Foundations and Associations

Bates is deeply grateful to foundations and associations for their philanthropic alliance with Bates. The honor roll recognizes alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, friends, corporations and foundations who made gifts to Bates from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014.

  1. Anonymous (8)
  2. Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation
  3. Adler Family Fund
  4. Alice S. Ayling Scholarship Foundation
  5. Amanda and Reid Jackson Fund
  6. American Endowment Foundation
  7. Andrew and Mariann Youniss Family Fund
  8. Ann Bitetti and Doug Lober Fund
  9. Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation
  10. Attenborough Family Gift Fund
  11. Baldwin Foundation
  12. Balter Family Charitable Fund
  13. Barry & Nancy Greenfield Charitable Gift Fund
  14. Ben and Erin Jones Charitable Fund
  15. Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
  16. Bill and Liz Crowley Charitable Fund
  17. Blue Goose Fund of David Bourque
  18. Boston Foundation
  19. Boyd Foundation
  20. Bruce Ginsberg '77 Gift Fund
  21. Bruce S. Lutz '70 Gift Fund
  22. Bruce Stangle Charitable Fund
  23. Callanan Family Charitable Gift Fund
  24. Charles Irwin Travelli Fund
  25. Chris and Cheryl Ham-Ellis Gift Fund
  26. Christopher C. Lynch '84 Charitable Gift Fund
  27. Christopher Coleman-Plourde '96 Family Fund
  28. Chu Family Foundation
  29. Clarence W. Olmstead Jr. and Kathleen F. Heenan Fund
  30. Colin F. and Melody J. Anderson Fund
  31. Community Foundation of Louisville Depository, Inc.
  32. Cort and Sherry Delany Fund
  33. Creekside Foundation
  34. Curley Family Fund
  35. David and Beth Terricciano Charitable Gift Fund
  36. Dillon Fund
  37. Donald L. Barnes Foundation
  38. Donnelley Foundation
  39. Driscoll Foundation
  40. Dunleavy Foundation
  41. E. Morningstar Fund
  42. E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation
  43. Eleanore Bennett Charitable Trust
  44. Elizabeth Sedgwick Charitable Lead No.2 Trust
  45. Elizabeth van Gemeren Charitable Gift Account
  46. Emil and Martha Ragones Gift Fund
  47. Eric and Christine Strobel Contribution Fund
  48. Eskenazi Family Philanthropic Fund
  49. Essex County Community Foundation
  50. Eustace and Joan Buchanan Gift Fund
  51. Fiduciary Charitable Foundation
  52. Forman Family Fund
  53. Foulkes Family Fund
  54. Foundation for Seacoast Health
  55. Fusco Family Foundation, Inc.
  56. Garry and Elaine Holmes Charitable Fund
  57. George and Barbara Baumgarten Gift Fund
  58. George J. Gorman and Susan L. Gorman Family Fund
  59. Gibb Foundation
  60. Ginn Family Fund
  61. Gordon/Schwartz Family Charitable Fund
  62. Gov. James B. Longley Scholarship Foundation
  63. Grantwell
  64. Graves Family Charitable Fund
  65. Graves Foundation
  66. Gravina Family Foundation Inc.
  67. Harlan E. Anderson Foundation
  68. Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation
  69. Haynes Family Foundation
  70. Helen and George Ladd Charitable Corporation
  71. Henry and Gilda Buchbinder Family Foundation
  72. Herman Goldman Foundation
  73. Hess Foundation, Inc.
  74. Higgins Family Charitable Fund
  75. Hildreth Family Fund
  76. Hillyard and Priscilla Danforth Gift Fund
  77. Holton-Kilbourne Charitable Fund
  78. Howard & Gail Kunreuther Charitable Fund
  79. J.M. Huber Corporation
  80. James and Terry Byrnes Fund
  81. James F. Callahan Jr.'65 Gift Fund
  82. Jarczyk Family Fund
  83. Jeffrey and Jill Porter Charitable Gift Fund
  84. Jeffrey K. Tulis '72 Gift Fund
  85. Jen and Steve Ryder Charitable Fund
  86. Jeremy and Kerry Sclar Family Fund
  87. Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  88. Jim and Jamie McNulty Foundation
  89. John and Deborah McQuade '75,'76 Gift Fund
  90. John and Michele Peckham Charitable Fund
  91. John T. Gorman Foundation
  92. Joseph and Jane Prendergast Fund
  93. Jou and Mabel Tchao Charitable Gift Fund
  94. Judy and Bert Patkin Charitable Fund
  95. Julie A. and Daniel M. McLaughlin Charitable Fund
  96. Justin and Erica Shein '95/'95 Charitable Fund
  97. Kalkin Family Foundation, Inc.
  98. Karen and Chris Segal Fund
  99. Kate W. Cassidy Foundation
  100. Kevin Liam Boylan Fund
  101. Koe Family Fund
  102. Kussmaul Family Fund
  103. Leroy and Ruth Faulkner Gift Fund
  104. Lessing Foundation
  105. Little Family Trust
  106. Lois and Hugh Penney Charitable Gift Fund
  107. Longtine Charitable Foundation Trust
  108. Lorie Dunne & Mark Hempton Gift Fund
  109. Losik Family Fund
  110. LoveJoy-Conant Giving Account
  111. Lowry Family Fund
  112. Lynne L. Heinrich '82 Gift Fund
  113. M. Lowell Edwards Foundation
  114. Maine Community Foundation
  115. Malcolm Family Fund
  116. Marie C. and Joseph C. Wilson Foundation
  117. Mark and Michele Mandel Charitable Fund
  118. Mary W. Harriman Foundation
  119. McGue Millhiser Family Trust
  120. McMullan Family Fund
  121. Meister and Montrone Families Fund
  122. Mendelson Foundation
  123. Michael and Theresa Hluchyj Philanthropy Fund
  124. Michael F. Charland Foundation
  125. Millholland-Lowry Fund
  126. Morrison-Agee Charitable Fund
  127. Mulholland Family Charitable Gift Fund
  128. Namm Foundation, Inc.
  129. Nancy Buckley O'Connor Charitable Fund
  130. Nathan and Hannah Winebaum Fund
  131. Nathan E. Arnell and Heidi H. Hellring Gift Fund
  132. New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
  133. New York Community Trust Robinson-Morrill Fund
  134. New York Community Trust, Shah-Domenicali Family Fund
  135. One Day at a Time Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
  136. Orr Family Foundation
  137. Osceola Foundation Inc.
  138. Pals Family Foundation
  139. Parker Camp Agelasto Gift Fund
  140. Parker Charitable Gift Fund
  141. Patricia C. Ketcham & Warren M. Ketcham Charitable Trust
  142. Paul and Gayle Brown Charitable Giving
  143. Paula Stick Horowitz Gift Fund
  144. Penelope Barbour Obenshain '65 Fund
  145. Peter H. Creighton Charitable Gift Fund
  146. Peterson Family Charitable Fund
  147. Pierce Family Charitable Fund
  148. Porter Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  149. Qualcomm
  150. Rainville Family Charitable Fund
  151. Rattray Kimura Foundation
  152. Richard and Susan Antell Gift Fund
  153. Robert B. and Elizabeth H. Field Jr. Charitable Fund
  154. Robert W. O'Connor Charitable Foundation
  155. Robin L. Bitner '95
  156. Rochester Area Community Foundation
  157. Ron and Mary Pressman Family Foundation
  158. Sanborn Dahling Fund
  159. Sarah Myers McGinty Charitable Gift Fund
  160. Schleyer Foundation
  161. Segal Family Foundation
  162. Shea-Siefert Family Fund
  163. Shepard Family Philanthropy Fund
  164. Shilling Family Foundation, Inc.
  165. Shirley Murphy Mongillo '67 Gift Fund
  166. Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  167. Spencer Foundation
  168. Spinnaker Trust
  169. Stephen & Martha Wright Nelson Gift Fund
  170. Stephen and Lisa Plavin Charitable Gift Fund
  171. Steven & Patrice Mason Family Charitable Fund
  172. Steven G. Shapiro Charitable Trust
  173. Stewart Family Foundation
  174. Stewart Family Fund
  175. Sword & Spoon Foundation
  176. Tanaka Memorial Foundation
  177. Ted and Diane Ryan Charitable Fund
  178. Tena and Blair Frank Charitable Fund
  179. Terry and Suzan Kramer Foundation
  180. The Moses Feldman Family Foundation
  181. Thomas P. Saddlemire Fund
  182. TIAA-CREF
  183. Tides Foundation
  184. Timothy and Diana Fitzpatrick Gift Fund
  185. Traquina Family Charitable Fund
  186. Triangle Community Foundation, Inc.
  187. Unity Foundation
  188. Wellington Yee and Virginia Sun Yee Gift Fund
  189. Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
  190. Whitney Foundation
  191. Wilhelm Merck P'14 Charitable Gift Fund
  192. William and Scarlett Carey Gift Fund
  193. William and Susan Dewey Charitable Gift Fund
  194. Wollenberg Foundation
  195. Woolford Family Charitable Fund
  196. Youngstown Foundation