Student Theses

TuanWorkingThe senior thesis program gives students an opportunity to do their own research on a topic of their own choosing.

It gives students the opportunity to work in a lab, problem solve laboratory dilemmas, and research and write their own results.


Current Theses

  • Melanie Ehrenberg ’18. “Building Integrated Photovoltaics,” Summer 2017.

Past Theses

  • David Kalandarishvili ’17. “Effects of Time-Gating on the Spatial Resolution of STED Microscopy,” Winter 2017.
  • Andrea Cardenas ’17. “Building a Prism-Based Optical Fingerprint Scanner Utilizing Total Internal Reflection,” Winter 2017.
  • Sarah Holmes ’17. “Analyzing the Development of the Mouse Accessory Olfactory Bulb Using Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy,” Winter 2017.
  • Alexander Andonian ’17. Winter 2017.
  • K. Tuan Nguyen ‘16. “Adaptive Optics for Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy,” Fall 2015 – Winter 2016.
  • Sophia Gottlieb ‘17. “Optimizing Scan Waveforms for Laser Scanning Microscopy,” Fall 2015.
  • Lucia DeRose ‘16. “Use of Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy to Study Photophysical Properties of Fluorescent Dye ATTO 488,” Winter 2015.
  • Peter Cole ‘15. “3D Automated Computational Reconstruction of Neuronal Circuitry,” Fall 2014 – Winter 2015.
  • Emily Hayes ‘15. “Image Quality Metrics for Aberration Correction in Super-Resolution STED Microscopy,” Fall 2014 – Winter 2015.
  • Alexandra Hakusui ‘15. “STED Microscopy Using Low Numerical Aperture Objective Lens,” Fall 2014 – Winter 2015.
  • Linnea Kaye ‘14. “Construction of a STED Microscope,” Fall 2013 – Winter 2014.
    Travis Gould Physics Lab, 2014

Peter Cole ’15 “Automated Reconstruction of Biological Structure From Fluorescence Images”

Travis Gould Physics Lab, 2014Emily Hayes ’15 “Image Quality Metrics for Adaptive Optics STED Nanoscopy”
Ali Hakusui ’15 “STED Nanoscopy with Low-NA Objective Lenses”


Tuan Nguyen `17