Barlow Site Visit Application

The Barlow Faculty Site-Visit Program

The Barlow Endowment for Study Abroad supports faculty travel to study abroad programs and universities used by our students. Most faculty travel to locations where their majors study to gain first-hand knowledge of the program or university and to assess its suitability as a study abroad site in their field of study. Typically, the endowment supports a number of visits per year, often with faculty combining the funds with other resources, including conference and personal travel. The visits must be undertaken while the program or university is in session to be effective. Approximately $5,000 is available per academic year. The funds are awarded on a rolling basis as opportunities for site visits often arise unexpectedly. The Off-Campus Study Committee is responsible for allocating the funds. Preference is given to faculty who have had fewer opportunities for Bates-related travel abroad and less access to alternative funding sources. Faculty should discuss potential site-visits with Dean Sawyer prior to applying for funds.

Barlow Site Visit Application Form