Award Negotiation and Acceptance

If your proposal is recorded in full in SmartGrant, the funding source intends to award the grant in full as proposed, and the notice of award is directed to the College through SPaRC, then no special actions need be taken by the grant recipient. In some cases, awards will not be issued until the College furnishes evidence that the project has been approved by the relevant regulatory boards and committees. In those cases, SPaRC will contact the relevant board or committee. Cases where further action by the individual grant recipient (Principal Investigator or Project Director) is needed may include:

  1. A funding source requests a reduction or change in the proposed budget. Revised budgets must be reviewed and approved by SPaRC.
  2. Notice of award is sent directly to an individual, for an award that will be managed by the College on that individual’s behalf. Please forward a copy of the notice of award to SPaRC for the College’s official records.
  3. A funding source proposes terms and conditions that were not fully disclosed in the original RFP. These may include confidentiality requirements, intellectual property restrictions, or other terms and conditions that go against the College’s Commitment to Openness in Research. In these instances, the College will attempt to renegotiate such terms and conditions to the benefit of our faculty and students and in conformity with our institutional mission and policies. If renegotiation is not possible, acceptance of any such agreement requires the pre-approval of the Dean of the Faculty.