Friends of the Bates College Museum of Art

Bates is deeply grateful to the Friends of the Bates College Museum of Art, whose gifts help the museum grow as a cultural and educational resource for all members of our community. The list reflects gifts made from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

  1. Parker C. Agelasto '98 and Katherine T. Blackburn
  2. Bruce A. Barry '93 and Jennifer Barry
  3. Peter P. Clifford and Marjorie S. Clifford
  4. James B. Cuno and Sarah Stewart P'03
  5. Joseph J. Donnelly Jr. '83
  6. Elizabeth A. Eames
  7. Joseph W. Glannon
  8. William A. Gosling '65 and Jean Gosling
  9. Bruce A. Hall and Kathleen M. Lawrence
  10. Penelope J. Hall '73 and Charles Rappaport
  11. C. Donald Hamilton '54, P'86 and Ginnie LaFauci Toner '53, P'83, P'86
  12. Peter M. Handler '69 and Karen Singer
  13. Patricia M. Hickson '85
  14. Robert A. Laskoff and Jacqueline Laskoff
  15. William H. Low and Kathryn G. Low
  16. Kathleen B. McCarthy '91
  17. Francis G. McGinty '71 and Susan McVie McGinty '71
  18. Weston J. Naef and Mary M. Naef P'97
  19. David O. Nelson '74 and Katherine K. O'Neil P'07
  20. Jane Parsons Norris '46, P'80
  21. Keith A. O'Hara and Dena O'Hara P'08
  22. David B. Osborne
  23. Marcy P. Plavin P'77
  24. Elliott Schwartz and Dorothy Schwartz
  25. J. Gregory Shea '64 and Susan Wygal
  26. Mary-Leigh Smart
  27. Richard L. Trafton and Barbara M. Trafton P'00
  28. Edward Z. Walworth and Candace C. Walworth
  29. Jane Costello Wellehan '60, GP'18
  30. Wellington Yee and Virginia S. Yee P'07