2019-2020 Off-Campus Short Term Course Timeline

January Center for Global Education issues requests for proposals.

Faculty develop proposals — consult with Darren Gallant, Center for Global Education; meet with Stephanie Walsh in Accounting, Lane 221, for proposed budget approval; determine secondary course lead plan; determine on-site support needs; and discuss with department/program chairs. Consultation with faculty who led previous Off-Campus Short Term Courses recommended.

May 1

Priority deadline for proposal submission to the Center for Global Education, for review by the Off-Campus Study Committee.

Before October 13 Faculty submit course for approval using the online course proposal system in Garnet Gateway (under the Course maintenance menu).
Mid-October Off-Campus Study Committee submits recommended slate of courses to the Academic Affairs Council.
Late October Darren Gallant informs faculty of the approval or denial of their proposal and of any concerns raised in the review process.
Early November Review of course logistics and risk management with Center for Global Education staff.

Reassessment of budget with the Financial office; “org” number issued at this meeting.

Faculty develop a student recruitment plan, including:

  • reserving room for information sessions at https://events.bates.edu/VirtualEMS/
  • announcements in Bates Today
  • monitor slides across campus
  • preparing posters for distribution in Commons and other locations (Post & Print Services can help)
  • identifying fall classes where an announcement may be appropriate

Faculty provide a paragraph course description with travel dates, updated extra cost for students, and time and location of scheduled information sessions.  Darren Gallant uses these for an announcement of all Off-Campus Short Term courses.

November, before/after Thanksgiving Faculty publicize and hold information sessions and direct students to the online application packet.  (Students should not be accepted or denied prior to mid-January.)  Group meeting for all approved Off-Campus Short Term faculty with Accounting office.
Early December Registrar’s Offices publishes on Bates Today preliminary information for all Short Term courses, including off-campus courses, and registration procedures/dates.
Monday, January 20, 2020 Deadline for students to submit online Application to the Center for Global Education.
January 20-23 Faculty select and inform students of their status.  Faculty email list of accepted students to Shelley Palmer who shares the list with Student Financial Services.  On Garnet Gateway, faculty grant an “instructor permission” override to each student accepted into the course.  Faculty should have a wait list in case some students withdraw.
January 27 Eligible students are informed of their financial aid awards.
January 27-31 Accepted students meet with faculty advisors; advisors remove the “Advisor Hold” so students may register.
February 1-February 7 (4pm) Deadline for students to register during registration week for extra cost Off-Campus Short Term courses.  Faculty follow up during the week with accepted students who have not registered.
After Registration Week Students who withdraw from the course at this point are responsible for any non-refundable expenditures made on their behalf, such as non-refundable airplane tickets.
 Early March Workshop for faculty to discuss health, safety and security procedures and protocols; Clery Act and Title IX reporting requirements.

Meeting with Accounting to arrange course finances.

Meeting with all participants to provide additional information and to answer questions, etc.

Short Term Itinerary, contact, travel information submitted to Center for Global Education.

Course travels as scheduled.  Faculty contact Center for Global Education upon arrival to confirm contact information.

 Early June Meeting with Accounting to review course finances and return unspent funds to the College.

Submission of “ST 2020 Post-Course Report Form:”  1-2 pages summarizing academic, logistical, and financial successes and challenges.


Key contacts:

Proposal support, logistics, college policies, student forms, student recruitment:
Darren Gallant, Associate Dean & Director, Center for Global Education

Budget and finance issues: Stephanie Walsh, Assistant Controller

Registration issues:  Mary Meserve, Registrar

Financial aid issues: Wendy Glass, Director of Student Financial Services

Student payments: Heidi Bisson, Assistant Director of Student Accounts

Title IX issues and reporting: Gwen Lexow, Director of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance

Clery Act issues and reporting:  Paul Menice, Clery Act Officer