Donelle Durham

Studying abroad as an African-American male in Shanghai, China was definitely a crazy but enjoyable experience. I felt like a celebrity almost everywhere that I went, with many people asking to take a picture with me on a daily basis. Many of the local people explained to me that they had never seen a black person before and were very excited to meet me and learn more about my cultural heritage. My highlight experience abroad was definitely being able to speak Chinese and interact with the people. One night, I had a large crowd of people surrounding me asking me questions about America and my perception of China, all in Chinese. As people walked by and saw an African-American speaking Chinese, the crowd just grew larger and larger. Before I knew it, there were more people then I could count surrounding me. Studying abroad has definitely been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and an opportunity that I would recommend everyone take advantage of.  –Donelle Durham ‘09 Shanghai, China – Spring 2008