15
  796. Matthew B. Hill and Christine A. Cuthbertson P'15
  797. William Hillenbrand and Jane Hillenbrand P'17
  798. Jeffrey A. Hillier '64 and Linda Pike Hillier '65, P'90
  799. Willard A. Hills '55 and Lillian M. Hills P'83
  800. Winston E. Himsworth and Anita T. Himsworth P'03
  801. William C. Hine II and Cathy A. Hazelton P'08
  802. Lawrence E. Hinkle and Margaret Hinkle P'09, P'14
  803. Patrick J. Hinton and Kate H. Hinton P'20
  804. Peter K. Hirsch and Roberta Z. Hirsch P'20
  805. Karen Hirshan P'19
  806. James Hirshberg and Diane Hirshberg P'04
  807. William C. Hiss '66 and Colleen J. Quint '85, P'16
  808. Michael G. Hluchyj and Theresa M. Hluchyj P'06
  809. Frederick B. Hnat and Jody Irwin P'20
  810. James G. Ho and Berit Kerner P'20
  811. Joseph M. Hochadel P'05
  812. Raymond W. Hodell and Beth L. Norman P'18
  813. Alan G. Hoden and Nancy A. Ameen P'18
  814. Frederic S. Hoffer III and Katherine W. Hoffer P'06, P'08
  815. Nancy J. Hohmann '68 and David Dexter P'97
  816. John H. Holliman and Brenda L. Holliman P'17
  817. Richard F. Holm and Celia R. Holm P'97
  818. Christopher K. Holmes '80 and Dilia L. Holmes P'13
  819. Lewis Holmes Jr. and Breena Holmes P'19, P'20
  820. John R. Holt '64 and Nancy B. Gable P'93, P'04, P'08
  821. William S. Holt '63 and Mary Jean Cushman Holt '62, P'89, P'92, P'95
  822. Paul J. Hoopes and Vicki J. Scheidt P'18
  823. David P. Hopkins and Andrea M. Hopkins P'18
  824. Nelson O. Horne '49 and Ruth Horne P'76, P'80, P'83
  825. Peter B. Horowicz and Dianne D. Horowicz P'17
  826. Anne R. Hotchkiss P'05 (d)
  827. David L. Hotchkiss P'05
  828. John P. Houde '84 and Jennifer Rybeck Houde '86, P'18
  829. Charles F. Hough and Carolyn A. Hough P'16
  830. John C. Houtsma P'20
  831. Stephen K. Hoverman and Nancy B. Hoverman P'04
  832. Daggett H. Howard Jr. and Sara G. Howard P'10
  833. John P. Howard and Lisa M. Howard P'19
  834. Kevin J. Howard '84, P'17
  835. Rodrigo J. Howard P'19
  836. Roger A. Howard '48 and Beverly Young Howard '49, P'80
  837. Stephen T. Howard and Mary C. Howard P'09
  838. Steven J. Howard and Kathleen C. Howard P'19
  839. William H. Howard P'09
  840. Burton S. Howe '72 and Patricia Abell Howe '73, P'00
  841. Michael J. Hoye '87 and Mary Yost Hoye '87, P'15, P'17
  842. Ruihong Huang and Xiaoyue Chen P'17
  843. Richard N. Hubbell and Jennifer R. Hubbell P'06, P'09
  844. Jeffrey A. Huebschmann P'19
  845. Gregory P. Hughes and Nancy B. Hughes P'19
  846. Donald C. Hughlett and Helen L. Hughlett P'85
  847. James W. Huleatt '88 and Anne K. Millham '89, P'20
  848. Richard H. Huleatt and Susan H. Huleatt P'02, P'08
  849. John Humes P'16
  850. Matthew Hummel and Elizabeth Hummel P'19
  851. Peter W. Humphrey and Essie A. Humphrey P'02
  852. Charles D. Hunt and Carol Santangelo P'10
  853. Nancy J. Hunt P'03
  854. Louise Hurd P'17
  855. Daniel G. Hurley and Sharon L. Hurley P'01
  856. James A. Hurley '91 and Rachel L. Segall '91, P'20
  857. Miriam T. Hurvitt P'80
  858. Alan D. Husak and Glen G. Husak P'95
  859. Michael F. Hussey P'20
  860. Gerald F. Huston Jr. and Linda A. Huston P'01
  861. John C. Hutchins and Margaret N. Hutchins P'18, P'21
  862. Rebecca Hutto '75 and David M. Gottlieb P'10
  863. William D. Hutton and Lauren A. Hutton P'10
  864. Vladimir Y. Ignatov and Victoria A. Kantor P'20
  865. Patricia V. Imbimbo P'93
  866. John B. Imboden and Dolores M. Shoback P'07, P'11
  867. Steven Imrich and Cynthia W. Smith P'08
  868. Robert D. Infelise and Linda Infelise P'09
  869. Michael E. Inlow and Christine L. Haslam P'17
  870. James A. Ippolito and Jolan F. Ippolito P'96, P'01
  871. Margery Zimmerman Irvine '64 and William Irvine P'89, P'91, P'93, P'98
  872. David E. Irving and Donna Irving P'89, P'93
  873. David W. Iverson P'01
  874. Grant L. Jacks III and Margaret S. Jacks P'12
  875. Martha Collier Jackson '71, P'94
  876. Charles A. Jacobs P'07
  877. Connie S. Jacobs P'20
  878. John E. Jacobson and Gail M. Jacobson P'14
  879. Harold H. Jaeger and Nancy H. Jaeger P'13
  880. Leila D. Jahncke P'00
  881. Jay C. James and Elizabeth M. James P'18
  882. Nathaniel James and Donna Greenwood P'19
  883. Jonathan F. Jameson '88 and Katherine Hershey Jameson '88
  884. Neil D. Jamieson Jr. '82 and Heather L. Jamieson P'18, P'20
  885. Jeffrey M. Jarczyk and Stephanie Jarczyk P'17
  886. Erik O. Jarnryd '87 and Susanne Morrison Jarnryd '87, P'18, P'19
  887. Norman S. Jason '58, P'91
  888. Charles Jenkins and Anne M. Sibley P'20
  889. Theodore D. Jennings and Shirley Jennings P'79
  890. Eric R. Jensen and Pamela Jensen P'19
  891. Robert W. Jensen P'11
  892. Andrew T. Jessup and Heidi S. Powell P'16
  893. Marjorie Rodman Jobrack '49, P'81
  894. James P. Johns and Jean M. Johns P'13
  895. Bruce R. Johnson and Kathleen Johnson P'92
  896. Craig Johnson and Margaret Johnson P'16
  897. Keith R. Johnson II and Patricia O. Johnson P'20
  898. Kurt W. Johnson '94 and Stacia Oakes Johnson '91, P'21
  899. Douglas M. Johnston '79 and Linda M. Johnston P'11
  900. George R. Johnston and Mary J. O'Rourke P'04
  901. Andrew D. Johnstone and Andrea K. Johnstone P'19
  902. Charles E. Jones and Michelle A. Jones P'17
  903. Clarke Jones Sr. and Whitney Jones P'18
  904. Ian R. Jones and Lori C. Price-Jones P'12
  905. Jeffrey D. Jones and Judith C. Jones P'02, P'05
  906. Douglas M. Jordan and Janet A. Jordan P'19
  907. William A. Jordan and Mary E. Jordan P'14
  908. Daniel F. Jorgensen and Susan K. B. Jorgensen P'99
  909. David P. Jukins and Patricia J. Jukins P'05
  910. James M. Jurkovich and Stephanie A. Molliconi P'18
  911. Arthur W. Kaemmer and Martha H. Kaemmer P'92
  912. Andrew Kahn and Ana P. Kahn P'16
  913. Rashad R. Kaldany P'16
  914. Gregg Kampf and Kristine Kampf P'05
  915. Timothy W. Kane '82 and Beth V. George '85, P'14
  916. Alan I. Kaplan and Deborah K. Kaplan P'95
  917. David M. Kaplan and Nancy Kaplan P'85, GP'16
  918. David M. Kaplan Jr. '85 and Clare K. Kaplan P'16
  919. Gary B. Kaplan and Kimberly A. White P'15
  920. Joel R. Kaplan and Laura W. Kaplan P'09, P'12
  921. Steven M. Kaplan and Leslie C. Levin P'09
  922. Charles L. Kaplove and Judith D. Kaplove P'12
  923. James A. Karlson and Cherry C. Karlson P'13
  924. Geoffrey R. Kass and Terry R. Kass P'20
  925. Steven Katona and Susan Lerner P'02
  926. Cleo Padis Katsoris '74 and Constantine M. Katsoris P'99
  927. Elliot G. Katz and Lorraine Chiavetta P'17
  928. Evan J. Katzman and Lisa J. Katzman P'18
  929. Greg A. Kaufman and Dafna W. Kaufman P'17
  930. Steven J. Kaufman and Judith Ellen R. Kaufman P'01
  931. Taro J. Kawamura '86 and Nancy Ann Z. Kawamura P'15
  932. Robert Kazin and Susan M. Kazin P'04
  933. Michael G. Keady and Monica M. Keady P'18
  934. Alison A. Keating P'17
  935. James F. Keenan '61 and Sandra Keenan P'85
  936. Timothy M. Keifer and Vicky C. Keifer P'20
  937. Jack Keigwin '59 and Beverly F. Keigwin P'86, GP'16
  938. William P. Keister P'94
  939. Diane G. Keller P'90
  940. Jasmine Z. Keller P'93, P'96
  941. Santipong M. Keller and Lisa Keller P'18
  942. Mark Kelley and Sheila Kelley P'19
  943. Ann F. Kelly P'14
  944. Miguel E. Kelly and Ana E. Kelly P'15
  945. Augustin Kemfack and Line T. Kemfack P'19
  946. Michael A. Kemp and Dona M. Kemp P'98
  947. Paul H. Kennedy and Grace I. Kennedy P'20
  948. Jeffrey D. Kenney '80 and Joanna Papa Kenney '82, P'16
  949. John J. Kenny Jr. and Mary B. Hogan P'18
  950. Charles B. Kenyon '72 and Deborah K. Kenyon P'15
  951. Patrick J. Kerrigan and Mary E. Kerrigan P'20
  952. Elaine L. Kessler P'00
  953. Ibrahim Khan and Savitrie Khan P'11
  954. Gerald T. Kibe and Rebecca LaPlante P'11
  955. Courtney Cushing Kiernat '92 and Robert B. Kiernat P'21
  956. S. Richard Kilbourne '67 and Ellen Master Kilbourne '69, P'97, P'00
  957. Sonchu Kim P'18
  958. Charles H. King and Elizabeth B. King P'14
  959. Philip E. King '64 and Marjorie Lord King '63, P'88
  960. Sally Greenlaw Kinney '69, P'93
  961. Dennis G. Kinsella P'17
  962. Robert W. Kipper and Kristin K. Kipper P'16
  963. Michael W. Kirk and Jill A. Tuennerman P'14
  964. James H. Kirsch '58 and Betsey Gray Kirsch '58, P'82
  965. David P. Kirstein '70 and Linda Wheeler Kirstein '69, P'00
  966. Lina Kishta P'19
  967. Jean Labagh Kiskaddon '47, P'71, P'75
  968. William L. Kissick Jr. P'16, P'20
  969. Janice Kizirian P'19
  970. Herbert L. Klein and Antoinette E. Machiaverna P'14
  971. James W. Klein and Ann C. Shalleck P'10
  972. Michael B. Klein and Wendy J. Klein P'08
  973. Joan Kotronis Klemm '86 and Edward A. Klemm P'21
  974. Erika Hanloser Kliem '62, P'02
  975. Peter O. Kliem '60 and Ann W. Kliem P'02
  976. Julius W. Kling and Jane E. Kling P'83
  977. Thomas R. Klumpp and Maria G. Klumpp P'07
  978. David C. Knortz and Noreen T. Knortz P'09
  979. John B. Knox and Kathleen A. Knox P'16
  980. Colin R. Knudsen and Rita E. Knudsen P'16
  981. Christine M. Knutson and Edward Knutson P'20
  982. Shirley Koehler P'96
  983. Peggy J. Koenig P'17
  984. Thomas C. Kohler and Judith R. Kohler P'15
  985. Stephen M. Koller and Sharon N. Koller P'17
  986. Jon A. Kornacki and Cynara C. McPhail P'14, P'18
  987. Josh M. Kraft and Carolyn U. Kraft P'20
  988. Christopher J. Kramer '91 and Lori D. Pearson-Kramer P'20
  989. Terry D. Kramer and Suzan D. Kramer P'17
  990. Philip N. Kranz and Nancy W. Kranz P'97
  991. Eric M. Kraus and Marjory D. Fisher P'15
  992. Richard W. Krause '60 and Jan Krause P'99
  993. Peter Krauthamer and Tanya Chutkan P'19
  994. Jeffrey A. Kronemeyer and Elyn Kronemeyer P'14
  995. Craig Krull P'19
  996. Carl A. Kuehn and Wendy C. Gamble P'10
  997. Marjorie Joerger Kufel '52 and Joseph F. Kufel P'79
  998. Brian Kugel and Patricia Dahme P'04
  999. Patricia M. Kugeman HC'54, P'89
  1000. David R. Kurish and Denise M. Kurish P'06
  1001. Reena B. Kuyper P'20
  1002. James N. Kyne and Carolyn S. Sadler P'18
  1003. David W. LaBelle '89 and Nancy Smith LaBelle '89, P'21
  1004. Jean Stahlin Lacher '63 and Robert J. Lacher P'96
  1005. Linda Levis Ladd '82, P'14, P'17
  1006. Megan H. Ladd '82, P'14, P'17
  1007. Robert R. LaFortune '61 and Britta A. LaFortune P'94
  1008. R. H. Lake and Brenda B. Lake P'09
  1009. Clayton B. Lambert and Sharron A. Lambert P'19
  1010. David F. Lamere and Laura E. Lamere P'19
  1011. Christopher T. Lamie and Jennifer L. Lamie P'19
  1012. Sean M. Lammers and Cecilia Lammers P'19
  1013. Joseph E. Lampen and Paula M. Lampen P'12
  1014. Charles A. Lane and Catherine B. Lane P'96
  1015. Phoebe H. Lang and Sanjay J. Bagai P'20
  1016. Marvin R. Lange and Ellen Metzger P'10
  1017. Philip A. Langelier P'05
  1018. Robert H. Langer and Carmen J. Postler P'19
  1019. David L. Langston and Deborah R. Langston P'07
  1020. John D. Lanoue and Kathleen B. Lanoue P'99
  1021. John W. Lanza Sr. '67 and Diana Lanza P'91
  1022. Raymond B. Lanza-Weil '84 and Carmela B. Lanza-Weil P'06
  1023. Wayne LaRiviere '74 and Martha Larrabee LaRiviere '74, P'07
  1024. John W. Larned and Cynthia Riley Larned P'07, P'09
  1025. David B. LaRosa and Nancy E. LaRosa P'13
  1026. Owen W. Larrabee and Melissa A. Larrabee P'05
  1027. Raymond G. Larson P'01
  1028. Norman P. Lasca Jr. and Judith M. Lasca P'97
  1029. Henry C. Laughlin III and Linda C. Laughlin P'18
  1030. Paul F. Lavallee '68 and Michelle M. Lavallee P'03
  1031. William E. Laverty and Paula B. Laverty P'10
  1032. Michael A. Lavey P'88
  1033. Gerald A. Lawler Jr. '68 and Jill Howroyd Lawler '68, P'98, P'03
  1034. Joseph J. Lawton III and Mary Jane Kinney P'17
  1035. Debra L. Lazrove P'17
  1036. Wyland F. Leadbetter Jr. '67 and Barbara Hoadley Leadbetter '67, P'93
  1037. M. Cary Leahey and Patricia C. Mosser P'17
  1038. Ruth B. Leahey HC'52, P'86, P'88
  1039. Edward R. Leahy P'20
  1040. Craig S. Leasure and Beverly A. Leasure P'12
  1041. Robert Leaversuch and Gayle L. Leaversuch P'00
  1042. Arthur R. LeBlanc Jr. '54 and Angela Camille M. LeBlanc P'85
  1043. Thomas P. LeBosquet Jr. and Suellen E. LeBosquet P'97
  1044. Christopher F. Lee III and Cheryl C. Lee P'18
  1045. David S. Lee and Cathy A. Pohl P'13
  1046. Franklin P. Lee and Tomomi Lee P'19
  1047. Heyoung Lee P'18
  1048. John J. Lee and Pauline N. Lee P'17
  1049. Robert L. LeFeber and Sally C. LeFeber P'19
  1050. Richard Lehrer and Nancy Lehrer P'17
  1051. Eric W. Leichter and Diane L. Leichter P'08
  1052. Gordon E. Leighton and Gloria M. Leighton P'86
  1053. Frederick C. Leiner and Jill R. Leiner P'18
  1054. Michael Lenehan and Elizabeth B. Lenehan P'99
  1055. Eric M. Leonard and Sue E. Noll P'17
  1056. Thomas J. Leonard '78 and Martha McGann Leonard '78, P'10, P'15
  1057. Seaver W. Leslie and Anne C. Leslie P'15
  1058. Tony W. Leung and Josefa H. Leung P'13
  1059. Fred R. Levin and Caren C. Levin P'18
  1060. James L. Levin and Carole W. Levin P'09, P'16
  1061. Andrew H. Levine and Sara Slaff P'18
  1062. Brian Levine and Karen Levine P'20
  1063. Lee M. Levison and Barbara S. Levison P'18
  1064. Mary Levitz P'06
  1065. Robert A. Levy and Margaret R. Levy P'03
  1066. Thornton C. Lewis and Maureen M. Lewis P'03
  1067. Christopher M. Liebes and Maureen G. Liebes P'19
  1068. Brian Liistro and Barbara Liistro P'20
  1069. Herman S. Lilja '65 and Ann S. Lilja P'94, P'96, P'98
  1070. James T. Lilly Jr. and Tracy M. Lilly P'16
  1071. Doug C. Limbach and Sandra A. Limbach P'18
  1072. Russell G. Lindenfeldar and Maria F. Lindenfeldar P'20
  1073. Peter Lindenfelser and Coral Lindenfelser P'96
  1074. William G. Lindgren and Roxanne T. Lindgren P'20
  1075. John W. Lindquist and Cynthia J. Kendall P'19
  1076. Joseph L. Link and Janet S. Link P'19
  1077. Donald W. Linscott and Robin A. Linscott P'10
  1078. Elizabeth Litt P'02
  1079. Mary A. Livens P'93
  1080. Laurie A. Livingston P'17
  1081. John L. Lizars P'11
  1082. Joan T. Llorente P'78
  1083. Douglas J. Lober and Ann M. Bitetti P'15
  1084. Carolyn Russell Locke '71 and Gerard F. Locke P'04
  1085. William F. Locke '85, P'18
  1086. Robert M. Loeffler Jr. and Connie J. Sanders P'18
  1087. Alexander T. Logan and Cama J. Hagerthy P'18
  1088. Michael J. Lombardi and Kate S. Lombardi P'11
  1089. Susan Miller Long '68 and James A. Long P'97
  1090. Thomas E. Lopez '69 and Nancy H. Lopez P'04
  1091. William C. Loring Jr. and Mary C. Loring P'05
  1092. Richard Losick and Janice P. Losick P'01
  1093. David L. Lougee '62 and Mary Lougee P'88, GP'21
  1094. Andrew G. Lovely '75 and Laura Kling Lovely '76, P'07
  1095. Joseph P. Lovett and Diane M. Lovett P'18
  1096. Scott A. Lowman and Angela M. Lowman P'21
  1097. Sean Lu and Lan Qin P'20
  1098. George L. Lucas and Eleanor R. Lucas P'92
  1099. Regina Abbiati Lucas '59, P'96
  1100. Philip W. Ludwig and Joan S. Ludwig P'19
  1101. Patricia Lemay Lufburrow '85 and Robert A. Lufburrow III P'19
  1102. Arthur S. Lukach Jr. P'94
  1103. Eric Lund and Cynthia W. Lund P'06
  1104. Mary E. Lydon P'01
  1105. Cindy L. Lyford P'13
  1106. Kenneth H. Lynch '67 and Nancy Muzio Lynch '66, P'00
  1107. Lee R. Lynd '79 and Betsy Rybeck Lynd '79, P'11
  1108. Timothy M. Lyne '83 and Tara O. Lyne P'14
  1109. Luanne M. Lyons P'17
  1110. Nigel J. MacClancy and Sharon M. Campion P'20
  1111. Michael B. Macdonald and Tami K. Ito P'16
  1112. Philip E. MacDonald and Angela G. MacDonald P'20
  1113. Cindy F. Machles P'14
  1114. Ronald Machunski and Deborah Machunski P'08
  1115. John R. Mack and Joyce R. Mack P'10
  1116. Charles D. MacLean and Susan P. Shane P'15
  1117. Garvey F. MacLean '57 and Nancy Libby MacLean '56, P'84
  1118. Roger W. MacMillan III and Carla S. D. MacMillan P'99
  1119. William A. MacNevin '65 and Joanne Campbell MacNevin '65, P'90
  1120. John D. MacVarish IV and Elizabeth L. MacVarish P'04
  1121. Michael T. Madden and Carol L. Madden P'12
  1122. Michael Madwed and Karin Madwed P'20
  1123. Peter W. Maffly-Kipp '78 and Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp P'16, P'20
  1124. Jacqueline G. Magiera P'11
  1125. Andrew Magin and Sharon Thomason P'18
  1126. Thomas E. Maguire and Michele M. Maguire P'17
  1127. Timothy C. Maguire and Sheridan L. Maguire P'09
  1128. Paul L. Mahoney and Patsy B. Mahoney P'93
  1129. Peter R. Maida and Patricia D. Maida P'92
  1130. Philip D. Main '58 and Patricia Baker Main '59, P'83
  1131. Thomas B. Main '83 and Eilish C. Main P'18
  1132. Nicholas A. Maistrellis '62 and Judy K. Maistrellis P'08
  1133. David E. Mait and Karola R. Mait P'18
  1134. Thomas S. Majerus-Collins and Jacquelyn K. Majerus-Collins P'18
  1135. Joseph L. Majsak '77 and Anne Allen Majsak '77, P'13
  1136. Ka Sheung Mak and Mei Yuk Mak P'20
  1137. Louise Baker Malcolm '56 and W. D. Malcolm Jr. P'82, P'88
  1138. Jeffrey B. Maletta and Catherine S. May P'11
  1139. William B. Maley and Janet S. Maley P'13
  1140. Clifford S. Mansfield Jr. and Elizabeth E. Mansfield P'02
  1141. Muzammil M. Mansuri and Diana A. Stork P'15
  1142. Steve Maritz and Jeanne D. Maritz P'18
  1143. David G. Mark and Beth Z. Mark P'16
  1144. Richard D. Marks III and Marjorie D. Marks P'18
  1145. Michael K. Marlowe and Kathleen S. Herald-Marlowe P'09
  1146. John J. Marocco and Kimberly J. Perry P'18
  1147. Carol S. Marquand and Stanley Freilich P'06
  1148. William M. Marr and Lisa P. Marr P'17
  1149. Joseph P. Marshall Jr. and Barbara A. Marshall P'07
  1150. Stephen S. Marsters and Courtney T. Marsters P'08
  1151. Howard W. Martin and Gail-Ann Brodeur P'03
  1152. James Martin and Elizabeth P. Martin P'14
  1153. John R. Martin Jr. P'19
  1154. Willard G. Martin Jr. '59 and Margaret A. Demos P'88
  1155. Kenneth Massimine and Patricia A. Massimine P'00
  1156. Kenneth V. Master P'19
  1157. Henry Masur and Grace D. Masur P'04
  1158. Joseph H. Matzkin '66 and Linda G. Matzkin P'95
  1159. Carolyn A. Mayo P'20
  1160. Robert E. McAfee '56, D.Sc.'95 and Doris McAfee P'83
  1161. Michael J. McCabe and Krista L. McKerracher P'16
  1162. Charles W. McCall and Elizabeth W. McCall P'08
  1163. John P. McCally and Cheryl P. Carlesimo P'08
  1164. John McCarthy Sr. and Jennifer McCarthy P'18
  1165. Terence M. McCarthy and Kristine J. McCarthy P'17
  1166. Katherine M. McCormack P'96
  1167. Thomas M. McCormack and Rebecca A. Varner P'14
  1168. David M. McDermott and Nora E. Irvine P'04
  1169. James F. McDonald and Linda S. McDonald P'18
  1170. Harold J. McElhinny and Mary E. McElhinny P'07
  1171. Joseph V. McGee and Carey C. McGee P'20
  1172. Cornelius J. McGinn and Suzanne P. McGinn P'18
  1173. Paul S. McGovern and Diane M. McGovern P'01
  1174. Patrick McGrath and MaryEllen McGrath P'00
  1175. James R. McGuire '74 and Jennifer Anne C. McGuire P'07
  1176. John C. McIntire and Mary K. McIntire P'16
  1177. James T. McKenna and Judith A. McKenna P'06, P'11
  1178. Ann M. McKinney P'02
  1179. Ross McKinney and Holly McKinney P'05
  1180. Rosemary Duggan McKitrick '75 and Charles K. McKitrick P'10, P'14
  1181. G. Stanley McKnight '70 and Sophie Gibbard P'96, P'99
  1182. James W. McLane Jr. and Michelle O. McLane P'20
  1183. James P. McLarnon Jr. and Laura M. McLarnon P'20
  1184. Mary Lou Shaw McLean '59, P'88, GP'18
  1185. Stuart C. McLeod and Karen C. McLeod P'17
  1186. Carol E. McLoughlin P'19
  1187. Ronald S. McMahon and Diane H. McMahon P'05, P'07
  1188. Suzanne S. McMullan P'09
  1189. Jane Sedgley McMurray '47, P'78
  1190. A. David McNab '62 and Elizabeth Metz McNab '64, P'87, GP'18
  1191. Allan D. McNab '87 and M. Sidney McLean McNab '88, P'18
  1192. David J. McNeice P'83
  1193. George B. McReddie and Lisa N. McReddie P'16
  1194. John W. McReynolds and Sarah E. McReynolds P'17
  1195. Mark B. McWilliams and Rachel C. McWilliams P'18
  1196. Jeffrey L. Meade and Phyllis M. Meade P'00
  1197. Phyliss P. Meaders P'18
  1198. Barry S. Meier and Ellen J. Pollock P'20
  1199. Noreen M. Mellor P'89
  1200. Anne Fitton Melrose '55 and Joseph R. Melrose P'87
  1201. Jeffrey J. Melvin '82, P'17
  1202. Ty Melvin and Cindy J. Melvin P'17
  1203. Elizabeth Whitman Memishian '83 and Barry Memishian P'19
  1204. John Mennitt and Alice Mennitt P'05
  1205. Frederick W. Merizon and Elizabeth A. Merizon P'16
  1206. Jack K. Merrill '56 and Diane E. Merrill P'00, P'02
  1207. Mary Leckemby Merrill '52, P'78
  1208. Peter Merrill and Bunny Merrill P'16, P'18
  1209. Mary Stafford Merselis '61 and John Merselis P'87
  1210. Linda Cummings Messer '65 and Paul A. Messer P'89
  1211. Louis S. Metzger and Margaret B. Metzger P'06, P'14
  1212. Aaron H. Meyerson and Leta E. Dinkel P'19
  1213. Dana L. Michael and Kathleen A. Michael P'12
  1214. Susan Smith Michael '82, P'21
  1215. Richard A. Michaud and Erica B. Michaud P'20
  1216. Paul F. Mickey Jr. P'13
  1217. Dean Micklewhite and Helen M. Micklewhite P'19
  1218. Gary R. Mikula and Holly E. Burnet Mikula P'19
  1219. Jaime Milla P'16
  1220. Arthur M. Miller and Roberta B. Connolly P'18
  1221. Barbara B. Miller P'06
  1222. James R. Miller and Lorenza Freddo P'11
  1223. Mark J. Miller and Laura A. Cripps P'14
  1224. Mark T. Miller and Alison J. Miller P'07
  1225. Scott D. Miller and Mary K. Roach P'15
  1226. William B. Miller '78 and June Ross Miller '78, P'14
  1227. H. Sawin Millett Jr. '59 and Barbara Millett P'80
  1228. Ross Millhiser Jr. and Diane Millhiser P'02
  1229. Cynthia Davidson Mills '74, P'01
  1230. John H. Millslagle and Vickery A. Viles P'17
  1231. Karl R. Millstrom and Nancy H. Millstrom P'15
  1232. Joseph J. Miluski and Jane B. Miluski P'97
  1233. James A. Mitchell and Jennifer G. Mitchell P'17
  1234. Peter V. Mitchell P'11
  1235. Hideaki Mizuno and June Donenfeld P'18
  1236. Michael J. Moberg and Sarah C. Lewis P'19
  1237. Peder K. Moe P'02
  1238. David G. Molho and Sally R. Molho P'19
  1239. Joseph C. Molinari and Danette M. Molinari P'16
  1240. Douglas E. Molstad '78 and Janet Richards Molstad '79, P'15
  1241. John T. Monahan and Anne L. Burns P'20
  1242. Peter J. Mongeau and Joan F. Mongeau P'16
  1243. John G. Montanaro and Nancy W. Montanaro P'19
  1244. David T. Moody and Catherine A. Leslie P'11, P'14, P'17
  1245. Robert N. Moore P'14
  1246. Sharron D. Moore-Edwards P'15
  1247. Antonio E. Moralejo and Tania B. Moralejo P'20
  1248. Richard T. Moreland and Missy E. Moreland P'19
  1249. Roger E. Morency '59 and Emily P. Morency P'88
  1250. R. Scott Morgosh and Tamara L. Morgosh P'15
  1251. Fred T. Moriuchi '69 and Caroline B. Moriuchi P'98
  1252. Richard L. Morningstar and Faith P. Morningstar P'99
  1253. Kim M. Morque and Georgetta Morque P'18
  1254. William F. Morrill and Mary Sue R. Morrill P'03
  1255. Steven F. Morris and Cheryl G. Morris P'18
  1256. William J. Morrison and Terry R. Morrison P'13
  1257. Steven H. Mortimer '72 and Alice R. Ruvane P'95
  1258. Howard G. Mortman and Iris Mortman P'18
  1259. Patricia J. Moscou and Guy W. Raymond P'12
  1260. William S. Moser and Sara Y. Moser P'18
  1261. Ira Moses and Marsha B. Moses P'06
  1262. Robert J. Moss and Nancy G. Moss P'17
  1263. Lawson A. Moyer III P'11
  1264. Eugene A. Mszar and Lori Gudeman P'18
  1265. Frank P. Muckian II and Patricia Ann W. Muckian P'97
  1266. Peter J. Mueller and Cindy L. Suplizio P'20
  1267. Greg P. Mulach and Mary K. Mulach P'17
  1268. James S. Mulholland III '84 and Susan Kempton Mulholland '84, P'13, P'17
  1269. John G. Mullally P'20
  1270. John C. Mullen and Beverly Amsel P'04
  1271. Michael T. Mullen and Joan C. Mullen P'19
  1272. Franklyn L. Muller and Katharine T. Fox P'16
  1273. Ingrid Kaiser Muller '64 and Christopher Muller P'94, P'01
  1274. Robert E. Mullin '78 and Linda Downing Mullin '79, P'09
  1275. Roberto Munoz and Genevieve H. Munoz P'07, P'15, P'18
  1276. Judith G. Munzig P'96
  1277. George A. Murnaghan and Elizabeth P. Murnaghan P'20
  1278. Daniel M. Murphey P'06
  1279. Kevin J. Murphy '77, P'07
  1280. Kristopher T. Murphy '89 and Kerry A. Murphy P'19
  1281. Michael P. Murphy and Marianne F. Murphy P'09, P'12
  1282. Paul D. Murphy '88 and Deborah B. Murphy P'20
  1283. Timothy B. Murphy and Rosemarie A. Sullivan P'08
  1284. Peter D. Murray '72 and Catherine K. Murray P'03
  1285. James H. Myles and Andrea J. Myles P'04
  1286. Richard H. Mylius and Sally Gibert P'11
  1287. Brian Nadel and Amy Fisher P'19
  1288. Weston J. Naef and Mary M. Naef P'97
  1289. F. Timothy Nagler and Nancy Nagler P'05
  1290. Katherine C. Nagler P'05
  1291. Richard R. Navins and Mary P. Navins P'97
  1292. Paige Scovill Negus '56, P'83
  1293. David O. Nelson '74 and Katherine K. O'Neil P'07
  1294. Sherri C. Nelson P'20
  1295. Jeffery B. Nemy and Betsy J. Erickson-Nemy P'18
  1296. Alexander Neubauer and April Stevens P'18
  1297. Daniel M. Newman and Maura O. Godfrey-Newman P'21
  1298. Owen J. Newson and Gloria M. Newson P'15
  1299. Robert M. Newton and Jill W. Newton P'11
  1300. Manh Q. Ngo and Thu Cuc T. Nguyen P'12
  1301. Hung M. Nguyen and Loan B. Nguyen P'16
  1302. Long Nguyen and Nam Nguyen P'19
  1303. Phuoc T. Nguyen and Tho T. Nguyen P'13
  1304. Tuan M. Nguyen and Dung K. Phung P'17
  1305. James P. Nichols and Lori R. Covey P'09
  1306. Patrick J. Nichols and Dorothy L. Nichols P'07
  1307. Arlene Wignall Nickerson '63 and Stanley M. Nickerson P'94
  1308. Jose M. Nieto and Leticia A. Nieto P'16
  1309. Brian T. Nixon and Sarah A. Nixon P'14
  1310. Joseph Nixon and Suzanne Nixon P'19
  1311. James P. Nolan III and Isabella B. Bannerman P'19
  1312. Mary Beth Nolan P'18
  1313. Michael F. Nolan '69, P'94
  1314. Cynthia Kalber Nordstrom '62 and Robert C. Nordstrom P'93, P'03
  1315. Richard S. Norman and Naomi R. Norman P'15
  1316. Jane Parsons Norris '46, P'80
  1317. Ingolf Noto and Margaret H. Noto P'13, P'16
  1318. Francis M. Novick and Catherine Novick P'97
  1319. John W. Nowak and Lucille A. Nowak P'14
  1320. Raymond J. Nowak and Ruth Ann Nowak P'11
  1321. David L. Nussbaum and Lynn M. Nussbaum P'19
  1322. Jonathan R. O'Brien '92 and Suzanne M. O'Brien '91, P'20
  1323. Terrence O'Brien and Charlene Degener P'16
  1324. William M. O'Brien and Lisa J. O'Brien P'20
  1325. Patricia Hayes O'Donnell '67 and Patrick J. O'Donnell P'02
  1326. Robert F. O'Donnell and Louise M. O'Donnell P'17
  1327. Keith A. O'Hara and Dena O'Hara P'08
  1328. Donald A. O'Kieffe and Jane D. O'Kieffe P'98
  1329. William J. O'Neill P'12
  1330. Kenneth J. O'Regan '84 and Victoria d. O'Regan P'21
  1331. Michael H. O'Shea and Donna L. O'Shea P'18, P'20
  1332. Sandra Picano O'Sullivan '87 and John P. O'Sullivan P'14
  1333. Avon Cheel Oakes '50, P'79
  1334. Peter G. Oakes '66 and Kathryn Oakes P'93
  1335. Raymond S. Oakes '68 and Linda Anastos Oakes '67, P'91, P'92, GP'21
  1336. Sara Jones Oakes '66, P'93
  1337. James C. Oates and Cynthia G. Oates P'17
  1338. James B. Obrien and Vera S. Michalchik P'19
  1339. Marsha Patch Oest P'88, P'90, P'92
  1340. Hans Oettgen and Jennifer Pline P'19
  1341. Sammy Ohene and Sally-Ann Ohene P'20
  1342. Mark Ohrstrom and Karin Ohrstrom P'19
  1343. Clarence W. Olmstead Jr. and Kathleen F. Heenan P'00, P'06
  1344. Margaret Leask Olney '57, HC'56, P'81
  1345. David R. Olson '65 and Carol Becker Olson '67, P'92
  1346. Marilyn C. Olson '73 and Mark M. Beckwith P'06
  1347. Daniel R. Omstead and Mary N. Omstead P'08
  1348. Joseph Opiela and Nancy A. Opiela P'16
  1349. David B. Ordway '85 and Sigrid E. Ordway P'17
  1350. George M. Orlov and Melissa C. Orlov P'13
  1351. James F. Orr III and Ann L. Orr P'94
  1352. Lynn R. Osborn P'19
  1353. William H. Osborne and Sheila A. Osborne P'06
  1354. Gaspar Ostuni and Marlene O. Ostuni P'03
  1355. Victor C. Otley Jr. and Gloria B. Otley P'83, GP'18
  1356. Robert E. Ottenstein and Shawn E. Ottenstein P'20
  1357. Mitchel G. Overbye '83 and Katherine Doocy Overbye '81, P'14
  1358. Stephen W. Pacala and Elizabeth K. Pacala P'12
  1359. Kathyann Pace P'19
  1360. Kathleen O'Brien Pagano '86 and Joseph L. Pagano P'14, P'16
  1361. H. Logan Page IV '81 and Joann S. Page P'15
  1362. Marc C. Panepinto and Catherine R. Nugent-Panepinto P'20
  1363. Gianfranco Paone and Virginia Paone P'18
  1364. John J. Parisi and Anne E. Broker P'13
  1365. Kevin R. Parke and Leila E. Parke P'19
  1366. Charles O. Parker '40 and Lorraine W. Parker P'76
  1367. Stephen Parker Jr. and Kathleen K. Parker P'08
  1368. David W. Parmelee '64 and Arlene J. Parmelee P'94, P'04
  1369. Wayne Partenheimer P'03
  1370. Philip H. Pascucci and Suzanne M. Pascucci P'20
  1371. Gina A. Pasquini '80 and Barry S. Moller P'17
  1372. Mary VanWyck Patch '46 and Harold N. Patch P'80
  1373. D. Cleveland Patterson and Virginia S. Patterson P'98
  1374. Kevin M. Patterson and Ann M. Hovland P'19
  1375. Robert H. Patton and Victoria Patton P'08
  1376. Jay S. Paulus and Kate B. Paulus P'20
  1377. Priscilla Doscher Payne '62, P'90
  1378. Sheila Tulk Payne '58, P'86
  1379. Robert P. Pazienza and Sandra S. Pazienza P'94, P'96
  1380. William S. Peabody and Margaret R. Peabody P'96
  1381. Stephen D. Pearson and Lisa S. Pearson P'20
  1382. C. John Peckham '86 and Michele S. Peckham P'14, P'18
  1383. Thomas C. Pedersen and Jean R. Pedersen P'14
  1384. Palo A. Peirce III '82 and Kathleen L. Peirce P'12
  1385. Marcus Pelham-Webb P'04
  1386. Benoit J. Pellet and Anita S. Pellet P'17
  1387. David Pender and Melonie F. Pender P'18
  1388. Susan C. Pendleton '68 and Frederick K. Gifford P'90
  1389. Bruce D. Penney '76 and Janice Malatesta Penney '77, P'03
  1390. Hugh B. Penney '50 and Lois Keniston Penney '50, P'74, P'76, GP'03, GP'07, GP'09
  1391. Paul B. Penney and Angela M. Penney P'07, P'09
  1392. Peter J. Pennucci and Kathleen F. Pennucci P'11
  1393. Keating Pepper and Kimberly J. Pepper P'08
  1394. Mark Peraica Sr. and Klara Peraica P'17
  1395. Leigh P. Perkins P'18
  1396. Richard B. Perl and Susan F. Perl P'20
  1397. Robert J. Perlak and Teresa A. Perlak P'95
  1398. James F. Perlmutter and Heather J. Perlmutter P'18, P'21
  1399. Thomas H. Perry and Constance M. Perry P'97
  1400. Dino J. Peruccio and Maureen T. Peruccio P'16
  1401. Eugene Peters '57 and Alice M. Peters P'87
  1402. George E. Peters Jr. '69 and Janice Moniz Peters '69, P'96
  1403. Dana A. Peterson and Evelyn F. Fryer P'16
  1404. John A. Peterson III and Karen Peterson P'04
  1405. Karla A. Peterson P'18
  1406. James B. Petrick and Barbara S. Fredericks P'09
  1407. Paul R. Petrie and Allison T. Hild P'18
  1408. Heywood M. Petry '74, P'07
  1409. Morgan R. Pettinato and Laura J. Pettinato P'16
  1410. Robert A. Peura and Carol Peura P'90
  1411. Richard S. Pfirman '66 and Martha Tillson Pfirman '68, P'91
  1412. Charles B. Pfitzner P'07
  1413. William V. Philip and Jennifer B. Philip P'13
  1414. David L. Phillips Sr. '61 and Janice Phillips P'79
  1415. Raymond L. Pianka and Karen L. Pianka P'13
  1416. John W. Pickard '68 and Patricia Raymond Pickard '68, P'96
  1417. David H. Pier '79 and Karen McHugh Pier '79, P'09
  1418. Jeffrey H. Pierce and Margaret H. Pierce P'10, P'12, P'14
  1419. Richard A. Pierce and Suzanne D. Pierce P'18
  1420. Richard H. Pierce '57, P'85
  1421. Paul F. Pilch and Carol Ann K. Pilch P'89
  1422. Scott A. Pipitone P'20
  1423. Lenore M. Platt and Richard K. Neff P'07
  1424. Walter H. Platt '88 and Julie L. Sutherland-Platt '88, P'19
  1425. Carole Plenty P'04
  1426. Laurance D. Pless and Dana H. Halberg P'13
  1427. Charles S. Plotkin '49 and Natalie S. Plotkin P'78
  1428. Stuart M. Pollack and Diane B. Pollack P'17
  1429. Thelma K. Pollard P'86, P'89
  1430. John G. Pollart and Claire R. Naylor-Pollart P'18
  1431. Clem L. Pope P'16
  1432. Andrew P. Popichak and Martha C. Popichak P'99
  1433. David I. Porter '73 and Linda Warrington Porter '74, P'99
  1434. Jennifer Guckel Porter '88 and Edward S. Porter P'15
  1435. Bruce G. Posner and Betsy R. Rudnick P'11
  1436. Benjamin S. Post '87 and Sharon L. Lake-Post '87, P'18
  1437. Peter B. Post '58 and Jane Anderson Post '58, P'82, P'87, GP'18
  1438. Noel Potter Jr. and Helen L. Delano P'17
  1439. Anita Adams Potts '57, P'94
  1440. David C. Powell and Joy P. Powell P'19
  1441. Richard G. Powers '67 and Darthea M. Miller P'99, P'01, P'11
  1442. Roddy J. Powers and Diane C. Powers P'03
  1443. Manfred H. Preis P'03
  1444. Mary Henderson Pressman '78 and Ronald R. Pressman P'10
  1445. William G. Prins Sr. and Kate E. Prins P'09, P'11, P'17
  1446. Donald B. Pritchard Jr. and Mary L. Pritchard P'06
  1447. Marc J. Prufer and Cheryl K. Jallos-Prufer P'17
  1448. Mark H. Puffer '73 and Karon T. Puffer P'08
  1449. James R. Pugh HC'72, P'04
  1450. Robert J. Puleio Jr. and Mary C. Puleio P'17
  1451. Arthur L. Purinton II '64 and Janet L. Purinton P'98, P'06
  1452. Kendall C. Putnam '69 and Linda Halleck Putnam '70, P'00
  1453. Lowell A. Pyke Jr. D.D.S. and Lu-Ann M. Pyke P'18
  1454. Scott J. Quigg '87 and Melinda Potts Quigg '87, P'20
  1455. John S. Quijano and Leslie J. Quijano P'19
  1456. Jane Woodbury Quimby '42, P'72
  1457. Edward J. Quinlan III '74 and Deborah Quinlan P'07
  1458. Patrick G. Quinn and Stacy S. Quinn P'18
  1459. Helene Marcoux Quint '59, P'85, GP'16
  1460. Gary M. Rabideau and Jill P. Rabideau P'17
  1461. Charles M. Rabura and Tamera G. Rabura P'20
  1462. Emil J. Ragones and Martha M. Ragones P'95
  1463. George R. Ramsayer and Carol C. Ramsayer P'05
  1464. David Rand and Kristi Wharton Rand P'18
  1465. Marc Rasich and Michelle M. Rasich P'19
  1466. Robert B. Ravenelle '84 and Elizabeth Hickey Ravenelle '85, P'21
  1467. Richard N. Reback and Kathryn A. Reback P'18
  1468. Steven V. Reddicliffe and Connie C. Reddicliffe P'13
  1469. Paul W. Reed and Kathleen A. Reed P'20
  1470. William P. Reed and Martha P. Toll-Reed P'11
  1471. Kenneth W. Reehl and Lynda M. LaGuardia P'17
  1472. Christopher J. Regan and Lisa B. Regan P'20
  1473. Carolyn Goddard Reid '51 and Harry Reid P'77
  1474. Joseph M. Reihing and Mary A. Likely-Reihing P'07
  1475. Russell L. Reilly '66 and Jane Hippe Reilly '68, P'98
  1476. Arthur L. Reingold and Gail A. Bolan P'10
  1477. Brian D. Remillard and Elaine L. Fleming P'14
  1478. William C. Repko and Susan S. Repko P'12
  1479. James R. Reuter '75 and Julia Holmes Reuter '74, P'08
  1480. Mark W. Reuter and Judith S. Reuter P'11
  1481. Stanley W. Rhodes and Hilda Tylston W. Rhodes P'91
  1482. Susan J. Riback P'16
  1483. Pascal J. Ricatto and Pamela Ricatto P'18
  1484. Daniel D. Ricciardi and Margaret C. Ricciardi P'08
  1485. Christopher H. Rice and Carlotta E. Rice P'13
  1486. Winston S. Rice '54 and Carol Rice P'89
  1487. Bruce T. Richards and Janice T. Richards P'14
  1488. Bradford D. Richardson and Arlene M. Richardson P'18
  1489. Robert P. Richins '84 and Harriet H. Richins P'17, P'19
  1490. Steven F. Rickerich and Dana K. Rickerich P'18
  1491. Michael H. Rider P'17
  1492. David E. Riggs P'18
  1493. David P. Riley P'02
  1494. David M. Rines and Bridget C. Rines P'17
  1495. Robert Ripp and Mary E. Ripp P'20
  1496. Richard T. Rizoli '75 and Lisa K. Rizoli P'09
  1497. Stacey A. Rizza P'20
  1498. Peter Robert P'18
  1499. Doris Bickert Robinson '48 and Ernest G. Robinson P'77
  1500. John K. Robinson and Kathleen B. Robinson P'20
  1501. Michael B. Robinson '80 and Mary Ellen B. Biggs '81, P'10
  1502. Curtis M. Robison '76 and Delphine Robison P'20
  1503. James E. Rodgers P'05
  1504. Elvia Magnuson Rodick '60 and John A. Rodick III P'90
  1505. Douglas A. Rollins and Susan S. Rollins P'18
  1506. Alan H. Rolnick and Sharon L. Rolnick P'20
  1507. Mark A. Romney and Susan Romney P'19
  1508. George A. Rose and Helen J. Rose P'81
  1509. Adam L. Rosen and Deborah Rosen P'18
  1510. Barry Rosenberg and Kathleen J. Rosenberg P'96, P'01
  1511. Bruce Rosenblatt and Nancy Rosenblatt P'08
  1512. Charles W. Rosenfield P'16
  1513. Robert Rosenfield and Marjorie Halperin P'18
  1514. Edward S. Rosenthal and Nadine S. Rosenthal P'17
  1515. Steven P. Ross and Jeannie M. Ross P'12
  1516. William G. Ross and Catherine F. Ross P'19
  1517. Paul Rothstein and Francine M. Brungardt P'19
  1518. Mark C. Rouvalis and Cynthia J. Rouvalis P'12, P'16
  1519. David M. Rowe and Pamela G. Camerra-Rowe P'18
  1520. Richard A. Rozene '65 and Wendy Anne B. Rozene P'00
  1521. Neil A. Rube and Erica J. Rube P'16
  1522. Allan B. Rubenstein and Carolyn W. Kone P'08
  1523. Irving A. Rubenstein P'15
  1524. Elizabeth C. Rudenberg '76 and Daniel M. Merson P'12
  1525. Timothy J. Runnals and Linda J. Runnals P'11
  1526. Norbert N. Runyambo and Laurence Mukabatsinda P'17
  1527. Brent D. Russell and Lee S. Russell P'14
  1528. Donald M. Russell '51 and Joyce Russell P'73, GP'09
  1529. Helen Odegaard Russell '49, P'73, GP'09
  1530. Linda C. Russell P'90
  1531. Mark E. Russell and Angela M. Russell P'20
  1532. Mark D. Russett '87 and Kristen Purdy Russett '88, P'21
  1533. Katharine B. Ryan P'95, P'02
  1534. Philip K. Ryan and Elizabeth P. Ryan P'09
  1535. William J. Ryan Jr. and Stacey E. Ryan P'17, P'21
  1536. Ned J. Ryder and Leslie I. Ryder P'18
  1537. Lloyd R. Saberski and Dale Dammier P'17
  1538. Mark W. Sabia '77 and Barbara Rothman Sabia '79, P'14
  1539. Stephen Sacco and Frances G. Sacco P'18
  1540. Robert M. Sachs and Dee Ann W. Sachs P'95
  1541. Thomas P. Saddlemire and Constance H. Saddlemire P'05
  1542. John E. Sadler Jr. and Ami Sadler P'87, P'90
  1543. Peter B. Saenger and Margaret W. Saenger P'02
  1544. Janne Jensen Sahady '74, P'04
  1545. Richard Salcido and Maryann Salcido P'11
  1546. Samuel I. Sallerson and Hilary I. Sallerson P'19
  1547. Debra L. Samdperil P'17
  1548. Scott A. Samuelson and Joan Benoit Samuelson L.H.D.'15 P'10
  1549. Gerardo A. San Roman and Donna F. Heinemann P'17
  1550. Lynn M. Sanborne P'18
  1551. Richard R. Sanders and Gail J. Gustafson P'19
  1552. John B. Sandwick and Cynthia S. Van Osdol P'12
  1553. Thomas Sargent and Saraellen Sargent P'20
  1554. Phyllis A. Satter P'95
  1555. Jonathan N. Savage and Judith C. Savage P'16
  1556. John F. Scanlon III and Deborah G. Scanlon P'03
  1557. Michael Schafer and Gayle Schafer P'19
  1558. Kenneth D. Schapiro and Nancy B. Schapiro P'20
  1559. Neil L. Schechter and Carlota P. Schechter P'06
  1560. Matthew B. Schecter '89 and Jill E. Schecter P'20
  1561. Robert B. Scheetz and Elise A. Scheetz P'82
  1562. Eleanor Parker Schiavi '64 and John H. Schiavi P'89
  1563. John J. Schiller and Carin P. Schiller P'19
  1564. Jay M. Schippers and Victoria A. Schippers P'04, P'09
  1565. Eric H. Schless and Lesley I. B. Schless P'14
  1566. Steven J. Schmelz '79 and Heidi Brockelman Schmelz '79, P'06, P'14
  1567. Douglas A. Schmidt '78 and Deborah Thyng Schmidt '77, P'16
  1568. James H. Schneider and Ellen W. Schneider P'04
  1569. Isabel McBride Schulze '49, P'79, GP'13
  1570. Philip E. Scott and Elizabeth B. O'Brien P'10
  1571. G. Alden Sears '46 and Sylvia Gray Sears '45, P'75, GP'05
  1572. Paul B. Seaton and Kathleen A. Seaton P'05, P'15
  1573. David S. Sedney and Diana L. Sedney P'00
  1574. Christopher S. Segal and Karen C. Segal P'17
  1575. Sharon R. Segall P'11
  1576. Mitchell A. Seider and Lisa R. Beck P'17
  1577. Mary Mantarian Seigle '46, P'75
  1578. Robert C. Sentner and Victoria L. Safran P'14
  1579. Timothy D. Sergay and Jennifer J. Hixon P'18
  1580. Dror Seri and Suzanne F. Seri P'03
  1581. Mark C. Serrao and Rita P. Serrao P'08, P'11
  1582. Edward D. Sevilla and Teresa D. Sevilla P'16
  1583. Jonathan E. Seymour and Beverly A. Seymour P'20
  1584. John D. Shages '70 and Diane Prince Shages '69, P'04
  1585. Daniel Sharp and Lynn Sharp P'00
  1586. Jean S. Shaw P'14, P'16
  1587. Midori Gellert Shaw '87 and John K. Shaw P'21
  1588. John J. Shay '91 and Cathleen Pendergast Shay '91, P'20
  1589. John J. Shay and Lynn Shay P'91, P'94
  1590. Richard J. Shea and Mary Kate Shea P'17
  1591. William J. Sheils and Martha P. Sheils P'19, P'21
  1592. Michael L. Shelanski and Vivien B. Shelanski P'90
  1593. Jennifer E. Sheldrick and Joseph A. Sain P'19
  1594. Michael R. Sherburne and Joyce L. Sherburne P'10
  1595. Robert C. Sheridan and Christine M. Vadnais P'12
  1596. Harlan Sherwat and Beverly C. Sherwat P'93
  1597. Zhicheng Shi and Hong Lin P'14, P'17
  1598. Philip A. Shibles and Marsha B. Shibles P'91
  1599. Anne Keenan Shields '80 and Ronald E. Shields P'18
  1600. Dwayne A. Shields and Karen A. Shields P'20
  1601. Gail Sisson Shields '64, P'96
  1602. Norman L. Shipley and Amanda C. Shipley P'17
  1603. Jonathan G. Shoulta and Anastasia B. Shoulta P'19
  1604. David C. Shrewsbury and Lee M. Shrewsbury P'14, P'17
  1605. Deborah Weatherbee Shulman '76 and Fredric Shulman P'17
  1606. William T. Sickinger and Pamela H. Sickinger P'19
  1607. Richard S. Sidell and Charlotte B. Sidell P'00
  1608. David Sigman and Robin Sigman P'19
  1609. John J. Silberstein and Caroline K. Erisman P'15
  1610. David F. Silver P'16
  1611. Lawrence A. Silverman and Jodi R. Moise P'18
  1612. Lee B. Silverman P'18
  1613. David L. Simel and Joanne T. Piscitelli P'08
  1614. Lois Whidden Simmonds '54 and Thomas H. Simmonds P'86
  1615. Thomas W. Simmons and Anne E. Simmons P'16
  1616. Howard L. Simon and Joan G. Simon P'09
  1617. Chip Simplicio '91 and Julie Roche Simplicio '91, P'20
  1618. David C. Singer and Robin F. Singer P'18
  1619. Peter D. Skaperdas and Kathleen M. Auda P'15
  1620. Dag J. Skattum and Julie G. Skattum P'19
  1621. Winifred J. Skeates '81
  1622. Charles R. Skeele and Jennifer S. Skeele P'06
  1623. Dean S. Skelley '60 and Eleanor B. Skelley P'96
  1624. Patricia Small Skilling '54 and James K. Skilling P'80, P'82
  1625. Jude E. Skowron and Ellen K. Skowron P'05
  1626. Kevin F. Slayne and Leigh E. Slayne P'20
  1627. Arthur L. Slipp and Lynne P. Slipp P'10
  1628. Ruth R. Slovenski P'84, P'86
  1629. Mark A. Smachlo and Kelli A. Smachlo P'15, P'17
  1630. Barry H. Smith and Carley E. Smith P'03
  1631. Brent A. Smith '81 and Judith Hakanson Smith '81, P'14
  1632. Carol L. Smith '62, HC'61, P'94, P'95
  1633. E. Ward Smith and Carolyn L. Smith P'91
  1634. Garrett M. Smith Sr. and Diane A. Smith P'17
  1635. Kendall B. Smith '55 and Linda Gramatky Smith '64, P'90
  1636. Marjorie L. Smith P'94
  1637. Richard L. Smith and Carol A. Marine P'12
  1638. Richard W. Smith Jr. and Susan E. Smith P'19
  1639. Robert S. Smith and Ellen M. Holtzman P'13
  1640. Scott M. Smith and Erin M. Smith P'17, P'20
  1641. Tara B. Smith and James M. Smith P'20
  1642. Thomas W. Smith and Constance M. Smith P'03
  1643. Vesta Starrett Smith '47, P'73
  1644. Hill C. Snellings and Elizabeth N. Snellings P'15, P'18
  1645. Cora J. Snow '63, P'90, P'93, GP'19
  1646. Terry A. Snyder and Donna L. Snyder P'14
  1647. Morten Sogaard and Chung-Hyun Lee-Sogaard P'20
  1648. Paul A. Solaqua and June S. Solaqua P'03
  1649. Robert E. Sollmann Jr. '74 and Kathryn A. Sollmann P'13
  1650. Dana C. Solms '85 and Jennifer Solms P'18
  1651. Donna Preli Sonberg '82 and Donald E. Sonberg Jr. P'13
  1652. Renjie Song and Qiong Wang P'17
  1653. John Sorice and Ann Sorice P'15
  1654. Lydia Brown Soule '77 and James A. Soule P'05, P'11
  1655. Scott A. Southworth and Robin L. Lucie P'16
  1656. John K. Sowles and Marilyn W. Sowles P'13
  1657. Arnold E. Spangler and Penelope A. Spangler P'10
  1658. Steven E. Spardel and Lisa L. Spardel P'17
  1659. Nancy Blackburn Sparks '83 and Lawrence M. Sparks P'18, P'20
  1660. Russell J. Spaulding and Michele D. Spaulding P'19
  1661. Marion Welsch Spear '38, P'65
  1662. William S. Speers P'12
  1663. Don F. Spellman Jr. and Jeanne M. Spellman P'20
  1664. John E. Spillane and Barbara C. Spillane P'17
  1665. Roger W. Spingarn '78 and Susan D. Reuter P'17
  1666. Philip M. Spiro and Linda L. Raftery P'16
  1667. Francis R. Spitz and Mary E. Spitz P'20
  1668. John C. Sprague and Margot L. Sprague P'10
  1669. Dana J. St. James and Eileen M. St. James P'08
  1670. Paul R. St. Jean and Christine M. St. Jean P'01, P'04
  1671. Theodore J. Stamas '79 and Kimberly Ann M. Stamas P'08
  1672. Alexander Stanculescu and Barbara H. Stanculescu P'05
  1673. Bruce E. Stangle '70 and Emily Siegel Stangle '72, P'96
  1674. Steven M. Stansel P'15
  1675. Paul J. Stanton '85 and Jane Langley Stanton '84, P'10, P'21
  1676. Eliza H. Stark P'72
  1677. Richard M. Starr and Patricia L. Starr P'20
  1678. Brian J. Staskawicz '74 and Martha O'Shea Staskawicz '73, P'06
  1679. Jeffrey M. Statile and Heidi J. Statile P'19
  1680. Timothy Stebbins and Karen M. Stebbins P'18
  1681. Joph Steckel and Beth K. Zadek P'16, P'19
  1682. M. Max Steinheimer '66 and Barbara Goodlatte Steinheimer '67, P'96
  1683. Andrew W. Stephenson and Rebecca J. Leamon P'18
  1684. Pamela J. Stevens P'95, P'04
  1685. William Y. Stevens '53 and Gwendolyn H. Stevens P'92
  1686. Deborah B. Stevenson P'17
  1687. Edward J. Stewart III and Helen F. Stewart P'92
  1688. Foster A. Stewart Jr. '89 and Laurie W. Stewart P'19
  1689. Jeannette Packard Stewart '46, P'72 (d)
  1690. Robert B. Stewart and Joanne T. Stewart P'78
  1691. Scott D. Stewart and Pamela M. Stewart P'13
  1692. Elise Reichert Stiles '56 and Phillip J. Stiles P'81, GP'15
  1693. Kenneth J. Stillman and Ann K. Molloy P'11
  1694. Elisabeth Stitt and Bala Padmakumar P'18
  1695. Ayres Stockly and Catherine R. Stockly P'17, P'18
  1696. Meredith Webber Stockwell '65, P'89
  1697. Harry C. Stokes and Lisa R. Portmess P'06
  1698. Jared Stolper and Lisa K. Stolper P'19
  1699. George E. Stone Jr. '63 and Dorothy Selden Stone '63, P'90
  1700. Giles R. Stone Jr. P'20
  1701. Kenneth E. Stone and Ellen Hay-Stone P'17
  1702. Pamela B. Stone P'10
  1703. Steven W. Stone '83 and Julie B. Stone P'16, P'19
  1704. Thomas G. Stone and Beth A. Stone P'19
  1705. Todd A. Stone and Elise B. Stone P'19
  1706. Thomas C. Stones and Gabriele U. Stones P'96
  1707. Jonathan M. Strain and Patricia B. Strain P'15, P'20
  1708. Frederick R. Strathmann and Frances H. Strathmann P'10, P'13
  1709. Jeanne H. Straus P'10
  1710. Peter L. Strick and Lisa W. Strick P'98
  1711. Eric C. Strobel and Christine M. Strobel P'07
  1712. Peter B. Strong and Lindsey C. Strong P'18
  1713. Charles M. Strouthides and Effie M. Strouthides P'01
  1714. Jeffrey D. Sturgis '69 and Susan F. Sturgis P'93
  1715. Peter V. Sucsy '77 and Eleta V. Sucsy P'17
  1716. Mark Sudac and Irene Sudac P'19
  1717. Charles M. Sullivan and Susan E. Maycock P'07
  1718. John B. Sullivan and Wendy K. Sullivan P'15, P'20
  1719. Paul J. Sullivan and Laine E. Sullivan P'10
  1720. Richard K. Sullivan Sr. '57 and Edith Lysaght Sullivan '56, P'81, GP'12
  1721. Edward D. Summers and Judy I. Summers P'15
  1722. Lee B. Sumrall and Margaret A. Chapman P'16
  1723. Paul E. Sundberg and Lenore J. Sundberg P'99
  1724. John K. Sundstrom and Betty Jo B. Sundstrom P'99
  1725. John F. Sutton and Dorothy Sutton P'79
  1726. James C. Swaner and Ann F. Swaner P'94
  1727. Jeffrey R. Sweet and Elisabeth S. Sweet P'11
  1728. James J. Sylvia '84 and Lori Rogers Sylvia '83, P'20
  1729. Michael A. Szatkowski and Barbara A. Szatkowski P'18
  1730. Paul Szeto and Helen Shabason P'18
  1731. Harshavardhan Takle and Gayatri Paranjpe P'19
  1732. William T. Talcott and Wendy M. Talcott P'12
  1733. David S. Tan and Judith C. Tan P'19
  1734. Roan M. Tan and Vanna P. Tan P'02
  1735. Cynthia W. Taska P'11
  1736. George A. Tattersfield Jr. and Marjorie H. Tattersfield P'18
  1737. Herman T. Tavani and Joanne T. Tavani P'10
  1738. John T. Taverna '85 and Charlotte Koudijs Taverna '86, P'17
  1739. Marc L. Tayer and Wendy G. Tayer P'17
  1740. Andrew E. Taylor Jr. and Christine H. Taylor P'03
  1741. Eloise J. Taylor P'74
  1742. Eugene G. Taylor '56 and Karen Dill Taylor '58, P'83
  1743. Jennifer E. Taylor '78 and William J. Maher P'07
  1744. John W. Taylor II and Marilyn M. Taylor P'06
  1745. William M. Taylor and Louise N. Taylor P'12
  1746. Thomas M. Teasdale Jr. '57 and Dorthea T. Teasdale P'81, GP'14
  1747. Michael F. Telesca and Rie Telesca P'17
  1748. Anthony F. Tessitore and Nilufer Z. Usmen P'14
  1749. David R. Thaxton and Kathleen L. Thaxton P'97
  1750. Steven P. Thaxton and Jody S. Thaxton P'12
  1751. Alden G. Thayer and Deborah A. Thayer P'09
  1752. Peter E. Thayer and Kerry M. Lyons P'18
  1753. Robert P. Thayer P'18
  1754. Patricia A. Thistle and Ron Thistle P'00, P'06
  1755. Edward S. Thomas Jr. and Jami L. Thomas P'15
  1756. Michael K. Thomas and Christine H. Thomas P'18
  1757. Stephen W. Thomas and Martha K. Thomas P'07
  1758. Peter H. Thomsen and Laurie J. Thomsen P'13
  1759. Dennis W. Thomson and Joan S. Thomson P'99, P'02
  1760. Robert M. Thorson and Kristine H. Thorson P'10
  1761. Edwin P. Tiffany and Joan T. Tiffany P'03
  1762. Harleigh V. Tingley and Lucie E. Tingley P'98
  1763. John C. Tobin Jr. and Cathy J. Ellis P'17
  1764. Victor J. Tolis '74 and Lois Phillips Tolis '73, P'05
  1765. Christopher T. Toll and Jane E. Rech P'16
  1766. Mark R. Tolosky and Noreen D. Tolosky P'15
  1767. Frederick S. Tomaino and Elizabeth J. Tomaino P'15
  1768. Mark R. Tonelli and Kelly A. Clancy P'18
  1769. Nancy L. Toothaker P'97
  1770. Maria G. Toro P'19
  1771. Juan Torres and Margherita Torres P'20
  1772. Dennis R. Tourse '62 and Robbie C. Tourse P'92
  1773. David E. Tracey and Heather Ford P'15
  1774. Perry M. Traquina and Robin R. Traquina P'13, P'17
  1775. Elwood G. Trask '66 and Susan Evans Trask '70, P'90
  1776. Karen Triedman and Ronald C. Markoff P'11
  1777. Randolph W. Tritell and Harriet Q. Tritell P'16
  1778. Thomas N. Trkla P'15
  1779. David S. Troughton '72 and Judith C. Troughton P'98, P'01
  1780. Michael D. True '63, P'91
  1781. Kenneth C. Tucker and Maxine H. Tucker P'92
  1782. A. Coleman Tuggle and Deborah D. Tuggle P'11
  1783. Robert Tulip and Karen M. Pratt P'18
  1784. Mark T. Turnage and Natalie B. Turnage P'19
  1785. John F. Turner and Noelle P. Turner P'17
  1786. Rachel Turner P'20
  1787. Sara Meade Turner '88 and Terrence J. Turner P'21
  1788. Mary Frances Turner-Harrington '49 and Garth Turner-Harrington P'82
  1789. Ellen Kinnealey Tyler '81 and Robert S. Tyler P'19
  1790. Frederick W. Ulbrick IV and Shannon Ulbrick P'17
  1791. Claudia M. Ullman P'20
  1792. James P. Ulwick and Suellen M. Ferguson P'13
  1793. John E. Underhill and Lynn N. Underhill P'02
  1794. Carole C. Upshur P'00
  1795. Barbara Prince Upton '57, HC'56, P'88
  1796. Jere A. Urban and Robin S. Urban P'04, P'11
  1797. Karen A. Urban P'20
  1798. Stephen Urbanczyk and Judith A. Urbanczyk P'00
  1799. William J. Uricchio and Katherine M. Hart P'10
  1800. Alex W. Ursprung '73 and Susan Peirce Ursprung '73, P'04
  1801. Michael D. Utevsky P'02
  1802. George F. Van Hare III '77 and Michele M. Estabrook '76, P'16
  1803. Joyce White Vance '82 and Robert S. Vance Jr. P'21
  1804. Christopher L. Varner P'17
  1805. Nicholas G. Vatakis and Vera Chaplin P'20
  1806. Julio E. Vega and Maria Ifarraguerri P'16
  1807. Robert C. Veidenheimer and Elizabeth W. Veidenheimer P'18
  1808. Reginald Vincent and Shirley J. Vincent P'98
  1809. Robert P. Vinchesi and Christine D. Vinchesi P'17
  1810. Leigh Vinocur P'19
  1811. Donald C. Vitters and Barbara S. Vitters P'91
  1812. Roger W. Voeller and Caren A. Voeller P'06
  1813. Chaim Wachsberger and Lizbeth Neumark P'13
  1814. Patricia Snell Wade '49, P'77
  1815. Shaw B. Wagener and Deborah J. Heitz P'17
  1816. Bradford H. Wainman and Lynne G. Wainman P'15
  1817. Victor E. Wakefield and Celia Anne C. Wakefield P'92
  1818. June Cunningham Walch '49 and Allan P. Walch P'77, GP'08
  1819. Ira J. Waldman '73 and Laurie M. Waldman P'08, P'11
  1820. James H. Waldo and Susan A. Mitchell P'11
  1821. Edward L. Walker '02, P'21
  1822. Kent F. Walker and Helene K. Feinberg-Walker P'07
  1823. Robert S. Walker and Ellen Werner P'99
  1824. William J. Wallace and Donna L. Wallace P'14
  1825. Richard L. Wallingford and Cheri B. Wallingford P'99
  1826. Joel A. Wallman and Karen A. Kane P'12
  1827. Robert W. Walpole and Diane J. Walpole P'17
  1828. Beverly Beckwith Walsh '64, P'89
  1829. Christopher J. Walsh and Stacy R. Walsh P'17
  1830. Rosalind M. Walter P'08
  1831. Craig N. Ward and Katherine B. Ward P'16
  1832. David R. Warren and Maranda Miller P'19
  1833. Henry B. Warren and Cornelia W. Brown P'07
  1834. Cory A. Waters P'06
  1835. Leo G. Watson Jr. and Mary B. Watson P'20
  1836. Samuel R. Watson III and Jennifer Watson P'13
  1837. David B. Weatherbie '90 and Tracey Penny Weatherbie '88, P'21
  1838. Edward M. Webman and Marcia C. Tabak P'18
  1839. William E. Weidner and Cynthia L. Weidner P'10, P'13
  1840. Rachel Weinreb P'13
  1841. Jonathan M. Weintraub P'18
  1842. William T. Weir and Allyson J. Weir P'99
  1843. Leighton B. Welch and Beatrice B. Welch P'19
  1844. Peter F. Weller and Anne Nicholson-Weller P'04
  1845. Frederick H. Wells '85 and Jennifer D. Wells P'15
  1846. Jack Wenik and Rona M. Wenik P'17
  1847. Nathan R. Wentworth '79 and Debora Furlong Wentworth '79, P'06
  1848. Donald S. Westwater and Kathleen A. Carey P'19
  1849. Walter H. Wheeler IV and Katharine D. Wheeler P'20
  1850. Robert M. Whelan Jr. and Kathleen M. Whelan P'05
  1851. Perry G. Whidden and Rae A. Grant P'19
  1852. Andrew B. Whitaker and Kathy P. Whitaker P'18
  1853. Alan White and Judith White P'19
  1854. Anita Miller White '67, P'94, GP'18
  1855. Benjamin White and Judith Sohn-White P'14
  1856. Christopher White and Jennifer Greenman P'19
  1857. Eric S. White and Linda H. White P'95
  1858. Thomas J. White III P'11
  1859. Ian N. Whitehead and Leah Wolf Whitehead P'15
  1860. Paul Whitin and Jean M. Whitin P'99
  1861. Thomas G. Whitney '54 and Veronica Whitney P'85
  1862. Bruce W. Wicks '74 and Victoria Aghababian Wicks '74, P'04, P'08
  1863. Mark T. Wigler and Mary Ellen Shaughnessy P'09
  1864. Sarah Adkins Wilbur '46, P'71, P'74
  1865. David E. Wilcox '74 and Margaret McCann Wilcox '75, P'03, P'09
  1866. George E. Wilcox III and Rhonda B. Wilcox P'20
  1867. Judith Root Wilcox '57, P'81
  1868. David A. Wilder and Nancy F. Wilder P'19
  1869. Alan R. Wilken and Sarah H. Horne P'12
  1870. David K. Wilkinson '57 and Eleanor Wilkinson P'82, GP'17
  1871. Frank Williams Jr. and Denise Snow-Williams P'18
  1872. Jeanne L. Williams P'99
  1873. Robert L. Williams '57 and Judith Roberts Williams '60, P'86
  1874. Robert L. Williams III and Kathryn S. Williams P'20
  1875. Simon F. Williams and Elizabeth J. Williams P'16
  1876. Sylvette M. Williamson P'20
  1877. John M. Wills and Jean M. Miley P'06
  1878. David S. Willsey '81 and Lisa G. Willsey P'18, P'20
  1879. Lynn W. Willsey '54 and Beverly Hayne Willsey '55, P'79, P'81, P'89, GP'18, GP'20, GP'21
  1880. Charles T. Wilmerding and Anne P. Wilmerding P'14, P'18
  1881. Jean P. Wilson '81 and John S. Roberts P'05, P'13
  1882. John S. Wilson and Susan S. Wilson P'12, P'17
  1883. Madeline S. Wilson P'17
  1884. Michael L. Wilson P'14
  1885. Sarinda Parsons Wilson '87 and Jonathan J. Wilson P'21
  1886. W. Michael Wilson Jr. '73 and Cynthia L. Wilson P'02, P'06, P'08
  1887. David A. Winglass P'19
  1888. Kathryn K. Winglass P'19
  1889. John D. Winter and Janet C. Winter P'18
  1890. Kevin R. Woelfel and Kerry L. Woelfel P'13
  1891. Myron D. Wolf III and Joanne H. Wolf P'12
  1892. Alan W. Wolff and Helene N. Wolff P'01
  1893. John A. Wolff and Jeanne M. Wolff P'17
  1894. Alexander W. Wood '66 and Barbara C. Wood P'95
  1895. Peter A. Wood and Linda L. Wood P'17
  1896. Richard F. Woodcock '48 and Mary Gibbs Woodcock '49, P'81
  1897. Peter C. Woodhouse and Margaret E. Graff P'19
  1898. Thomas G. Woodman '53, P'80, GP'12
  1899. James C. Woods and Charity S. Chapman P'11
  1900. Rose Woods P'17
  1901. Douglas G. Woodward and Pamela G. Woodward P'99
  1902. Margaret Bargoot Woodward '81 and Michael D. Woodward P'16
  1903. Charles H. Woolley and Karin M. Woolley P'13
  1904. Paul Woolmington and Carol Woolmington P'20
  1905. Arthur F. Worden Jr. and G. Worden P'79
  1906. Shih-Heng Wu and Tsui-Hone Lin P'20
  1907. Alexander S. Wyeth and Elizabeth J. Wyeth P'15
  1908. Penelope Cande Wyman '65, P'04
  1909. Susan K. Wyss P'17
  1910. Charles M. Wyzanski and Nilgun Gokgur P'09
  1911. Hai M. Xie and Mei Y. Chen P'15
  1912. Zhuang Xu and Jie Gao P'19
  1913. Uday S. Yadav and Anuradha Yadav P'20
  1914. Aris D. Yannopoulos and Nancy R. Yannopoulos P'15
  1915. Milton J. Yanofsky and Pamela Z. Yanofsky P'10, P'14
  1916. Yung-mae M. Yao P'10
  1917. Arnold G. Yee and Jenifer Yee P'98
  1918. Roger H. Yee and Carol H. Yee P'08
  1919. Wellington Yee and Virginia S. Yee P'07
  1920. Carlos V. Yguico and Jennifer C. Yguico P'20
  1921. Barbara Tuttle Young '63 and David Marsh P'91
  1922. Joel R. Young '62 and Rachel Smith Young '61, P'88
  1923. Percy S. Young and Elizabeth G. Young P'00
  1924. David A. Yudkin and Jean S. Edelman P'17
  1925. Johannes Zaaijer and Ann K. Zaaijer P'12
  1926. Glen B. Zamansky and Sue Anne Zamansky P'08
  1927. Frank M. Zecca Jr. and Jennifer E. Zecca P'18
  1928. Charles Zettek Jr. and Judith S. Zettek P'04
  1929. Wei Zhang and Weihong Mo P'19
  1930. Bob W. Ziegelaar '70 and Susan Ziegelaar P'95
  1931. Peter W. Zimmermann and Jeanne D. Zimmermann P'07
  1932. Joseph B. Zorn and Patricia L. Zorn P'93
  1933. Todd J. Zukowski '90 and Lisa M. Esposito '90, P'18
  1934. Barbara J. Zyla P'82