Bates Requirements for Credit

Study abroad for a semester or for an academic year assures you of 4 or 8 course credits, respectively, provided that your plan is approved by Bates and you satisfy the conditions below.

  • The course load must be the normal full year or semester requirement for home-based students at your foreign university or for their study abroad program as defined by the Off-Campus Study Committee.   If the normal full load is 3 courses, students take 3.  If it is 7 courses, take 7.  The minimum load is not adequate for full credit. Access the Grade and Course Requirements for your university or program.
  • Students must earn the equivalent of a 3.00 GPA and pass all courses to receive full credit. The grades are not included in your Bates GPA.
  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • The courses must be appropriate to the liberal arts and sciences as defined by the Bates faculty for the fall or winter semester with one course allowed “at the margin” of what the faculty approves.  Courses may not duplicate other courses applied toward the Bates degree.  No credit is awarded for courses taken online.
  • Students must take their examinations at their regularly scheduled times and location.
  • At English-language universities, at least half the course work must be above the first-year level.
  • Credit is awarded for an internship only when pre-approved by the Off-Campus Study Office and undertaken in a setting where the language is a major at Bates (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish) or on the Washington Semester Program.
  • Students who study in non-English speaking settings must take at least one full-time course in that country’s language, modern or ancient.  If the language is taught as a major at Bates, a majority of the course work must be taught in that language unless an exception is granted because of the academic focus of the program.
  • Students should email their course selection to Dean Mangieri or Mr. Das to confirm its suitability for general credit.
  • Students must live with a family or students from the host country when these housing options are available.
  • Students must arrange for an official transcript to be sent directly to the Off-Campus Study Office, Bates College
  • Students complete a Bates evaluation at the conclusion of their experience.

The Bates College Off-Campus Study Committee, which is responsible for the awarding of credit, may award partial credit if these conditions are not fully satisfied. The Committee does not award more than four course credits per semester.