Off-Campus Study Registration Overview

Students interested in studying abroad on a Bates-approved program or in studying on a Bates-affiliated US domestic program during the 2018-2019 academic year (for a semester or year) must complete the Bates Off-Campus Study Registration Form.

Students interested in transferring a full semester of credit from a non-Bates-affiliated college or university in the US must complete the Domestic Study Away Registration Form.

The two types of off-campus study and credit:

Approved Off-Campus Program Credit is earned when students either study on one of over 200 Bates-approved programs abroad or on one of six “Bates-affiliated” programs in the United States during the academic year (one or both semesters). Students must be pre-approved for these programs through the Off-Campus Study Office as part of a two-step process.

  1. You need to meet with Mr. Das or Dean Mangieri in the Center for Global Education, develop a plan of study with your faculty advisor in your major department or program (please meet with potential faculty advisors early in the process so you have time to implement their advice and recommendations),  declare your major, complete all parts of the Bates Off-Campus Study Application and submit it electronically by 4:00 pm on Friday, February 2.
  2. Once  you have received Bates approval to study off-campus, you must apply to the specific program or university you have proposed.  The Off-Campus Study office will advise you about this process.

Bates Off-Campus Study Registration Form

Transfer Credit is earned when students study at a non-Bates-affiliated US college or university.  If you plan to take a full course load for a semester at another college or university in the US, you need to complete the Domestic Study Away Application and submit it electronically by 4:00 pm on Friday, February 3.  After this date, you will need to complete a Leave of Absence Form and a Credit Transfer Form for each course.  Once  you have received Bates approval to study elsewhere in the US, the Off-Campus Study office will advise you about this process.

Domestic Study Away Registration Form

A note about Semester Balance: Bates must maintain an even enrollment on-campus to ensure the quality of its academic program. This requires that the number of off-campus study applications be balanced between the two semesters at the February deadline.  If the balance is not achieved, students with plans of study that meet one of the following five criteria receive priority:

  • the program is offered only in that semester;
  • the proposed study provides unique academic benefits, such as advanced language study;
  • the proposed study provides special advantages not available through comparable courses at Bates;
  • the semester selection is based on essential requirements of the major;
  • and the plan of study provides in-depth exposure to a distinctly different culture or socioeconomic setting.

If balance is not yet achieved:

  • the Off-Campus Study Committee will select students first based on the thoroughness of their application and academic rationale;
  • the Committee will then select students based on the thoroughness of their application and their extracurricular commitments;
  • students are then randomly selected.

Junior year only? With the exception of Bates Fall Semester Abroad, study off-campus in the sophomore year requires a compelling academic advantage.