Honorary Gifts

Bates is deeply grateful to donors, whose gifts in honor of others reflect our community's rich and cherished human connections. The honor roll recognizes alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, friends, corporations and foundations who made gifts to Bates from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.

In Honor of Marion R. Anderson
  1. Christopher C. Young '82
In Honor of Carolyn D. Attenborough '15
  1. Elizbeth P. Griffin P'15
In Honor of Paloma Baillie '19
  1. Clive Baillie and Dawn Baillie P'19
In Honor of Cristin B. Bates
  1. Carl T. Lloyd Jr. '64
In Honor of John R. Baughman
  1. Jason D. Buxbaum '08
In Honor of Dean M. Berman '78
  1. James D. Westerman '78
In Honor of Josephine H. Blanchon '20
  1. Donald B. Blanchon and Sarah E. Ducich P'20
In Honor of Michael W. Bonney '80, P'09, P'12, P'15
  1. Kirk D. Read and Camille S. Parrish
In Honor of F. Celeste Branham
  1. Jeffrey A. Day '88
In Honor of Lucy L. Brennan '14
  1. Helen L. Chyz '14
In Honor of Robert E. Butler '63 and Judith Mosman Butler '63, P'88
  1. Gail M. McDonald
In Honor of James F. Callahan Jr. '65
  1. Rosalyn A. Hines
In Honor of Charles V. Carnegie
  1. Anthony J. Begon '08
In Honor of Fernando Chonqui
  1. Andrew Variell
In Honor of Gene A. Clough
  1. Stuart B. Abelson '97
  2. Andrew G. Baker '91
  3. Marco E. Black '92
  4. Kristen L. Brock '03
  5. Sarah G. Bumbarger '08
  6. James A. Byrnes '05
  7. Alexander W. Connor '08
  8. Sarah K. Coulter '96
  9. Timothy J. Gagne '01 and Lila H. Solomon '01
  10. Brian K. Greenleaf '05
  11. Timothy G. Jones '03
  12. Lundat D. Kassa '13
  13. Jeffrey S. Kazin '04
  14. Michael E. Kitces '00 and Eleanor Lee Kitces '00
  15. Kenneth H. Kolb '98
  16. Christina E. Kratzman '11
  17. Thomas P. LeBosquet Jr. and Suellen E. LeBosquet P'97
  18. Shawna-Kaye G. Lester '08
  19. Kara Banigan Mertz '03
  20. Helen K. Minsky '06
  21. Caleb C. Noblitt '03
  22. Christian S. Ross '05
  23. David M. Silverman '99 and Ana R. Davis '99
  24. Jamie J. Silverman '07
  25. Dillon B. Tung '09
  26. Barnabas B. Wickham '94 and Kathryn Ganley Wickham '94
  27. Catherine A. Wilson '10
In Honor of Arthur G. Connolly IV '18
  1. Joan Connolly
In Honor of Alexander W. Connor '08
  1. Kevin W. Berry '08
  2. Sean C. Connor and Anne W. Connor P'08
In Honor of Alan L. Coykendall '59
  1. Jason M. Tanzer '59
In Honor of Darrell W. Crate '89 and Amy Crate P'21
  1. Michael W. Bonney '80 and Alison Grott Bonney '80, P'09, P'12, P'15
In Honor of Isabelle L. Curran '13
  1. Margaret C. Curran P'11, P'13
  2. Richard E. Curran Jr. P'11, P'13
In Honor of Margaret W. Curran '11
  1. Margaret C. Curran P'11, P'13
  2. Richard E. Curran Jr. P'11, P'13
In Honor of Raymond H. Danforth '66 and Hildreth Spooner Danforth '67
  1. Joseph Grube '73 and Sally Danforth Grube '75
In Honor of Megan E. Detels '20
  1. Brett W. Detels and Blakeslee H. Detels P'20
In Honor of Sarah L. Dice-Goldberg '11
  1. Bert T. Dice-Goldberg P'11
In Honor of Ngan V. Dinh '02
  1. William C. Hiss '66, P'16
In Honor of Porter R. Dowling '16
  1. Vincent J. Dowling Jr. P'16
In Honor of Caitlin Murphy Dufault '09
  1. Michael P. Murphy and Marianne F. Murphy P'09, P'12
In Honor of Laura D. Faure
  1. Cate Conniff-Dobrich
  2. Carol J. Dilley
  3. Marion N. Knox
  4. Jessica Lockhart
  5. Dervilla M. McCann '77
  6. Kirk D. Read and Camille S. Parrish
In Honor of Christina R. Felonis '17
  1. Athanasios Felonis and Sarah A. Robinson P'17
In Honor of Albert M. Fereshetian Jr.
  1. William D. Pless '13
In Honor of Alexandra A. Fisher '17
  1. Westby G. Fisher and Diane G. Fisher P'17
In Honor of Erin E. Foster Zsiga
  1. Mitchell A. Seider and Lisa R. Beck P'17
In Honor of Jacob A. Freedman '18
  1. John D. Freedman P'18
In Honor of Leah Wiedmann Gailey '97
  1. Anonymous (1)
In Honor of Vivienne Sikora Gilroy '48
  1. Frank Antonacci
  2. Phyllis L. Barmak
  3. Morton J. Edelman
  4. Timothy Gilroy
  5. John J. Kenny Jr. and Mary B. Hogan P'18
  6. Bohdan Lukaschewsky
  7. David W. Pickering
  8. August G. Salvatore
  9. Margaret J. Stephens
  10. Susan Stock
  11. Carole Urbanski
In Honor of Maxwell J. Gold '19
  1. Leigh Vinocur P'19
In Honor of Hannah N. Goldberg '16
  1. Charles Goldberg P'13, P'16
In Honor of Maxwell K. Goldberg '13
  1. Charles Goldberg P'13, P'16
In Honor of Olivia C. Gomez '19
  1. Patricia G. Berman
  2. Carol Hartigan
In Honor of Hannah R. Graves '17
  1. David A. Graves P'17
In Honor of Ronald T. Green '64
  1. Carrie Higgins
In Honor of Kathleen Kirschbaum Harvie '53, P'83
  1. Reeven J. Elfman '83 and Lisa Harvie McIlwain '83
In Honor of Jennifer Rybeck Houde '86, P'18
  1. John P. Houde '84 and Jennifer Rybeck Houde '86, P'18
In Honor of Nell R. Houde '18
  1. John P. Houde '84 and Jennifer Rybeck Houde '86, P'18
In Honor of Samuel G. Huebschmann '19
  1. Jeffrey A. Huebschmann P'19
In Honor of Mary K. Hunter
  1. David O. Carpenter '94
In Honor of Emile S. Kaldany '16
  1. Rashad R. Kaldany P'16
In Honor of Constance Chase Kaplita '58
  1. Constance Chase Kaplita '58
In Honor of John E. Kelsey
  1. M. Christine Porter '90
In Honor of Tristan Koepke
  1. Marjorie B. Koepke
In Honor of Zachary D. Kramer '17
  1. Suzan D. Kramer P'17
  2. Terry D. Kramer P'17
In Honor of Douglas C. Kramlich and Raymonde S. Kramlich P'10
  1. Kira E. Kramlich '10
In Honor of Emerson R. Krull '19
  1. Craig Krull P'19
In Honor of Thomas J. Leonard '78, P'10, P'15
  1. James D. Westerman '78
In Honor of John H. Livens Jr. '93
  1. Mary A. Livens P'93
In Honor of Peter V. Marsters '08
  1. Stephen S. Marsters and Courtney T. Marsters P'08
In Honor of Barbara Bozich McGeoghean '93
  1. Michael K. Ferry '97
In Honor of Kevin A. McHugh
  1. Emily A. Chandler '09
In Honor of Colin A. McIntire '16
  1. John C. McIntire and Mary K. McIntire P'16
In Honor of Matthew G. McReddie '16
  1. George B. McReddie and Lisa N. McReddie P'16
In Honor of Lydia C. Merizon '16
  1. Frederick W. Merizon and Elizabeth A. Merizon P'16
In Honor of Graham K. Miller '17
  1. Eugene W. Kalkin GP'17
  2. Joan Kalkin GP'17
In Honor of Hiroya Miura
  1. Cheryl Cameron Leary '89
In Honor of Kiyona C. Mizuno '18
  1. Hideaki Mizuno and June Donenfeld P'18
In Honor of Steven H. Mortimer '72, P'95
  1. David W. Mortimer '76
In Honor of Dana M. Mulholland
  1. Timothy M. Lyne '83, P'14
In Honor of Eden K. Osucha
  1. Peter V. Mitchell P'11
In Honor of David W. Parmelee '64, P'94, P'04
  1. Rosalyn A. Hines
In Honor of Sarah Risley Pearson '75
  1. Barbara J. Daley
In Honor of George M. Perkins
  1. Susan D. Russell '14
In Honor of Michael B. Petrick '09
  1. James B. Petrick and Barbara S. Fredericks P'09
In Honor of Theri A. Pickens
  1. Frank Bolden and Carol Bolden
In Honor of Marcy P. Plavin P'77
  1. Laura L. Lambert '96
In Honor of Dorothy Kennedy Prince '38
  1. David Pomfret and Anna Pomfret
In Honor of Colleen J. Quint '85, P'16
  1. William C. Hiss '66, P'16
In Honor of James L. Reese
  1. Jeffrey A. Day '88
In Honor of Sonali Arseculeratne Reese '93 and James L. Reese
  1. William C. Hiss '66, P'16
In Honor of Katherine F. Rodden P'00
  1. Kent F. Walker and Helene K. Feinberg-Walker P'07
In Honor of Benjamin S. Rosen '18
  1. Phyllis Rosen GP'18
  2. Steven E. Rosen
In Honor of Clark P. Russell '90
  1. Linda C. Russell P'90
In Honor of Sophie Y. Samdperil '17
  1. Barbara Grimm
In Honor of Amanda C. San Roman '17
  1. Gerardo A. San Roman and Donna F. Heinemann P'17
In Honor of Peter J. Steenstra
  1. Susan E. Barkan P'15
In Honor of Jason M. Tanzer '59
  1. Lois B. Tanzer
In Honor of Natalie X. Thomas '18
  1. Michael K. Thomas and Christine H. Thomas P'18
In Honor of Forrest A. Walker II '07
  1. Kent F. Walker and Helene K. Feinberg-Walker P'07
In Honor of Caroline H. Watson '13
  1. Samuel R. Watson III and Jennifer Watson P'13
In Honor of Graeme M. Welds '15
  1. Eric D. Adamson '15
In Honor of Christopher White P'19
  1. Frederic E. Greenman
In Honor of 25th Reunion
  1. Jasanna Poodiack Britton '92
In Honor of Benjamin & Dorothy Radding and Edmund & Mildred Zawalich
  1. Deborah Radding Zawalich '74
  2. Richard C. Zawalich '75
In Honor of Carol Goldsmith
  1. Joyce Starr
  2. Robert Starr
In Honor of Carol Goldsmith's 75th Birthday
  1. Carol Radin
In Honor of Carol Goldsmith, James' mother, on her 75th Birthday
  1. Larry Fox and Gail Baum
In Honor of Class of 1992
  1. Frederick C. Kaemmer '92
  2. Katherine R. Tilney '92
In Honor of Class of 1992 25th Reunion
  1. Ami L. Berger '92
In Honor of Daughter Hannah
  1. Susan Mankowitz Fink '89
In Honor of Dr. Walter E. Berdon
  1. Andrew M. Berdon and Randi B. Berdon P'19, P'21
In Honor of Elsie Lewis Drew and Bill Lewis
  1. David A. Lewis '75
In Honor of National Urban Squash Educators Association
  1. Bevin Cline '91
In Honor of The Doran Family, Class of 1991
  1. Beth Doran Putnam '91
  2. Dean C. Putnam '91
In Honor of The Graduates of the Class of 2017
  1. Nancy G. Moss P'17
  2. Robert J. Moss P'17
In Honor of all Bates performing artists and faculty
  1. John C. McIntire and Mary K. McIntire P'16
In Honor of the class of 1992 25th reunion and the matching gift challenge
  1. Karen Davis Sims '92