Academic Rationale for Off-Campus Short Term Courses

Are there explicit learning outcomes connected to the course content that can only or can best be derived through teaching and learning off-campus? Does the off-campus experience contribute to the development of skills specific to the disciplinary or interdisciplinary nature of the course?

Does the time off-campus immerse students in the local site through the course design? Does the off-campus experience provide opportunities for sustained engagement with varied members of the local community and with multiple resources in the host culture? How does the proposed off-campus experience provide students with guided learning opportunities that they could not have on their own, as tourists?

Does the regional seminar connect students directly with local scholars and/or other leaders in the field or community? How will the off-campus experience contribute knowledge to the host community around issues of interest to that community or through other forms of locally-responsive reciprocity?

How is student safety and security addressed in the design and implementation of the off-campus experience?

Does the proposal demonstrate budgetary effectiveness and fiscal responsibility in its design and implementation? Does the proposal justify the length of time spent at the destination?

How will you assess what students have learned that is specific to this off-campus experience? Will you require students to bring critical reflection and analysis to their learning experience through a graded assignment for the course?