Roux Institute Partnership

Bates College and the Roux Institute at Northeastern University are excited to offer this partnership program to current Bates students. The Roux Institute is based in Portland, ME and “is designed to spur innovation, build talent, and drive economic growth in Portland, the state of Maine, and the Northeast.” You can learn more about the Roux Institute on their website:

Pilot Program for Winter 2021

Bates College seeks to nominate students in junior or senior standing to enroll in one (1) course during the Winter 2021 term. Students will complete an application form and their application will be reviewed by the Off-Campus Study Committee. Students will be supported and advised before and during Winter 2021 by the Center for Global Education and the Roux Institute. Coursework completed at the Roux Institute will be eligible to be applied to a graduate degree program at the Roux Institute.

Course Options

Based on their experience and course availability, students will be able to choose to enroll in one of the following four courses at the Roux Institute:

  • CS 5001: Intensive Foundations of Computer Science
  • CS 5002: Discrete and Data Structures (For Winter 2021)
  • CS 50xx: Data Structures, Algorithms, and their Applications within Computer Systems
  • CS 5004: Object-Oriented Design

More information on course selection, application to the Bates degree, and to a Roux Institute graduate degree program is forthcoming.

Application Process

Students interested in participating in this unique program should meet the following criteria:

  • Junior or Senior class standing with priority given to seniors
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Enrolled in or completed DCS 109 Intro to Computing/Programming (Enrollment for Fall 2020 Module B will be considered.) or another entry-level computer science course
  • Completion of the application by the deadline of 8:00am EST November 16, 2020. Including the Roux Institute Statement of Purpose essays.
  • Demonstrated resiliency, creativity, and hard work skills.

Post Acceptance

Given the unique nature of this new partnership, there will be some expectations and commitments asked of students. This includes:

  • Enrolling in no more than three (3) Bates courses, while taking one (1) Roux Institute course.
  • Planning for and participating in transportation. (Plan for 1 hour of travel each way.)
  • Understanding that courses will take place in-person, in the evening, once a week. Additional asynchronous and synchronous course activities will take place remotely.
  • Committing to enrolling in a Roux Institute course by December 15, 2020.