Honorary Gifts

Bates is deeply grateful to donors, whose gifts in honor of others reflect our community's rich and cherished human connections. The honor roll recognizes alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, friends, corporations and foundations who made gifts to Bates from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

In Honor of Joseph A. Alp '18
  1. Michael Alp and Sarah Alp P'18
In Honor of Marion R. Anderson
  1. Ellen M. Thorington '91
  2. Christopher C. Young '82
In Honor of Hayley M. Anson '06
  1. Philip S. Anson and Meredith M. Anson P'04, P'06, P'13
  2. Genevieve C. Leslie
In Honor of Matthew R. Auer
  1. Nora V. Demleitner '89
In Honor of Rachel N. Austin
  1. Hilary L. Ginsburg '09
In Honor of Cynthia M. Baker
  1. Elizabeth A. Siegert '14
In Honor of Pamela Decker Baker '70
  1. Gregory J. Anderson
In Honor of Sondra Banfield P'99
  1. Garth A. Timoll '99
In Honor of Michael S. Bartley
  1. Kara K. Seaton '05
In Honor of Aimee H. Bessire
  1. David B. Caldwell and Kristina K. Caldwell P'15
In Honor of Jason T. Bischoff '02
  1. Thomas L. Bischoff and Cynthia J. Bischoff P'02
In Honor of F. Celeste Branham
  1. Jeffrey A. Day '88
In Honor of Steven A. Brown '69
  1. Michael F. Nolan '69, P'94
In Honor of Robert E. Butler '63 and Judith Mosman Butler '63, P'88
  1. Gail M. McDonald
In Honor of James F. Callahan Jr. '65
  1. Rosalyn A. Hines
In Honor of Leigh P. Campbell '64
  1. Paul D. Murphy '88
In Honor of Peter H. Casares
  1. Frederick A. Port
In Honor of Benjamin R. Clements '04
  1. Larry J. Clements and Jill R. Clements P'04
In Honor of Jeremy H. Cluchey
  1. Genevieve C. Leslie
In Honor of Alexander W. Connor '08
  1. Sean C. Connor and Anne W. Connor P'08
In Honor of Kara J. Constantine '08
  1. June Cunningham Walch '49, P'77, GP'08
In Honor of William S. Corlett Jr
  1. Stephen R. Jones and Ellen E. Badone P'15
In Honor of Grace L. Coulombe '94
  1. Hallie S. Balcomb '14
In Honor of Loring M. Danforth
  1. Stephen R. Jones and Ellen E. Badone P'15
In Honor of Raymond H. Danforth '66 and Hildreth Spooner Danforth '67
  1. Joseph Grube '73 and Sally Danforth Grube '75
In Honor of Amy B. Douglass
  1. Liza C. Dorison '13
In Honor of Ryan J. Edwards '15
  1. Thomas B. Edwards and Ann P. Edwards P'15
In Honor of Sally J. Ehrenfried '89
  1. Blackbaud, Inc.
In Honor of J. Dykstra Eusden Jr. '80
  1. Mark D. Behn '96
In Honor of Robert L. Farnsworth
  1. Elizabeth A. Siegert '14
In Honor of Stewart Flaherty
  1. Thomas J. McQuillan '85
In Honor of Robert C. Flynn P'85, P'89
  1. John K. Hoyt '83 and Karen A. Hoyt P'08
  2. John M. Morrissey '94
In Honor of Tatum E. Fraites '09
  1. Joseph Fraites Charitable Fund
In Honor of Jonathan R. Furbush '05
  1. Brian T. Gerrity '05 and Rachel L. Sabbath '04
In Honor of Wendy Harris Garber '89
  1. Susan Mankowitz Fink '89
In Honor of Dennis Grafflin
  1. Taegan X. Williams '13
In Honor of Holly L. Gurney
  1. Asaph Glosser '02 and Hilary L. Benson '02
  2. Robert M. Newton P'11
  3. Michael H. Pasek '12
  4. Rachel A. Warner '08
In Honor of Lawrence J. Handerhan '05
  1. Caitlin Goggin Hurley '05
In Honor of Kathleen Kirschbaum Harvie '53, P'83
  1. Lisa Harvie McIlwain '83
In Honor of William C. Hiss '66, P'16
  1. David D. White
In Honor of Sue E. Houchins
  1. Elizabeth A. Siegert '14
In Honor of Samuel G. Huebschmann '19
  1. Jeffrey A. Huebschmann P'19
In Honor of David M. Kaplan Jr. '85, P'16
  1. David M. Kaplan P'85, GP'16
In Honor of Katherine M. Kaplan '16
  1. David M. Kaplan P'85, GP'16
In Honor of Constance Chase Kaplita '58
  1. Kaplita Family Foundation
In Honor of Ethan C. Kass '14
  1. Cindy F. Machles P'14
In Honor of John E. Kelsey
  1. M. Christine Porter '90
In Honor of Steven E. Kemper
  1. Stephen R. Jones and Ellen E. Badone P'15
In Honor of Hannah B. Kiesler '16
  1. Mitchell B. Kiesler P'16
In Honor of Douglas C. Kramlich and Raymonde S. Kramlich P'10
  1. Kira E. Kramlich '10
In Honor of Peter J. Lasagna
  1. Peter M. Carey '91
In Honor of Irene McKenzie Lathrop '50
  1. Catherine Lathrop Strahan '86
In Honor of Robert E. Lennon '53
  1. Lisa Harvie McIlwain '83
In Honor of Gregory T. Leonard '06
  1. E. Daniel Ross III '05 and Erica Nason Ross '05
In Honor of Emma K. Lindsay '15
  1. Myron W. Conovitz GP'15
In Honor of India A. Lissak '18
  1. Ron M. Lissak and Susanne T. Lissak P'18
In Honor of John H. Livens Jr. '93
  1. Harweb Foundation
In Honor of Fiona F. Lovejoy
  1. John M. Lovejoy '58
In Honor of Mary Hamlin March '45, GP'97
  1. Eric S. Oberg '97 and Christie Goss Oberg '97
In Honor of Joseph H. Matzkin '66, P'95
  1. Gayle G. Potter
  2. Kimberly S. Segal
In Honor of Isabella M. Miller '18
  1. Arthur M. Miller and Roberta B. Connolly P'18
In Honor of Danielle L. Munoz '15
  1. Gabriela M. Munoz '07
In Honor of Katrina A. Munoz '18
  1. Gabriela M. Munoz '07
In Honor of Aaron M. Nickelsberg '15
  1. Wendy S. Nickelsberg P'15
In Honor of Molly I. Pailet '15
  1. Robert S. Pailet and Cindy R. Pailet P'15
In Honor of Helen A. Papaioanou '49, D.Sc.'97
  1. Carolyn H. Burke HC'49
In Honor of David W. Parmelee '64, P'94, P'04
  1. Rosalyn A. Hines
In Honor of George M. Perkins
  1. Susan D. Russell '14
In Honor of Marcy P. Plavin P'77
  1. Alison Oakes Charbonnier '92
  2. Susan E. Ciampa '72
  3. Amy S. Gordon '79
  4. David A. Greaves '80 and Lizette Panet-Raymond Greaves '81
  5. James A. Hurley '91 and Rachel L. Segall '91
  6. David W. Iverson P'01
  7. William R. Matthews
  8. Susan E. Rooney '91
  9. Janet Albright Ruckel '76
In Honor of Nelson C. Pray
  1. Jason D. Buxbaum '08
In Honor of Elizabeth E. Prins '17
  1. Ryan A. Horvath '10 and Katewatson Prins Horvath '11
  2. William G. Prins Jr. '09
In Honor of Graham S. Proud '08 and Emily Pressman Proud '10
  1. Simon V. Clough
  2. Mary M. Evans
  3. Virginia P. Goodrich
  4. Timothy J. Langlais
  5. Lynne Y. Lewis
  6. Linda McMillin
  7. David T. Moody and Catherine A. Leslie P'11, P'14, P'17
  8. Brad P. Posner
  9. Gregory L. Sousa '08
  10. Karin Bjorkman Steiner '79
In Honor of George S. Purgavie
  1. James K. Tonrey Jr. '77
In Honor of James L. Reese
  1. Dileep Agrawal '96
  2. Jeffrey A. Day '88
  3. Jun Seong Jeong '10
  4. Paul D. Murphy '88
In Honor of Monica N. Rodriguez '12
  1. Deborah S. Mack '12
In Honor of Minoo Malek Saghri '81
  1. Edward John and Patricia Rosenwald Foundation
In Honor of Amanda C. San Roman '17
  1. Gerardo A. San Roman and Donna F. Heinemann P'17
In Honor of Ann B. Scott
  1. Christopher C. Young '82
In Honor of John T. Smith III '95
  1. Henry W. Jordan and Meghan K. Jordan P'17
In Honor of A. Clayton Spencer
  1. Nora V. Demleitner '89
  2. Peter H. Thomsen and Laurie J. Thomsen P'13
In Honor of Justin R. St. Jean '04
  1. Charles L. McLetchie '04
In Honor of John A. Sturgis '53 and Barbara Earl Sturgis '53
  1. Douglas S. Sturgis
In Honor of Keith M. Tannenbaum
  1. Michael H. Pasek '12
In Honor of Jason M. Tanzer '59
  1. Catherine Tanzer
  2. Lois B. Tanzer
In Honor of Robert C. True Jr. '55, P'87, P'91
  1. Harold G. Hunter '55
In Honor of Katalin Vecsey
  1. Samuel A. Metzger '14
In Honor of Michael I. Wallans '69
  1. William K. Yaner '69
In Honor of Alan B. Wayne '60
  1. Myrna Beck
In Honor of Katharine P. Wick '16
  1. Susan Coe Brown
In Honor of Richard C. Williamson P'05
  1. M. Christine Porter '90
In Honor of Wendy Withrow P'02
  1. Michael E. Kitces '00 and Eleanor Lee Kitces '00
In Honor of Bates' commitment to diversity
  1. Nora V. Demleitner '89
In Honor of Carl E. Melton
  1. Kasey M. Kinsella P'17
In Honor of Divyamaan Sahoo's Grandparents
  1. Ranjan K. Sahoo and Suman B. Sahoo P'17
In Honor of Gary Pugath
  1. Steven L. Ingerman '78
In Honor of Geoffrey Swift joining the Bates Administartion
  1. William P. Alford
In Honor of Margaret T. Girvin
  1. Steven M. Girvin '71
In Honor of My two young sons, their love of school, and inquisitive minds.
  1. Heidi B. Lovett '84
In Honor of Ruth Glazer
  1. Francis R. Lavenger
In Honor of Smith North 4th floor
  1. William H. Cox Jr. '63
In Honor of The Pierce House Mini Ramp
  1. Eliott W. Morgan '11
In Honor of the outstanding applicants interviewed this year.
  1. F. Pauline Sachse Lunin '56