Gifts in Kind

Bates is deeply grateful to gift-in-kind donors, whose donations of tangible property often meet specific and pressing college needs. We are grateful for the gifts of service the following volunteers gave to Bates in 2013-14:

  1. 5 or more consecutive years of giving
  2. Mount David Society-level gifts Learn more
  3. Both of the above
  1. Margaret Foley Algazi '60 and Vidal R. Algazi
  2. Richard J. Andren '64 and Joan Spruill Andren '64
  3. Marian H. Barba HC'44
  4. William M. Bradbury and Patrice M. Marchand Bradbury P'16
  5. Steven A. Brown '69 and Jane Bode Brown '69
  6. Preston L. Carey '96
  7. Ernst E. Chenoweth and Virginia J. Chenoweth P'17
  8. Patricia L. Corbett
  9. Christopher Dirstine and Maribeth Horan P'16
  10. Dale Doody
  11. Francis E. Dunleavy and Robin A. Dunleavy P'15
  12. Timothy R. Fitzpatrick and Diana N. Fitzpatrick P'15
  13. Maurice S. Fox
  14. Ruth Gladu
  15. Clifton D. Gray III
  16. John Hauschild
  17. Michael B. Hayes and Catherine O. Hayes P'15
  18. Fransje Killars
  19. Nancy E. Kinner
  20. Margaret Velie Kinney HC'39
  21. Dennis G. Kinsella P'17
  22. Kasey M. Kinsella P'17
  23. Hugh E. Klein Jr. and Kristin H. Klein P'17
  24. Andrew C. Lord and Nancy L. Lord P'17
  25. James R. McKenzie and Alison A. McKenzie P'14
  26. Edward W. Naef '97
  27. Susan S. Pellicani '68
  28. Ervin G. Rockwell and Betsy J. Shaffer-Rockwell P'14
  29. Scott E. Steinberg '86 and Sarah McKnight Steinberg '96
  30. Mark R. Symancek and Dolores A. Symancek P'14
  31. John V. Tagliabue
  32. Andres A. Verzosa
  33. Michael Warner and Linda Warner P'15
  34. Victoria B. Wyeth '01